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Phones are not what they used to be, I mean they have become our diaries, our life planners, our social networking devices, our cameras, our portable internet in our pocket and last of all a phone and whether you like it or not, most of us would be lost or at least put out if we lost or broke our phone.

Unfortunately, I have had first-hand experience of this, due to living a very active and outdoor lifestyle and also having a very active toddler, when you think of the design of most smartphones - it's basically a huge piece of glass with some plastic around it the combination of everything is not really good and of course ended up with a shattered screen so I am currently nursing my phone which has a screen covered in cracks until I can get an upgrade in two months time.

The sad thing is this is not the first time this has happened in fact it's the 2nd time in 6 months! On both occasions, the phone fell a very short distance to the floor but it was the angle in which it hit the floor that caused the cracks by catching the corner of the phone causing cracks which over time have got bigger and bigger. I suppose in a way it was my own fault, for both I didn't have a cover or any extra protection around the phones, as I look after my belongings and just felt I didn't really need one - how wrong was I, and what makes more more annoyed is I didn't learn from my mistakes, but not next time, that is for sure, the first thing I am going to do will be getting a cover for my next phone.

I love all the amazing designs on the market at the moment and covers are not only useful in protecting your screen but can also be very stylish and fashionable as well as unique and fun making phones in themselves a fashion accessories, with big brands such as iphone using people like Zooey Deschanel it's hard not to be sold. 

There are some great covers out on the market as very reasonable prices from shops such a MobileMadhouse which do covers from £2.50! I have my eye on a few, I love the quirky character ones as well as the more eco-friendly covers, I don't want anything bling but something that is fun, here are a pick of my faves

quirky iphone cover
Case-Mate Iphone 5 Bubbles Monkey £19.90

vintage iphone cover
Polka Dot case red £3.90

Retro Cassette Case Iphone cover £3.90

cute iphone case
Silicone Penguin case iphone £3.90

I also love these natural and eco-friendly options, although a little bit more expensive, you can find them on Esty. I think for my next phone I may have more than one cover - a fun cover and an eco cover

wooden iphone cover
Handmade Bamboo wood iphone cover from Hake Gu £16.85

eco iphone cover
Handmade from recycled tweed, iphone case from ToggleUK £25

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