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whimsical wedding
I love this beautiful head piece (image)

Wedding rings have been around for thousands of years and appeared in hundreds of cultures. Although the tradition is ubiquitous, however, new trends and designs have always appeared, such as matched sets, diamond settings, or scrollwork. With modern technology, there’s a new option out there that can make every ring unique: personalised inscriptions. A custom engraving is a great way to make a ring truly your own—but what to put on it? Here are some of the top inscription ideas.

Short and Simple Ideas

One of the simplest and most traditional choices is the name of your spouse. This is a good way to symbolize the commitment and keep each other close even when you are separated. A more intimate or even humorous choice is to use each other’s pet names. Another basic option is to engrave the date of the wedding, which along with immortalizing the day will help to prevent forgotten anniversaries.

Wedding in France
Dreamy wedding venue in France (image)

Sweet Phrases

There are many short words or phrases that you can use to make the ring that much sweeter. For example, you can engrave “Love”, “Joy”, or “Together” to neatly sum up the relationship. Or you can pick “Forever Mine,” or “Never to Part” to emphasize your commitment. Other options include. The only limit is your imagination.

Spiritual Thoughts

If you and your spouse are religious, you could choose a spiritual thought, such as “Joined Under God” or “My Cup Runneth Over”. You can have your favorite Bible (or other scriptural) verses inscribed to remind yourself of the spiritual dimension of your marriage.

Wild flowers
Beautiful Rustic wedding bouquet (image)

Cute and Funny

On a lighter note, you can have something humorous inscribed to help fill your marriage with laughter. For example, “Put that back on!” for the inside of the ring or “You are SO mine.” You can include an in-joke that’s only meaningful to the two of you to make it extra personal.

eternity ring

Outside References

Another choice is to draw from other sources, such as your favorite movie quote or a line from a song. You can pick the title of the song that you two first danced to or make a reference to a show you both love. Drawing from other sources can be either funny or serious; you can find many poetic lines, inspirational quotes, or sentences from books that are more serious or sentimental.

simple wedding cake
I love simple homemade touches (image)

Foreign Languages

Foreign languages provide you another choice. If you are bilingual, you can commemorate that with an inscription in your second language. You can look up terms of endearment from other languages, such as “Mi Corazon” (“My heart” in Spanish) or “Je t’aime” (“I love you” in French.) For a more sophisticated feeling, you can have a Latin inscription, such as “Semper Amemus” (Let us always love). You might even get engravings in Arabic or Chinese to show off the beautiful characters.

Matched Set

Finally, an option that can be combined with just about any of the above one is to get a complementary set. For example, engrave “you and me” on one ring and “me and you” on the other. Or split the sentence in half so that you have to have both rings together to complete it. This helps emphasize your unity. The options are endless—make the inscription yours.

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  1. Those photos are gorgeous finds. Honestly, I wouldn't change anything about my wedding day. It was exactly as I would have done it, even if I had more money to work with. It wasn't minimalist but then we aren't minimalist either. It was, however, lots of colour and quirk, and many of the people we love.

  2. I'd love to get married at that venue in France - so dreamy! We actually eloped to Gretna Green, very quiet and low key and it was utterly perfect!

  3. When Mr C finally gets around to proposing (we've been together for 12 years!), I want a small wedding on a beach somewhere, possibly a Greek island. I like attending big weddings but it's not what I'd want for myself! x

  4. not a wedding person AT ALL but i can always appreciate some good floral arrangements and pretty cakes haha.

  5. I had such an amazing wedding day, but there are probably a few things I would do slightly differently, but I think I´m just a control freak! I really really want to have my wedding again though, there are so many bits I felt went way too fast and I would love to have all our family and friends there together, it was magical!

  6. Having not got married it's hard to comment on wedding stories...however the one thing I would love is a nice ring!! Probably not enough to get me down an aisle...but almost!! :)

  7. I think that cake would be enough to make me want to get married ;)x

  8. Aww, we had such a lovely sunny day, and it was a funny and charmiing day - perfection!


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