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So we where lucky enough to do an honest review of what we thought of the new Walkers Hoops and Crosses crisps, which are mainly aimed at children. I normally stay away from crisps in general when it comes to our little man as they can be quite high in salt, fat and all the bad things we try to avoid, but on occasion as a special treat I do let him have Organics crisps, as this are made of natural ingredients, although as he gets older and his taste buds start to change and develop I was intrigued to see what he thought of these.

hoops and crosses

First of all I wanted to know what made these special and what kind of nutritional benefits if any are offered in these crisps and here is the low down

1. They are a Wholegrain Corn based snack and are made with 56% wholegrain - making them a source of wholegrain, which some kids in the UK simply don't get enough.

2. They have no artificial colours or preservatives or MSG.

3. They are baked and not fried.

4. All three flavours - Salt and Vinegar, Roast Beef and Prawn cocktail are all suitable for Vegetarians

5. Less than 3% fat and only 85 calories per bag and in comparison to other crisps are pretty low in salt.

wholegrain crisps

Knowing this made me feel a little bit better and they are great finger food size for little hands. Mr A munched and crunched away and really like them, as to my surprise so did I, they where in fact very tasty. I think the main thing with things like this is to realise they are treats and respect them as this. I would choose these over normal crisps due to the wholegrain content, low salt and no MSG which are things that are important to me and think it's great to see other alternatives to the high fat potato crisps on the market.

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