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Amsterdam art
The Dutch houses are so unique, I love them (image)

 So of you may already know but before having Mr A I lived and worked in the wonderful city of Amsterdam for a few months. I have always loved this city, especially since my best friend from school was Dutch and visited with her as well as my family on serrate occasions before moving there. Each at a different age in my life and seeing the city from different perspectives every time so I am over the moon to be going there again for a short break very soon with KLM and this time with John and Mr A in tow - it's going to be great showing them around this lovely city and walking past my old apartment which was a very small studio flat right in the centre. I always loved the interior and fashion style of the Dutch and really miss the view from my old tiny but character filled flat.

Dutch flat
The view from my Flat

The Dutch interior style is similar to that of the Scandinavian - less is more and well design pieces are a must with a splash of colour. The pair European style and practicality so well together. I also love the cafe culture of the city, the flower market and of course all the bikes (we love to cycle).

 We have a few things planned for our weekend trip - we want to do a lot of walking around the city and enjoy the outdoor places such as Vondelpark as well as all the lovely vintage and food markets. I hope to take the two boys to my favourite retro cafe Latei on the edge of the red light district and everything in the shop is for sale even the vintage chairs you sit on and they serve the most amazing Apple Pie. Opposite Latei is the Buddhist Temple - somewhere that has always intrigue me as it's a real oasis right in the heart of this vibrant city and I often would go there just to sit and reflect. Also we will be visiting the city Library as it's one of the tallest buildings in this rather flat city and the view from the top is amazing, we may also do a little canal tour as it's an interesting way to see the city. We are flying from out local Airport which should be a lot less stress and also allows us to get the most time out of our short break.

Amsterdam street art

A slightly younger me living in Amsterdam 
Amsterdam canal


  1. I have never ever been there and it is one place that i would love to. I love the idea of the flower markets and that cafe sounds amazing! I hope you have a lovely time :) x

  2. I LOVE Amsterdam - it's the perfect city for wandering and grabbing a coffee as you do so....can't wait to hear more about your trip - have a great time!

  3. Have a fab time! Amsterdam is one of my favourite places to visit, its so beautiful and its a shame it has such a "reputation" and its vintage stores are the best! xxx

  4. Really looking forward to going, we have made a little list of ideas but definitely may add that cafe and the library to my list as well. My head office for work used to be in Amsterdam so I have been a couple of times but haven't ever actually properly explored! x

  5. Have an amazing time! I love Amsterdam, I haven't been for a while but I'm going back early next year, eek x

  6. I would love to go! Have a great time, looking forward to reading all about it :) x

  7. I'm so excited to have a mini break with your family and mine!! We'll have to go to Moaz together x

  8. That blue sofa! And your nose ring! And your short hair! There's lots to love in this post. Enjoy your trip!

  9. Ooh I am SO excited for you!! It's going to be amazing! x

  10. I adore Amsterdam, been 6 times. Last time was my honeymoon. KLM are brilliant too. You can fly from Cardiff so it's perfect for me. Thinking of going back in the next couple of months.

    The canals are lovely, I think it's such a pretty city and so underrated. The museums are fabulous too.


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