Nursery inspiration and 21 weeks Update


20 week scan

We have some really exciting news this week - we finally had the anomaly scan and just couldn't wait another 19 weeks to find out what we would be having so I am happy to announce there is another boy on the way (I am going to be outnumbered!). It was one of those things were I was secretly hoping for a girl as I have an older brother and I think one naturally wants what they grew up with but on the other hand Mr A really wanted a brother so I was very happy his wish to come true and it really was smiles all round.

wooden bunting
How cute is this wooden bunting (image)

Otherwise I am feeling pretty good and in fact I have been keeping myself very busy lately, something which I am enjoying as I know in a few weeks my energy levels will probably drop again and logistically things will become more difficult as I get bigger, but for now everything is going well. My heart condition has been playing up a little bit lately but that was to be expected and even though I am having lots of palpitations they are more inconvenient and unpleasant than dangerous and the Cardiologist is happy with how everything is progressing and is going to be monitoring me throughout my journey with the aim of keeping this pregnancy medication free and so far so good

modern nursery
I love this creative and design forward nursery (image)

So now that we know we are expecting a boy it has given us a bit more of a direction when it comes to styling the nursery. As with Mr A we do generally keep things gender neutral and don't like to buy into anything to much one way or the other but in the same breath it's also nice to have a theme to a room that you can build on at a later point when your child starts to develop their own personality and likes and dislikes.

Winne the Pooh
I love this classic style with the Winnie the Pooh Wall Prints (image)

Both John and I tend to go with classic styles that are going to stand the test of time when it comes to furniture and I think we will be doing the same when it comes to the cot. We then dress it up with some modern prints such as cute geometric printed bedding to add colour and keep it fresh. Even though we did a lot of co-sleeping with Mr A through his baby and toddler years it's still important to have a safe place to put your baby during daytime naps.

Whenever we buy anything we always think of the longevity, quality, safety and design, so purchasing a cot that can convert into an early toddler bed (I’ve seen a few I like online at Tesco Direct) is always a good idea as this gives you a little bit more breathing space before having to shell out for another bed

Boys nursery
Quite a few of the things we have picked up for Mr A's room have been vintage or second hand

Being a busy mom, unlike the first time round, we are going to be doing a combination of buying certain items at second hand markets specially for baby equipment such as my local KidsMarket and the larger items we will probably order from online as neither of us have the time to go around shops all day, plus it's much easier to do price comparisons online as anything to do with children adds up so budgeting is very important.

Our plan like we said is to keep things simple to begin with and add splashes of colour with some quirky prints, a handmade mobile and some lovely crochet blankets...can't wait to share the room with you when it finally comes together.

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  1. Congrats - bet A is excited to be having a brother?! Glad that you're feeling ok - enjoy this second trimester when you have a bit more energy - I'm at 31 weeks now and just beginning to need to slow down! p.s we have that same alphabet poster :)

  2. I can so imagine how excited A is to be having a little brother, I can also imagine all the mischief they will be getting up to when they can play together. How exciting!! Thought of any names yet? x

  3. Congratulations on your news, you will definitely be outnumbered but that's also cool coz how you will have 3 protectors. Hope your heart stays good throughout and you get your wish of medication free pregnancy. I love the idea of a cot that can be transformed into early toddler bed x

  4. Aww congratulations Hunni xx

  5. How exciting! Have you thought of any names yet? I love Mr. A's little wooden ark, that's adorable!

  6. Oh wow what lovely news! Nursery decorating must be so exciting- I know I'll be having a field day on Pinterest trying to decide on decor styles! At least you will pretty much have most things you need if having another boy! x

  7. The nursery with the rain cloud is just too cute!
    Two Hearts One Roof


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