Our 2016 travel Wish List


running free
The boys running free in Tenby earlier this year

Well 2015 was pretty action packed, not only did we introduce Baby G into the world but we also took him on his first overseas trip to the Netherlands when he was just shy of 4 months old, a trip which involved many trains, trams, underground, buses and an over night ferry from Harwick to the Hoek of Holland as we embraced slow travel. We also spent some time on a beautiful organic farm in Somerset and enjoyed a fair few city breaks with our favourites being London (we do a big tip there each year) and Bath as well as spending some much needed relaxing time in West Wales mainly around Tenby, Narberth and exploring Bluestone. We also crammed some camping and festivals in over the summer and glamping in Sussex this Autumn. Our time was spent discovered castles, exploring National trust properties and embraced us changing from a family of 3 to a family of four.

Family travel
Mr A in Cannes 

A New year means a whole new set of plans, we found 2015 a bit of a teething time for us going from a family of three to a family of four and learning how to travel with not just one but two young children, but now we feel confident and have a lot more overseas travel plans running around our brains for 2016.

1. Copenhagen - both John and I have had the Danish capital on our "must-visit" list for years and we hope to make it happen this year, especially as it's know for being very family friendly. It's also the perfect destination for interior lovers as it captures the Scandi style perfectly. 

2. Isles of Scilly - we plan to spend more time exploring Cornwall this year as well as making the ferry crossing the the cluster of islands of Lands end that make up the Isles of Scilly. With a warmer climate to the rest of the mainland and beautiful flora and fauna because of it, this makes a stunning location that would make you feel like your somewhere in the Med.

3. Taking A Cruise - After doing two overnight ferry trips with the boys we would love to take a longer break by sea this year. We have not fully decided on where we want to explore yet but we have narrowed it down to either the Mediterranean or Scandinavia. I have always dreamt of exploring the Norwegian Fjords by cruise liner and being inspired by the dramatic landscapes.

4. Scotland - I lived in Edinburgh for around 18months as well as spending some time working on the West Coast in the small village of Mallaig before having children. I totally fell in love with the country, especially the highlands and may Isle you can visit with the Isle of Eigg being my favourite and would love to take the boys there to really get away from it all. Edinburgh is also possibly one of the most stunning, friendly and culturally interesting cities and you could easily spend a fortnight exploring the place and I've not been back since having children and need to change that.

5. Lisbon - another city break we have had on our wish list for a few years. Portugal is one of the few countries in Europe either of us have been to yet and it's also the oldest city in Europe predating Rome, Paris and London. The warm climate of course also makes it real attraction.

family travel
Mr A and myself enjoying Amsterdam

6. Cape Town - it really does make my soul a little sad that I have not taken any of the family to my hometown and country I spent 18 years of life in but with something like this we would need to go for longer than the normal holiday break as I would love to spend some time visiting friends and family. Its also not a cheap destination to get too, although reasonable once you are there and between having children, buying and renovating a home and travelling around Europe we have always put it on the back burner a bit although we do hope to visit within the next 18months.

7. Mont Saint-Michel, France - I find this place magical and fascinating and would love to spend next Christmas cozying up in one of only a handful of hotels on this fortified island in Normady with it's beautiful monastery.  

8. Roadtripping - one of my personal goals this year is to finally buy a 1970's campervan, nothing to smart but has a lot of soul so we can explore more of Cornwall, the coast as well as take a drive up to Snowdonia, York and the Lake District.

Exploring in Somerset

9. Festivals festival festivals - each summer we always do at least two festivals. I recently spoke of our love for the Just So Festival which we hope to return to this year, as well as Beyond the Border which happens every two years and we went to in 2014. Other favourites are Wychwood and Camp Bestival and we would also love to try Larmer Tree, Starry Skies and The Green Gathering.

10. Somewhere Exotic - we as many make lots of plans although they sometimes change, we always leave space for the spontaneous travel and we are all craving somewhere hot as the UK weather over the past year has been a bit of a washout. Perhaps a cheap greek holiday or somewhere far-flung like Fiji or Bali.

What are your travel plans for 2016?

Packing my Suitcase


  1. You are very organised. We have vaguely started thinking about places to go but not sat and discussed them properly yet. I wish my husband got more days off work a year to fit it all in. Enjoy your breaks.

    1. Well I am attempting to be organised this year (it's one of my resolutions :) Hope you have a fantastic year as well as get time to take some adventures

      Laura x

  2. Haven't been to Mont Saint Michel for a few years, but it is a place that holds many happy memories. Now they have a bittersweet tinge to them after losing someone dear to me, but it will always be a happy place. Christmas there sounds perfect.
    We're off to Fuerteventurer next month for a villa break with my parents, lots of camping trips through the year (I'd love to get to our first festival!) and the year wouldn't be complete without a visit to Tenby :)

  3. Wow what a list! I've never been on a cruise before but I quite fancy trying one out xxx

  4. I am off to New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville for my wedding anniversary this year. I can't wait. It's called the Mojo triangle and is the birthplace of jazz, soul, blues and country. I would also love to see more of Europe, I fancy a trip to see the Back Forest. Have you been watching Great Continental Railway Journeys? I saw the Black Forest on there and it looks beautiful.

  5. Great list. I've never been to Amsterdam, but it looks great x

  6. Copenhagen is on our list of places to go, we nearly went last year but ended up in Paris which was great. I also want to do a cruise as never been on one, where as my daughter has done 2 with my parents x

  7. Looks like some good places to go and see. I'd like to go to Scotland too x

  8. You managed to cram so much into 2015! Hope you can visit all of the places you want in 2016 :)

  9. Sounds like you have a lot of plans. Mont St Michel is such an interesting place. I've only visited a couple of times but I would love to go back.

  10. Sounds like you'll be having a fun, travel packed 2016!

  11. Wow you sound so much more organised than I am, I struggle to tell what day it is, never mind make plans for anything x

  12. I would love to visit Dubai and Italy this year.

  13. Loved to read your adventures of 2015 and your plans for 2016. We have aimed to instill our travel bug into the kids! Having back packed round the world pre-kids we have tried to carry on our adventures - though a little tough pulling along 4 extras! We have aimed to hit a European each year (sometimes with just backpacks, pushchairs and passports.)We have also toured through mountains and deserts. We have kept going - choosing to spend money on plane tickets instead of carpet, but I think you just can't beat a family hug in front of a beautiful view or an iconic landmark. This year will be our final Road Trip (possibly) as Child No 1 reaches 21 and so we have to draw a line - otherwise I fear we will be travelling with our kids and grandkids! Which will become extremely expensive! We are heading to Boston (aptly the first trip abroad we ever took Child No 1 on, we do the city break thing before exploring the New England coast, White Mountains, Cape Cod and Long Island. We finish the trip in NYC where we see Child No 1 turn 21! We will celebrate in style before dashing back to the UK in time for Child No 2 to get A Level results, Child No 3 to get GCSE results and Child No 4 to turn into a teenager!!! All this - and then before you know it, the carpet in the lounge will look a little more threadbare and we will be booking flights to Iceland ! (Have always wanted to discover the Northern Lights with them all! Or maybe Pompeii - now that would be a cultural wonder for us all!).

  14. You should go to Lisbon although I would say that as I am Portuguese lol. I like the idea of road tripping that sounds like fun.

  15. Copenhagen, Scotland (the highlands specifically) and Cape Town are on my list as well, also Road Tripping' - I want to road trip around the US and Europe too. Hope you get to visit all these places!! xx

  16. Wow, what a great list! I would love to go on a cruise again, and go back to our favourite place, Menorca. I also want to go to our first festival too. Kaz x

  17. Sounds like you're dreaming big for the next year, and that's a good thing! :) You have a beautiful, adventurous family!

  18. We went to the Isle of Eigg on our 2015 holiday and absolutely loved it. We were very lucky with weather and had the most glorious holiday, collecting shells, walking and enjoying the scenery. I hope you get to visit in 2016. #Mondayescapes

  19. Oooh - your travel plans are making me feel excited! I've been to Mont St Michel a few times - it's an incredible place, and the thought of being there at Christmas gives me goosebumps. I spent 6 months in Capetown just after I graduated, waitressing at Quay Four restaurant in the Waterfront. Do you know it? I wonder if it's still there....

  20. Do go to Mont St Michel - it is fabulous, especially at Christmas. A few years ago we went there between Christmas and New Year and took a guided walk out onto the sands of the bay. Perhaps not ideal with little ones but something to consider for another time. If you decide not to stay in one of the hotels there, our family friendly gite is close by (blatant publicity tweet - hope that is OK)

  21. Amazing Laura, I am just exhausted reading all your plans! We'd love to go to Cape Town too, and Mont St Michel - love to see more of France. I hope you get to do all of them x Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes


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