A little Christmas tipple


Hot toddy

Christmas to me is all about enjoying good food, good company, mulled wine and the smell of gingerbread and all-spice in the home as well putting our own twist on traditions so I thought I would share a delicious, fun and easy take on Hot Apple Toddy using the Italian aperitif Aperol.

I made this the other night and it was so wonderfully warming and sweet but not over-powering and really hit the spot. Aperol has a lovely hint of orange and rhubarb which works surprisingly well with apple and Sauvignon, plus since Aperol has a slightly lower alcohol content than most aperitifs you don't feel to guilty about having this on a cold winters night, you can also leave out the wine altogether and just have hot apple and Aperol which tastes equally good.

Hot Apple Aperol Toddy

This will make one mug

30ml Aperol
100ml Sauvignon (or any white wine will do)
50ml Apple juice
1 Cinnamon stick
1/2 teaspoon all spice
A few slices of orange and lemon

Simply combine all the ingredients into a saucepan and slowly heat through thoroughly over a medium heat until hot but not boiling. Pour the hot apple toddy into a mug along with the orange and lemon slices and cinnamon stick which really helps to add flavour and serve while still hot. You can of course double the quantities and make more than on mug at a time.

Christmas aperol

This is fast becoming one of my new favourite Christmas treats and once the kids are in bed this Christmas Eve and we have a chance to wind down before all the excitement of the big day I am going to spend a little time relaxing and savouring the moment with one of these hot drinks. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?


  1. I would definitely prefer this to mulled red wine. I'm not a big drinker of spiced dinks but this sounds very nice indeed.

  2. I don't drink so have no idea when it comes to alcohol! It looks yummy though x

  3. It is always lovely to get into the Christmas spirit with a tipple. Great recipe thanks.

  4. This looks delicious and so Christmassy! Love it x

  5. I've been making a hot apple and cinnamon winter drink for years. I never, ever thought to stick alcohol in it though! Sounds lovely x


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