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beautiful bath bombs

Yummy cake, loose leaf tea, wonderful company and handmade skincare and ethical cosmetics - well I could think of worse ways to spend a morning. It was really lovely to be invited to Lush Cardiff for a local mummy blogger event at that combined pampering and socialising perfectly. It's been a while since I have had time to pop into Lush so it was lovely seeing some of their newer products as well as learning about what is great for babies skin as well as mums to be. 

To start off the handmade chocolate and avocado cake was so delicious, really need to find the recipe. It was made by the wonderful people at Waterloo Tea Gardens who also had fresh peppermint tea on hand which was so nice and refreshing.

natural skincare

I have to say the staff are really knowledgeable and went through all the different types of bath bombs and what they are good for - I loved the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb which is perfect for kids and little ones as it contains relaxing lavender and chamomile oils to help sooth you and your baby. The butterball also sounded divine and has a lovely vanilla scent.

jelly shower gel

seaweed skincare

I was really taken by the wibbly wobbly shower jellies - they are so much fun and smell amazing I actually want to eat them (of course I won't). What I also love is they have lots of skincare products for mums-to-be including the deeply moisturising therapy bar which I have just started using and makes my skin feel really soft. It was also wonderful to meet some new faces and discovering more blogs to read - I hope I can remember everyone but please check out - Tattoos and Tantrums, Fuzzy Peach Drops, Ickle Pickles Life, Mami 2 Five, Squeaky Baby.

Therapy bar lush
I couldn't wait to relax with some Rooibos tea and therapy bar when I got home


  1. Now that sounds like a really fun way to spend a morning - I approve ;-) I've got a recipe for avocado brownies on my blog if you're interested.

  2. What a fab way to spend a morning!!! I love Lush! The smell coming from the shop is amazing!!!

    Laura x x x

  3. what a great morning - lush is amazing isn't it?!

  4. Lush really is a treat for the senses in those shops and I'd forgotten how much i like some of their products like the Dream Cream and the face packs.

  5. oh this looks so lovely! if only smellivision was a thing :)

  6. My ex boyfriend used to work in a Lush factory and would always come home smelling of their products. Tehy do the best bath bombs x

  7. I love Lush so much & their dream cream is a staple in this house. You've reminded me to visit more often :)


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