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Our place to restore the calm

Outdoor fun
Mr A at St Fagans

Life at the best of times can be described as manic or crazy as we move through this modern world at a faster pace than ever before. It can at times be pretty overwhelming and I think that every now and then it's a good idea to take a step back, breath in some fresh air and take time to enjoy the little things, as we as recalibrate. I know if the little man and I don't touch base with our two favourite places we both start to get a little bit of cabin fever especially since we love the outdoors but St Fagans and the Amelia Trust farm hold a special place in our heart and whenever things seem on top of us, or my mind is feeling full and I can sense those dreaded heartaches coming these are the two places we visit to restore some calm back into our lives.

St Fagans Wales

I am a true believer in the healing of power of nature and the benefits of spending as much time connecting with the natural world. I certainly feel more grounded and have a clearer head after a walk in the countryside and those positive effects are certainly seen with Mr A as well. I think that is why we love St Fagans - an outdoor museum and Amelia Trust community farm so much as the both offer so many opportunities for both adults and children to enjoy what nature has to offer.

riding a tractor
Mr A at the Amelia trust farm

Having just had a newborn and spending the past few days recovering inside I cannot wait to get back out with both Mr A and the new little man to share a #BetterPlaces moment with all of us. Do you have a special place you can go to when your feeling little overwhelmed or your mind is a bit foggy?

“This #BetterPlaces post is in support of the Syndol Find Your Better Place campaign with BritMums. Syndol is now formulated for headaches. Visit for online resources with information about headaches and how to restore calm in your life.”


  1. What a lovely post. There's a park near me that I go to when things get a bit too much and I need somewhere calm to sit and think x

    1. Oh thats lovely to hear Stephanie :)
      Laura x

  2. Completely with you on the power of nature - actually, even just going outside works for us when things are a bit testy x

  3. What a beautiful restorative place to visit. I agree with you too on the power of nature.

  4. nothing beats getting outdoors to make me feel better and restore some calm!

  5. Woodland or the sea are guaranteed to make me feel calmer and more at peace with everything. Getting outside is the best thing you can do x #countrykids

  6. That looks like a lovely place to explore. It is amazing what a difference getting out and about in the open air can make

  7. It looks like you were having a great time there, I am lucky to live in 220 acres of countryside and woodland so I can restore myself literally outside my door. Mich x #countrykids

  8. He looks very at home up on that tractor there. Bodmin Moor or the beach are my escapes. I walked the moor with my eldest today as he had a baker day from collage. Like you we all need some space and fresh air. Thak you for sharing your special place on Country Kids

  9. Anywhere outside restores my calm although the beach is my favourite

  10. What a lovely place, we have somewhere like this too. Nothing like a bit if fresh air to make you all feel better 😀

  11. I agree, a bit of fresh air and some sunshine make such a big difference. Lovely photos #CountryKids

  12. I'm with you, I believe in the healing power of nature too. Love the photos, your little one is the cutest :) #Countrykids.

  13. It looks lovely there. The countryside is my favourite place to go to just breathe and relax.


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