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We love nothing more than taking in the fresh air of the outdoors

If you read the blog regularly you will know we love spending as much time outdoors as possible as well as exploring our local area as well as further afield. Of course days out can end up costing a small fortune but it really doesn't always have to even if your visiting an attraction with a fairly heavy admission price but using free saving sites such as Kids Pass. I thought I would put together a few tips how we managed to enjoy the outdoors and local activities without spending a small fortune

autumn leaves

1. We always pack a lunch as well as two water bottles - this is essential. Of course we do allow for things like a coffee and cake at the end of the day should we feel like a little treat but as lunch goes feeding two adults (or if it's just Mr A and I one adult) and a child, it can really add up.

eating outdoors
Mr A loves a good packed lunch

2. Make a list of free outdoor and indoor attractions, green spaces and parks near you. We always have a few go to places for when we feel we need to get out of the house - this usually consists of a local country park, riverside walks, local parks as well as those nearer Cardiff city such as Roath Park, Bute Park and one of our favourite places St Fagans which does charge a nominal parking fee but no entrance fee. As well as the beaches and on rainy days there is also the National Museum, Cardiff Story, the library and other such places that offer a nice and warm and social environment that doesn't cost anything.

toddler climbing

3. Keep your eyes open for free events - places like our local Library and Museum all offer kids art carts and various events happening throughout the year - we love the craft ones.

4. Use what you have - we really enjoy working on the garden together or simply going out and kicking the ball around. Mr A also really enjoys cycling and scootering as well as taking the net down to a nearby stream and pond dipping. A simple playdate is always a easy and popular way to entertain kids - go to the park together for a few hours of fun.

cute toddlers
Outdoor playdates are always fun

5. Search for vouchers - l have to be honest we never leave home to go to an attraction without checking first if we can find a voucher online that will help lower the cost and you would be surprised how many times you can find discounts such as free admission for kids or 20% off for example and a great site for that is KidsPass who not only offer money saving tips but also list free attractions and ideas for days out right across the UK. At the moment they have free kids passes to Bristol Aquarium - one of Mr A's favourite places so I am sure we will be using that one soon. Its super simple to sign up and it doesn't cost you anything and really could save you some money.

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  1. Great advice! People definitely should take more advantage of local events that are free - I'm guilty for missing out

    Alex x

  2. There a loads of things you can do for free, or a small price only. There's some great events that happen in Leeds that we can go to.

    Those photos are all stunning! Cute kid :)

    Corinne x

    1. Hi Corinne - I know we often forget how much we can do for free or for very little

      Laura x

  3. Some really great ideas here...half terms can easily cost a small fortune, you can forget that the cheaper/free stuff can be even more accessible and fun! Gorgeous photographs too! x

  4. Really good ideas! We didn't go away this summer hols but I was amazed at how much money I spent on exciting activities for the kids!! That pass is a really good idea.

  5. Great tips, I read about this on another blog too, the site sounds great x


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