Getting a little summer sparkle


Glittery shoes

So I mentioned Juju shoes a few weeks ago and I loved the little sparkly slipper shoe they did and to my delight someone was selling them brand new on Ebay, in my size, which happens to be a size 3 and quite small and often I can struggle to pick up my size in store. Anyway I love these sparkly little shoes with gold and silver glitter inside the plastic, they are so fun and could be worn to the beach or out having cocktails. I love that the products are locally sourced and the shoes are made in England and 100% recyclable and they use old shoes and grind them up to make new products - how amazing is that!

Juju jelly shoes

I managed to pick these up for £8 but I think they are normally only £18 - so either way they are very reasonable, super fun and a great little shoe to add some happy sparkle to your feet and are great for summer.

Jelly shoes
Love this cute little jelly shoes, great for summer

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  1. Oh they are absolutely amazing- such sparkly goodness and an excellent find too!

    Florrie x

  2. These are awesome! I blogged about Jujus too and thought these sparkly glittery ones would be awesome for a bride to wear to her wedding! Hx

    1. I totally agree!! Would make a perfct wedding slipper :)
      Thanks for the lovely comment

    2. Oooh love these shoes, so pretty and great for summer

      Jen x


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