Lovely little Juju's


jellie shoes

Don't you remember wearing jelly shoes when you were a little girl or boy - I know I do and in fact I was talking to my mother about it the other day and she was saying she had a pretty little pink pair when she was a girl and this would be going back around 60 years, although unlike today they were not as comfortable as the juju shoes. Juju are iconic in the world of jelly shoes and what I love about them is they are a family company who have been going for 25years and create and make shoes for the whole family in their British factory from locally sourced materials and are recyclable - bonus!

They are so cute I simply had to share - John Lewis now stock children sizes which start at £8 and adults start around £18 which is really reasonable and you can find them at stores like Asos and Urban outfitters, I really want to get the glittery see-through pair, something fun for summer.

This is NOT a sponsored post - just love them and wanted to share.

jelly shoe
Babe jelly shoe

jelly shoe

juju shoe

juju sandal
Juju Seven

jelly slipper
Juju slipper

juju jelly


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