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It's that time of the year when we it's not quite warm enough to go out without a jacket on hand but equally to warm for thicker coats, so now is the perfect time for the men to bring out the soft sartorial coats, like Johns Post Overalls jacket above. Soft jacket and coats are a great way to bridge the gap between more formal attire and the casual jumper and not only help with a little bit extra warmth before the summer evenings hit but also help bring and outfit together and can be worn during the day  spent in the city of on a family adventure or on a night out, by simply dressing it up with a tie for a more sophisticated evening look. 

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It's also great for light layering as the weather becomes warmer and creates a casual but softly tailored style and can really help bring an outfit together. Popular fabrics are cotton and linen and  John has a few soft style coats and jackets all of which become useful during this time of the year. Make sure you go with a classic style and something that is durable and well made, as we always say on the blog, less is always more.


  1. Love the layering, both men look really handsome. X

  2. I like soft coats, they are really comfortable and look great with most outfits.

  3. Thanks for sharing your male soft coat wisdom lol

  4. simple and tidy mens wear is always the best. I really loved the way the men dressed up in white... Good sense of dressing.. Thanks for sharing this collection.. I also found good collection of mens wear in SIMON + SIMON ...


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