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Homeware by Boden

How cute is this mug set for £15.40

So I was browsing Boden the other day, picking up a few bits and bobs for the boys as we are big fans of their kids (and women) clothes and every Christmas or Birthday we usually order one or two things, in this case a jumper and trousers but as I was having a little look I noticed they are delving into Homewares...cue little dance in the kitchen as just like their clothes the homewares are equally cute and colourful and I am delight to see they are developing this line. With classic London prints, block colours, bold fonts and quirky prints I am sure this small but well curated collection is going to to be a huge hit....P.S I need those Christmas baubles.

1. Striped knit blanket £69.30
2. Christmas pudding candle £17.50
3. Commuter cub £10.50
4. Slogan baubles £17.50

I would be seriously happy to find any of these delights under the tree this Christmas, best of all everything is 25% off at the moment and I cannot wait to see what the New Year brings for Homewares from Boden.


  1. Ooh I love those colour baubles! Boden have some great stuff x

    1. I know right - they are my favourite as well :)

      Laura x

  2. I love the knitted blanket! The colours are great, the baubles are fab too. I will go and check it out, I haven't looked before x

    1. I only just stumble across this section - love all of it

      Laura x


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