My design pick of 2015


Bramwell and Brown

I was recently asked by Feathr what my favourite design piece of 2015, which was a really interesting question as I had not thought to pinpoint one product or idea I had seen, especially as independent stores, products, art and creativity had boomed during 2015 it meant it was a pretty hard choice.

I had recently came across these beautiful British Made Barometer weather clocks from Bramwell and Brown, their simply but eye catching design immediately caught my eye paired up with the beautiful mechanical moving art work which visual tells the weather.

Design clock

Feathr put a really interesting article together with the help of 28 interior experts, bloggers and journalists, each sharing their favourite design piece and I have to say I love them all and I cannot wait to see what 2016 has install.

weather clock


  1. That's one beautifully designed barometer, I can not say I had sat down and thought of a favourite design piece in 2015

  2. Wow! I love finding new brands and home pieces like this! So beautiful, thanks for sharing x


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