Our Cinco De Mayo celebrations - Vegetarian style


vegetarian feast

So we where lucky enough to be asked to be apart of Discovery's challenge to enjoy and celebrate the taste of Mexico this Cinco de Mayo. We were sent a some Discovery products from which to make a yummy feast. Being vegetarian I knew I wanted it to be vegetable based, we are vegetable addicts but wanted a few choices, a sort of pick and choose and make your own sort of feast that was not only yummy for adults but good for little ones as well.

vegetarian cajun

We used pretty much everything in the bag - which included Cajun seasoning and sauce, Garlic and herb soured cream and a fajita kit which included wraps, seasoning and salsa. To this I added our own ingredients - organic mushrooms, red onion, yellow and red peppers, aubergine, salad leaves, rice and Quorn soya chunks.

vegetarian mexican food

So here is what we did

1. I chopped up some red pepper and added the soya chunks, cajun seasoning and a little light olive oil with some water to fry - I don't like the idea of frying so I use very little oil combined with water and it always seems to work a treat without any burnt veggies and a healthier plate. After about 5 mintues once the peppers soften I added the sauce and let it simmer while I got on with the rest of the food.

2. I chopped up the remaining red pepper, yellow pepper, aubergine, red onion and mushrooms and did my low oil trick, added some fajita seasoning and did a quick fry until all the veggies were nice and soft and the room smelled great with all the spices flying around.

3. Made the rice, warmed up the wraps and made a quick leaf salad and laid out the table for some very yummy food.

Everyone dived straight in, even Mr A, who loved the rice in a wrap combo and both John and I loved the cajun sauce on the quorn chunks and red pepper, we both piled everything into our wraps, finished off with the new Garlic and herb soured cream - which is super yummy by the way and easy for even mr A to use as it comes in a squeezy style bottle.

mexican wraps

toddler meal time

We loved how yummy and quick this was to make and fairly healthy with all the added vegetables and was a great hit with all the family. The next day we used what was left over and had the cajun quorn with rice and salad and had a second Mexican helping, and with the sour cream squeezy lasting a longtime in the fridge it added that yummy little touch.

discovery foods
Garlic and herb soured cream


  1. Mmmm...yummy! I def miss all the Mexican restaurants back in the US. Looks like you guys had a blast!

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  2. that all looks/sounds SO good. i didn't do anything for the fun day!

  3. YUMMM shall we follow let me know xse

  4. That looks lovely! Much nicer than my attempt! I also took part in this challenge on my food blog- we have a mixed household so I made the veggie ones with the steak style strips (quorn) - I'd recommend!
    Emma x


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