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I just realised I have not done a nail polish post in a while, this may be because I am a very busy and active person with an equally busy and active toddler and often nail polish lasts a day and then is chipped due to my lifestyle, which leaves me a little uninspired to do a post about it, thats not to say I don't to honest posts when it goes wrong because I do, but I felt I had to share this little red number with you, as I was so pleasently suprised and here is why....

Gold by Giles

Well first of all I was given this Gold by Giles nail polish in a goodie bag from the bloggers ladies night a while back, and was not asked to review it. I usually don't have much hope in cheap nail polishes holding there own against the outdoors and active toddler play but this at £2.99 surpassed my expectations. It has a great colour, lovely and strong red and was long lasting and it took a few days before  I chipped it - this usually happens within a day of application. It's well worth the money and even though it's not a green choice for worth of money I recommend Gold by Giles.


  1. this is a perfect color for summer! (and thats why i like nude nail polish so much...haha)

  2. this color is like watermelon candy!

    Happy mothers day!


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