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When we found out we were expecting our son many moons ago now John was so excited to be having a boy to pass down his passion for films, books, music and clothes. He wanted to instil that less is more, that a good quality suit will serve you for years to come and plans to pass down his Red Wing boots which are already more than 10yrs old yet the soles are going as strong as the day he bought them.

Mr A is now coming into his own in terms of what he likes and what is comfortable for him to wear. He loves outdoor clothing, hard wearing boots as well as warm winter jumpers. John thought he would share a little wisdom when it comes to essential mens wear tips and must haves.

Every stylish father and son's closet should include a list of wardrobe essentials that range from casual Friday staples to special occasion basics. The list isn’t very long, but the pieces are definite must-haves. Here’s a breakdown of those quintessential items that every dude needs to have in his closet:

The T-Shirt

No matter how you look at it, a few high-quality fitted tee's is arguably a very important piece in any man’s wardrobe. There’s nothing better than a crisp t-shirt that can be dressed up or down or even worn under a shirt. Nudie Jeans has mastered the art of the quality tee.

Taliored Jeans

What serves as the perfect match to that t-shirt? Slim fit or tapered jeans of course. Every man needs a pair of denim that fits like a glove. This isn’t the pair that lingers from years ago that you still haven’t altered; this pair is a prized possession within your denim collection. With the right jeans, you can dress up or down from the office to a night out with ease.


A cool pair of kicks is without a doubt a wardrobe staple for every man. These essential boots, boat shoes or sneakers should be on the simpler side, so you can wear them with any outfit. Think a sleek pair of Nikes, Red Wings or Sperrys. I your going for the drain pipe skinny jeans look however you could always try and pull off a pair of Chelsea boots.


A blue or black blazer is one of the most important pieces in any man’s closet. This closet must-have will have your back. No matter what look you’re going for, you’ll be winning with a modern cut blazer on hand at all times.

White Button Up Shirt

Does the white collared shirt even need to be mentioned? We couldn’t create an essentials list without out. Although it’s cool to reach for different colors and patterns, there’s nothing quite like the swag and sophistication of a fresh white shirt.

Fitted Suit

When it comes to suits, you should be prepared with one that is perfectly tailored and ready-to-go. If an impromptu fancy occasion rolls around, this suit is the one you’ll look to. Although black is an essential, aim for gray or blue for a more unique look.

The main thing John has want to pass down to Mr A is that you need to feel comfortable in your own skin and wear what makes you feel good even if it's different to the current trends. If you are comfortable you can be confident and if your confident you can own any look.

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  1. I am a firm believer in quality clothes, and a good suit can get you into places, new jobs and see you through new experiences too.

  2. Some lovely family portraits here, I'm sure you'll treasure these forever!
    Liquid Grain

  3. Couldn't agree more... I always go for comfort first even if it means I am behind with current trends.

  4. Your son is soooo adorable!! I love this post


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