5 Reasons to take a family cruise in 2016


This year we decided to visit one of our favourite cities – Amsterdam by taking an overnight ferry from the UK instead of flying with two young kids. We really enjoyed the slower travel aspect of it and found it an extremely enjoyable and stress-free way to take kids overseas and in 2016 would love to take a longer cruise, not only take in some amazing sights, visit some stunning locations but also enjoy a laid-back holiday. Before I had children I took a cargo ship from South Africa to the UK which took 28 days so a cruise ship would be absolutely luxury in comparison. I thought I would put together 5 reasons why we should all consider a cruise in 2016

Good Value – most cruises are all inclusive and cover food, accommodation and all the fun extras such as on-board cinemas, swimming pools and entertainment and transport between destinations, taking out a lot of stress and allowing you to budget easier for on-land excursions. Nearly all ships are also equipped with Wifi, digital TV and things like Laundries, Gyms, Spas and Medical centres should you need them.

Family Friendly – nearly all the big cruise liners are geared towards families and children with an abundance of things to do such as kids clubs, special play areas, qualified staff and an array of dinning options to suit all needs. A lot of cruise liners are huge and are almost like floating cities and you would be hard pressed to become bored with so many amazing things to see and do onboard.

Visit multiple destinations – you can visit a variety of countries with only unpacking once and for those who are a little nervous of flying there are loads of options leaving and returning from UK docks including some very exotic destinations.

Easy to Plan – Cruises take all the hassle of planning everything down to the tee out of the equation as they package together transportation, accommodation and itinerary so you have more time to sit back and chill out with no having to search for hotels or coordinate travel between cities and anything that is going to make a family holiday more simple is fantastic.

Quality time – wether you want to go on a cruise for a cultural experience, a romantic break, a relaxing spa or to get away from daily manic life and spend some time one to one with your family, a cruise is a great way to reconnect and not have to worry about the dishes at the end of the day.

If you book at the start of the year you can also usually bag a deal or pick up a special which can often include an upgrade or extra on-board spending money. We have our eyes open for Cruise deals at the moment as we hope to either hope on-board to see the Norwegian Fjords or head to the sun and the Mediterranean

What do you have planned for 2016?

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  1. I don't need convincing! I am so desperate to take my family on a cruise. They will love it. Must save up.

  2. I really fancy going on a cruise but I think we are going to wait until Lucas is a bit older x

  3. Oh, you don't have to persuade me, I'd absolutely love to go on a cruise with my family. I think it would be a great thing to do with young children as long as it's a family friendly cruise, there is just so much for them to do. Have a great Christmas.x

  4. We are going on our first cruise in August and cannot wait :0)

  5. I have been on a few cruises - the main one when I was 40. We LOVED it, a cruise is an incredible holiday. Kaz x

  6. Hello,we prepare to move with all my family to Macau and make a new life there
    Setup our own company and try to have a succes story to tell to our children

  7. Hello,we prepare to move with all my family to Macau and make a new life there
    Setup our own company and try to have a succes story to tell to our children


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