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So a few weeks ago we were invited to a special Easter family day at The Dr Who experience in Cardiff bay, it was a lovely sunny day and the little man was very excited at the thought of meeting a Dalek. We didn't really know what to expect as Mr A has never seen Dr Who before or anything of that ilk and I was a bit worried it may be a little bit scary for him. He did however sew a Dalek at Comicon earlier this year and was totally taken with it and we ended up getting him a little Dalek which he loves and plays with all the time, so he did have some familiarity with the concept but that was about the limit of his knowledge.

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It was also the first time that I had visited the experience and I can really see why this place is so popular with fans. The quality of the tour is very high and Mr A truly believed he was going into space. There were moments that scared him but we focused mainly on the Daleks and with some reassurance he took everything in his stride and he found being inside the Tardis very exciting. The tour lasts around 25 minutes and at the end you come into the exhibition which has a model Tardis as well as models, costumes and all the Dr Who's throughout the years, plus many many more Daleks (to the delight of Mr A)


Upstairs in the exhibition they had some Easter activities and crafts including making your own egg Dalek as well as colouring in and an alien makeup demo which was really fascinating. There was a good crowd of people and a nice atmosphere and even though most of it went over Mr A's head he really enjoyed the day and I too was very impressed with the attention to detail, professionalism and quality of the experience and exhibition.

Dr Who


  1. Oh wow! It looks like you had a great day out! I would love to visit there x

  2. I was sad I couldn't make this with my son. He is a massive Dr Who fan even though he is a teenager. It looks like a great day. Who is your favourite Dr Who? I have to say mine is David Tennant but also have a soft spot for Tom Baker. He was the Dr in my day ;)

  3. That looks like great fun, and I'm glad he wasn't too scared most of the time! :) I need to get over there and visit really, I'm only just down the road in Bristol! x


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