Boys Club and classic cars


Ralph Lauren T-shirt

So over the weekend we went to a classic car show at St Fagans -  it was a beautiful day and the cars were shining and glistering in the sun. With an array of vintage morris minors, my favourite being the Morris Traveller, a car I so wish to own and have long summer adventures by the sea in. The two boys were in the their element, with John checking out some American imported classic and Mr A running around like the cheeky monkey his is.

Morris traveller

It's funny how boys naturally love motorcars, it seems simply built-in to their DNA. It was great for John and Mr A to have a real man bonding day, although I have to say I enjoyed as much as them, as I have never liked new cars and my heart lies with the vintage ones.

Straw hat
Mr A also got to try out his new shorts printed with fish and was a present from the Grandmother. I think that his little straw hat may feature in many more posts as he loves it so much and it keeps his head out of the sun so it's a win win all round. He is also wearing a little Fred Perry Polo John bought for him at Christmas time.


After the car show we had a walk around, we visited the farm house and saw the little piglets that are now growing up very fast and had a spot of lunch on the grass. We then took the tractor train up to the castle and went to the "secret" rose garden, which is simply beautiful and a nice quite spot.

Vera shoes

I think this was also the first time John has worn shorts this year, which is a nice change from jeans all year round. He picked this Penguin shorts up last year at one of the only independent menswear stores in Cardiff - Pavilion - check it out if your in town. He is also wearing a Ralph Lauren T-shirt and Vera shoes.

Vera shoes
John wears Ralph Lauren tee, Penguin shorts and Vera Shoes

Russian doll tattoo

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  1. Such beautiful photography and what a good looking family. Amazing tattoo and love your boys straw hat


  2. Hi Debbie

    Thanks so much for stopping by and the lovely comment. We picked the straw hat up from Sainsburys - really reasonable.

    Laura x

  3. Stopping by after you left a comment on my post- thank you by the way! Love the father son photos in this post, so sweet! That straw hat is too cute:)

    1. Hi Rachael
      Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comment :)
      Laura x

  4. Hey Laura,

    thanks for your lovely comment. You have such a sweet family! you have such fun style altogether!

    Many greetings from far Germany, noni!

  5. Hi Noni

    Thanks for stopping by and for the wonderful comment :)


  6. I've been looking for a dealer that does classic car sales in Kansas City MO. I'm not big on newer cars.

  7. Its a nice club for the families.Great look up with the old version cars.Its a great concept.My husband is a mechanic professionally and modify and redesign the old cars.So nice work done on the blog. I like it.Its all about new style and generation.

  8. Nice to see the picture of this club.Its really joyful for the families,and a good environment to taught the children and the vehicles are also awesome.Nice work done on the blog.I appreciate you on this informative stuff declaring on this blog.


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