The evolution of Iconic Vegas fashion


Las Vegas style
Elizabeth Taylor looking gorgeous in Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas continues to be ever popular with people of all ages and of course with the recent films like The Hangover, more and more stag do's looking for a big night out head to this city in the desert. It provides endless hours of entertainment and enjoyment for millions of people across the world. John in fact went to Las Vegas a few years back and often recollects the times he had there with his friends just before Mr A came along. He could not get over how the city never slept, it was 24 hours all the time, it was never too late to order a breakfast or never to early to see a show or have a go at roulette.

Las Vegas fashion

Fashion and dress wear considerably changed over the years, with luxurious interiors enforcing a stricter dress code that is far removed from the days of wearing long sleeved denim shirts and baseball hats. Las Vegas saw an influx in celebrities and actors during the fifties and sixties which really brought and element of style and magic and some fashion trends were born during that time. While the traditional casino wear remains iconic through famous box office hits which encourage people to follow in the footsteps of their favorite actors.

Las Vegas fashion

Traditional versus modern wear

While Las Vegas casino-going enthusiasts can start by just observing the array of games at their disposal, they now also have an element of choice as to the dress wear and items of clothing they choose for the occasion. Tuxedos and dresses have been the norm for many years, with men and women enjoying the feeling of dressing up to the nines to look smart in appearance and feel sophisticated. The high quality of clothing was synonymous with the reputation established by high-end venues which provided those who were wealthy with the perfect setting to socialise, relax and have fun.

A change in attitude across numerous venues has allow modern day fashion to become a common feature, although most still require guests to present themselves in an orderly manner. Las Vegas fashion has made a transition from the tuxedo to modern day clothing for two fundamental reasons – to welcome everyone in a more relaxed manner, but that doesn't mean you can't still dress up.


  1. I have been to Las Vegas many times on business. I never tire of its craziness but at the same time I can't say I would choose to pay to go there. The first time I landed at the airport, I remember as clear as if it was yesterday the rows and rows of slot machines in the airport passenger lounge. It was such a weird sight, and one which set the tone for the rest of my stay there (and which continues to do so). Bizarre is Las Vegas in every respect - the sights, the sounds, the entertainment (Siegfried & Roy with their rare white tigers is a magic show without peer - and not necessarily in a good way). Las Vegas - glad I've experienced it but no really itch to visit as a tourist I'm afraid. Tx

    1. I have the same feelings, from the stories I have heard, my partner said it was weird and 24 hours with strange things going on but was really happy to have experienced it and I would like to see it for myself, I have been to America but hopefully next time I can include a visit to Las Vegas

      Laura x

  2. Elizabeth Taylor looks amazing in that picture. I love that era!


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