Bugs and Bubbles with Country Kids


river taff
Looking for ducks in Hailey Park

So it's been an up and down week with regards to the weather - The Bank holiday Monday and the Tuesday were amazing - lovely sunny, warm spring days but the rest of the week has rained every day, here in South Wales, but that's okay,we go out rain or shine and had some fun splashing in puddles this week.  We had a great Bank holiday monday - you can read a post about it here, and on tuesday we explored Hailey park in Cardiff and Mr A had his first brush with stinging nettle, just a little on his ankle and he was very brave and held the dock leaf on his foot for a good 20 minutes or so, although I had to carry him about a mile back to the car, this incident did offer up a good learning curve, as he was very interested in dock leafs after that and picked some to take with to the car so he could keep applying them to his foot, which I am sure by this point was feeling fine.

dock leaf
Mr A holding a dock leaf on his foot, were he brushed past a stinging nettle

When we were in the park he also came across a big log, which he carried around for ages.

wood log

We also spent a lot of time out in the garden this week, which looks like a bit of wild jungle at the moment, as Mr A has a bug kit he is keen to use and we came across some big fat granny grays and a very quick moving pair of worms.

bug finding kit

granny gray

The great thing is as soon as the sun breaks through the clouds we can zip outside for some bug adventures and as soon as it starts to spit rain we can go back inside for a spot of chocolate milk and watch the big slugs and snails from the window. Also some of our lettuce seeds are starting to sprout which is quite exciting.

lettuce leaf
Our lettuce seeds are starting to sprout

flowers in bloom
Little flowers in bloom in the garden

We are also lucky enough to live near a big field for when the weather is a bit hit and miss like it was today, there was a good hour we had of lovely sunshine before the heavens opened up and we managed to make the most of that time by kicking the ball on the field and Mr A running after bubbles - which  is such a simple pleasure and costs nothing. He also likes to pretend that his scooter is a lawnmower or a tractor or some other kind of machine so we had a lot of pretend cutting the grass today.

kicking the ball

outdoor fun
I love blowing bubbles, even for adults it's magical

Mr A pretending the mow the lawn

Every weekend I join up with a great linky called Country Kids from Coombe Mill, if you enjoy an outdoors lifestyle why not join in.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What beautiful photos of your little boy getting closet to nature - I love the one of him looking through his magnifying glass for bugs. And what a big stick!.

  2. Off I go to buy a bug kit! I love him using the magnifying glass so cute! We love bubbles too!

  3. What a lovely weekend it was, a real treat on a bank holiday weekend. Would you believe we were out bug hunting today in the rain and Clio stung herself on nettles too! Will be like watching your own post again seeing mine next week! Love the DIY lawn mower. Thanks for linking up.

  4. I really want to do the bug thing. I love your photos, he looks like he's really enjoying his time outdoors.

  5. Bug kit looks great. We loved bug boxes when we were kids. Lovely pictures.


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