A little Gratitude


collecting conkers

So it's been one of those weeks - settling into a normal routine after going away on holiday as well as being hit but two unforeseen bills has made it at times somewhat trying but it's times like these when you realise those small moments are what is most important and there really is no point stressing over things you simply cannot change and on the up side there have been some amazing things to happen this week as well - the roller coaster of life is a wonderful and exciting ride. I thought I would share a little list of what we have been grateful for this week.

1. Arriving back in the UK to Autumn one of my favourite seasons of the year.
2. Collecting conkers at our secret conker tree thats hidden in a little field next to a river.
3. Enjoying a wonderful tea party in London with the little man
4. Having a big family cwtch in bed one morning
5. Baking pumpkin pie
6. Enjoying some peppermint tea and cake with lovely bloggers
7. Relaxing in a big bubble bath
8. Cooking a big batch of Tarka Dahl
9. Watching dragonflies at our local country park
10. The little man making new friends


  1. totally love a good family snuggle and bubble baths mmmm x

  2. Good list - those conkers look like beauties!

  3. I love autumn in the UK - all the colours are amazing

  4. sometimes when things go a little (or a lot) tits up you just have to try and remember the positive little things. hope things improve soon!

  5. nothing beats a good cwtch to start the day :)


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