Why classic style is so much better than modern trends


Street style stripes
I love simple and classic looks

You can really run round in circles trying to keep up with the trends. London Fashion Week has just been and gone, and I am none the wiser. Why can’t there be a shop called “get everything you will ever need here” and we all have our very own aisle full of goods, clothing, items, food that epitomise us. We stick a few items in the trolly and hop on our way. In fact, Brits spend on average 18 years of their lives shopping, most of it necessarily of course, but how much of it have you spent ‘jeans shopping’? A phrase that strikes fear into the hearts of even the sturdiest of shoppers…No, the whirlwind world of fashion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but timeless classics never go out of style.

The watch

A watch is essential for many. Anyone with a hectic lifestyle needs to keep one step ahead (setting yours 5 minutes ahead will always ensure you’re on track) and for a young family, time is a precise thing. It won’t be long before you’ll be celebrating milestones such as ‘the first day of secondary school’, ‘first girlfriend’ and even ‘driving test’. A scary prospect…

Ralph Lauren socks
John loves simple but statement accessories such as these RL socks and Bape watch

A watch can really elude your personality, unique sense of style and, also, they tend to tell you the time too which can be handy. But what sort of classic style can you go for that will stand the test of time (pun intended).

The likes of Rolex and Omega are the ultimate brands to think of when considering a watch, but the choice is endless. The key is to look around and really establish your style before investing. Experts like www.watches-of-switzerland.co.uk can really help you choose a piece you will treasure forever, and help you look after it as well. What’s more, their showrooms contain immaculate second hand options so you could save a bit too.

The bag

There are so many bags out there that can only be described as ‘creations’. Tassles, balls, glitter, fur and spikes, whatever happened to just a simple tote, satchel or even a backpack.

This is what the ultimate classic bag comes down to; something simple, effective and uber stylish. I love the Michael Kors selections out there. With just a handful of perfect hues, subtle leather and a good strap, it’s really perfect. Opting for a black (or white if you’re brave) will last you even longer, and have a great deal of use as well.

It’s the same with the humble satchel. Where have the neons come from! A classic brown satchel is ideal, and all of those pockets keep you so organised as well.

Studded bag
I have started to develop a bag collection over time - I love my studded Dents bag

The coat

We’ve all noticed those nights getting darker and it isn’t long before the clocks go back again (but don’t despair, that’s one hour extra in bed). It’s time to brush the dust of off your coat, air out the bobbly hat and invest in some new gloves. But what are those classic styles when it comes to the coat?

Faux fur always seemed so dramatic, bright colours always look dated in no time and plastic coverings, let’s not get started.

When I think of coats, my mind immediately wanders to Audrey Hepburn and her camel mac. Flattering on most shapes, it’s definitely a winner, but there are other styles too. The slouchy boyfriend kind, woollen, waterproofs all come in classic styles. For one, a neutral hue is always the safe way to play it but if you like a bit of colour, bright red, canary yellow or mossy green all fit the bill.

It seems strange, talking about winter coats, when it is still a little humid. In fact, it was the driest September on record last month, so even the clouds draw in? Your denim jacket is a must. Just remember the brolly. You never know when the next downpour will be upon us.

I love autumn for layering especially with my tartan lined coat 


Regardless of whether you’re a fashionista or more of a wallflower, one thing is for certain, you have your favourite pair of boots. They really are an essential, especially the ankle kind.

Those boot fanatics will have knee high, ankle high, black, brown, multi-coloured, ones with tassles and ones with buckles but you can narrow it down to one (possibly two) essential pairs; one black and one brown.

This can vary between ankle and knee; ankle boots may not be your thing and knee boots can be a hassle to find if your calves are too big or small depending on the fashion that year. The decoration can also vary depending on your style, but as long as they’re in neutral colours, you will be able to style them with pretty much anything.

Autumn style
I love wearing boots in the Autumn

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  1. I tend to buy things I love, not things that are in fashion right now - I know what I like, and I'd rather invest in a piece that I'll wear for years to come than a fashion piece I'll only wear for a month

  2. I can never go out without a watch. It's SO essential yet a classic piece of styling.

  3. I love the shirt in the 4th photograph, its lovely x

  4. I never used to be bothered about wearing a watch but since the school runs started, wearing one is a necessity! Lol! I love bag shopping too but refuse to spend more than around £20 for one. xx


  5. I'm terrible at fashion and don't understand it at all! But every year at this time I seem to buy a pairnd ankle boots. Usually biker style but not always! Then I wear them to death throughout winter and they go with everything. This year I bought 2 pairs! I think nice boots and a decent coat are enough to keep looking super stylish through the colder seasons. I love your tartan lined coat!

  6. I definitely go for personal style over fashion trends. Can't say what I like is always that classic. It's more often "ethnic" and probably a bit quirky too. I am always amused whenever I'm accidentally on trend, though. Love your brogues. I need to polish mine!

  7. I love your tartan lined coat and patent brogues - classics with a little twist!

  8. I love your photos! Mummy sets her watch 5 minutes ahead, and she still runs late! I think I wear a mix of classic and modern, and Mummy always loves a bargain! x

  9. I wish I knew a bit more abuot the trends!! I do just tend to go with what I love...I'm a creature of comfort :)

  10. I am so with you on this! I have been a victim of all these trends that I always have to purge my closet. For my watch, I am sticking with my Casio databanks. I have them in gold and silver and they look great with business attire and casual outfits. <3



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