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Living Room Tour

living room tour

Okay so when we bought our house last year it was a bit of a mini project - the downstairs had been done (well sort off) while upstairs has need quite a bit more work but saying that our living spaces have had some bad DIY going which has needed to be ripped out, for example the alcoves in the lounge had shelves held up with no more nails and very badly done wooden boarders. After lots of painting, filling and redecorating we are almost there. The only thing I really dislike is the former owners idea to knock down a 200 year wall and replace it with glass bricks - I will never really understand this but as we are selling the property next year its not worth changing.

living room

retro chair

sofa time

If this was a longterm house we would probably personalise it even more but we are trying to create a middle ground of it feeling like a warm and loving home while still knowing we are going to be moving on and thats why I love things like our Cable and Cotton lights - quick and easy to put up and adds a bit of colour and fun to our living room.

handwoven lights

Ukulele playing

We were kindly gifted the Cable and Cotton lights


  1. Oh you have such a lovely home Laura! I love the way you've decorated it with pops of colour here and there. It really represents your families personality!

  2. I quite like the brick wall! It's different and you don't see it around a lot! You have a gorgeous living room, really modern. I love it!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  3. Your place is so adorable. I love how comfortable it looks. Comfort is number 1 for us, so I can get behind that!


  4. It looks so nice and cozy! Well, except for the glass brick wall. Were the former owners obsessed with dive bars or something??

  5. you've done a great job with it, looks very homely :)

  6. I love the little lights they're beautiful! Abi :)

  7. I love the decor! It's so fresh & inviting. Well done. :D

    ♥ | | xoxo

  8. Oh those cable and cotton lights are so cute am thinking we need some too

  9. This is such a gorgeous room! Some really cute add ons :) I live in a student house at the moment and it's so ugly, I can't wait to move to a more neutral house and then personalise it.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  10. I love your home, lovely and cosy...that poor wall though!! I love history and that seems so sad. Those lights are great...really add to the cosiness of it all.

  11. Love them! Ours in Cherry's room but thinking we need some for our living room too! x

  12. I really enjoyed this look around your livingroom. It's a real home. Cosy but stylish. Did you paint the green bookshelf or did you buy it like that?

  13. ooh, i love seeing inside peoples homes! i really like the wooden chest! love the bits of colour around, too.

  14. such a cute room! I wish i had my own place to decorate! x

  15. A lovely, inviting family space! Thanks for sharing.


  16. Gorgeous lights - I want some! It looks as though you've made some nice improvements to your home.

  17. The glass wall is very unusual, but you've made the room look really inviting. I love those lights, they are like the ones on Miranda (tv sitcom) that I have been coveting for ages.

  18. It's a lovely room Laura, so warm and inviting. Great lights :) #loveyourhome


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