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Christmas is the time of the year that everyone in the family looks forward to. It’s a season of happiness, indulging in treats that we usually wouldn’t allow ourselves to and giving presents to those we care about the most. Certain things cause the Christmas cheer to rise in people, and quickly the whole area becomes covered in decorations, as if Santa did them all overnight himself. Here’s some seasonal-themed items that will look fantastic in your kitchen this Christmas, and be worth keeping all year round.

Christmas cookie cutters

Not the most technological item on this list, but everyone will love it when you make cookies in the shape of Santa Claus, snowmen and Christmas trees this season. The Good cook shop has lots of offers on cookie cutters, meaning that you can replace the delicate cutting with stencils, which do all the work but take none of the reward.

Vintage inspired kitchen scales

Despite all the food having multiple pinches of love, not every dish allows for guesstimations in the recipe. Vintage kitchen scales such as this Retro one add a wonderful glow to the room, while also being inexpensive. The scales pay homage to the classic kitchen appliances, looking like they came straight from ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’. A fun accessory for any kitchen.

Tassimo Fidelia coffee machine

Parents who have been woken up by kids screaming that Santa has visited them know that on Christmas day there can be nothing better than a nice cup of coffee in the morning. The Tassimo Fidelia coffee machine has a large water tank to make sure everyone gets their caffeine fix without having to worry about pesky refills. Besides, waking up to a creamy cup of coffee in the morning isn’t just for this season, but for every season.

Christmas Tins

Sometimes even the best of food survives that little bit longer, managing to get overlooked by the hungry mouths around the Christmas dinner table. The good news is that whether its cake, vegetables or meat, Christmas food always makes for great leftovers. These tins from Lakeland are perfect to keep a delicious meal safe inside until it’s finally finished. Storing leftover food in these seasonally printed containers means that before it tastes good, it looks good all over again.

Gingerbread house kits

If you are at a lose end of what to do with your little ones in the last few days before Christmas, putting together a Gingerbread house can offer so much fun as well as helping pass the hours. Most supermarkets have some kind of kit in store or like us you could pick one up from Ikea - just make sure to have some icing and sprinkles on hand to help decorate.

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  1. So many wonderful little things - I wish I put more time into baking Christmas goods this year. I've not thought about it once since my holiday and mad rush for Christmas presents since I came back.

    UK Bloggers | Top Style Advice

    1. I am feeling really rushed at the moment but always try and make a little time to bake some homemade goodies :) Thanks for stopping by

      Laura x

  2. Love the Christmas tins and the cookie cutters! I need a new pair of scales too so thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

  3. Great gift ideas here. I need a coffee machine a badly.

  4. The tins are super cute and useful too, I love these.


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