Parisian interiors and our little adventure


I love the large windows and all the natural light (image)

I have to say I have always been attracted to city living, especially on old apartments that have been styled in a chic and creative way. I have been lucky enough to live in the centre of Cape Town, Edinburgh and Amsterdam, all in traditional flats and there is something comforting about not having a lot of space but using it to the full making the most of it and I think the french have it down to a tee. High ceilings, large windows, lots of light and beautiful furniture - I always feel inspired.

When we recently stayed in the city of lights we opted for an Airbnb apartment - the one we initial picked was very stylish and beautifully designed but unfortunately it was not available - our second choice was more practical but perfectly located and was very clean and had everything we needed including a great host who showed us around the flat, gave us the keys and said if we needed anything to give him a call, couldn't of asked any more in that regards. The flat was simple in style and had a nice little courtyard outside and lovely large windows.


  1. I've been considering trying Airbnb for a while now. It seems cost effective and it's a great way to feel like a local for a few days. The apartment you stayed in looks lovely!

  2. It looks like a great little apartment! Love the first three photos, especially the bath one! I love Paris even though I've never been!

  3. I've never heard of Airbnb before, I'll check it out :) looks like a gorgeous apartment!

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  4. Love the bath-tub, and the windows will let an incredible amount of natural light through!


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