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Traditional wales

Wow what a bumper week of outdoor activities we have had. We went for a lovely walk on the common near the house and then had a family adeventure at Caerphilly Castle. We also spent a lot of time outside in the garden, eating our food outside one night and enjoyed playing in the big sandpit at the  local park. The hightlight of the week though was watching the rasising of the maypole at St Fagans, with lots of traditional dancing and music it was a great way to welcome summer into our lives and heart. The group doing the dancing were all dressed in the traditional Welsh dress and the fiddle and accordion player were amazing.

raising the maypole

At the end they got all the children to come up and dance and Mr A and I joined in, although he didn't get many of the moves down he loved swirling around the Maypole and we laughed a lot. After it finished we had a little picnic down by the farm and saw the baby calves, lambs and pigs and Mr A made me dance around all the little trees in the field.

Farm fun
Mr A is very big into climbing at the moment.

tree hugging
Mr A resting with bunny before wanting to do more dancing around the tree.

Mr A loved to pretend he is a knight, he has a little wooden sword he carries around with him, chasing after John and I. Luckily in South Wales we have a lot of lovely and magical Castles to choose from on this past week we spent some time at Caerphilly Castle which is actually undergoing some improvements, I just hope it doesn't lose it's charm as it's a great rambling ruin with a moat around it.

toddler fun

family fun

Caerphilly castle

We also enjoyed some time closer to home and walked down part of the Taff trail to our local park with a huge sandpit and climbing frame. I love to do this walk on a sunny day as we came across a hairy little caterpillar on our travels and beautiful flowers. We tend to go for country walks rather than go to the park but Mr A is very much into climbing at the moment and loves having a go on the climbing frame.

climbing frame

Very hairy caterpillar 

Every week we join up with the lovely family at Coombe Mill and the Country Kids link -if you love the outdoors and your children enjoy a natural childhood why not join up.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What a wonderfully active and busy week you've all had. The raising of the maypole looked like a fantastic event to be at. Like you I hope that the planned improvements to Caerphilly Castle are in keeping. Thank you for linking up your lovely pictures to Country Kids.

  2. What gorgeous pictures, your little boy is adorable. The weather is improving so much. It's lovely that it was so sunny for the raising of the Maypole.
    You have had a really busy outdoors week. Here's hoping this good weather stays for a long time :)

  3. Wow, you've had a lovely, busy week! Wonderful photos of the maypole - and I love the one of Mr A with his bunny :) And that is a very hairy caterpillar! #CountryKids

  4. Oh my, what amazing photographs. You can't beat Wales for castles. I grew up near Conwy castle and was forever making up magical adventures there.

  5. Lovely pictures, I haven't seen a maypole since I was a little girl in a troup dancing round the maypole weaving the ribbons around in different patterns. The castle looks fabulous and I love the picture of your little boy laying down in the sand!

  6. Some great photos, it looks like you have had a lot of fun! I love rambling around castles and can't wait to take our little one to some of our favourites.

    Over from Country Kids

  7. I love the photos of the maypole at St. Fagan's, and wow Mr. A has grown! He's less of a toddler and more of a little boy now. I do hope they don't change Caerphilly Castle too much, we went there a few months ago and I blogged about how nice it was to explore a castle and climb on the walls.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.


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