Styling up your new kitchen

I love these bar stools and drop down lampshades (image)

The kitchen is an expensive room. From the jazzy appliances to the little extra bits and bobs you can’t quite live without, this will always mean the cost ends up skyrocketing. It can also be a tad too clean cut for my liking and can often do with an injection of personality.

If you have everything in place in your new kitchen, but there happens to be something missing (that “je nais se quoi”) then what can you do?

Go bold!

Don’t be afraid to insert even more of an impact. Kitchens often adopt neutral colours and delicate patterns, and there is a reason for it. Dark, dingy kitchens are not going to inspire the culinary goddess within you but this doesn’t mean your kitchen should fade into the background, just becoming another room.

Going bold with lettering can be really fun 

Why not try something striking for that boring back wall? For something a little different, massive lettering makes a simple and dominant feature. It’s contemporary and homely at the same time! The holy grail of home decoration.

The easiest way to get your hands on some brilliant lettering is Jonny’s Sister. Each letter costs from £6.95 up to £24 and you can choose a bold san serif or subtle serif design. The best thing about this is it can be completely unique to your kitchen. Maybe an inside joke, lyric, poem or word that truly epitomises your home and those of you in it.

Adopt tricks of the trade

There are certain little tips, straight from the designers, that you can opt for. They often cost very little or nothing as well:

One or two bursts of colour; instead of investing in many appliances of the same or similar hue, just pick three maximum dotted around your kitchen. They make a much bolder statement. Just remember, this works best if the rest of your kitchen is in a neutral tone.

Adding bursts of colour can transform any kitchen (image)

The rules of accessorising; go as follows, odd numbers! For some reason, grouping your accessories in odd number (three in particular) is aesthetically pleasing. Things do come in threes…

Think about the positioning; items of varying heights and sizes are much more pleasing as well as stacking and positioning at a gauntly edge.

Focus on lighting; lighting is important in any room of your home but none more so than your kitchen. With many nooks and crannies, you can get experimental. Try placing within cabinets, underneath worktops or spotlights in each corner to give the illusion of more space

I love this cute colander light (image)

Bring the outdoors in

In a room where you spend most of your time, it makes sense to transform it into something completely and utterly unique. With a family, you can pick up mementos here, there and everywhere; shells from the beach, postcards from abroad, shrubbery from a woodland walk. You can incorporate these into your kitchen.

For starters, potted plants for the empty corners and an herb garden on the shelf add life and colour. You can decorate them individually for a personal touch too.

Wall hangings that include the bits and bobs you’ve picked up on your travels are also a completely distinctive and sentimental ways to insert that all-important personality.

If all else fails, fresh flowers make a huge difference. 

Everyone knows I love having fresh flowers in the home

Nifty Storage Options

Lots of clutter needs lots of storage. The good news for you is there are plenty of options when it comes to the kitchen.

Kitchens have a notorious amount of ‘stuff’ so you need to get clever. Your storage doesn’t need to be solely storage but an extension on your theme. Classic cool kitchen styles would look perfect with wicker elements, especially boxes that can be neatly kept on the top of your cabinets or stacked in the corner. If wicker is a little traditional for your modern look kitchen, personalised tin canisters, pots and buckets will give you the finishing touches.

This is a collaborated post

Street Sunday Style: The Kids Edition

thrifty style
The very stylish Victoria from The Owl and Accordion 

Hi, Vicky here! Laura’s off on a little break, so I’m helping to fill in while she’s away – today I’m bringing a good dose of colour and pattern to Side Street Style with my usual Sunday Style post, and this week it’s all about the kids.

Autumn is pretty much here already; although the weather is still good in our part of the country (no winter coats coming out of the cupboard just yet!), the leaves are starting to turn and there’s a definite chill in the air in the morning.

A new season is a great excuse to grab a few new pieces for the kiddos, and there are some great things about at the moment; I’ve been loving the Donna Wilson for John Lewis range (there were some great sewing accessories and tote bags for adults, but that’s another post!), and Tootsa MacGinty have produced some amazing tops and jumpers which are all completely gender free and happily unisex as usual. We’re all about relaxed, colourful and quirky style in our house, so the Little Bird range at Mothercare is another one that I always buy from – I love the retro, classic style to everything, and it’s another label that makes great clothes that can be worn by both boys and girls. 

autumn kids style
Things included in the picture, from top left: Zig-zag Sweater: Donna Wilson for John Lewis // Bear T-Shirt : Tootsa MacGinty // Glitter Sneakers : H&M // Cat Leggings and Tree Leggings: Donna Wilson for John Lewis // Cat Bag : H&M // Cloud Sweater : Tootsa MacGinty // Skirt : Little Bird at Mothercare // Blue Shoes : Little Bird at Mothercare // Bobble Hat: Mothercare // Rainbow T-Shirt: Little Bird at Mothercare // Jeans : H&M // Sneakers : H&M // Pom-Pom Bag : Zara )

I don’t often buy from Zara, as there isn’t a shop near me, but they’ve got an amazing collection for Autumn and Winter online at the moment; these t-shirts are incredible, and I love the pom-pom bag featured above. Also, this mask hat is amazing!

It’s been lovely to have a change of scenery, and big thanks to Laura for having me, but I’ll be back over at The Owl and the Accordion this week with more clothes, crafts and interiors. Hope to see you there! 

The Owl and the Accordion

Mr A and I last Autumn, cannot believe a who year has flown by. Rocking my HM parker and thrifted demin skirt

As always you can join in with myself and Natalie from Style me Sunday for the Street Style Sunday linkup - anything fashion related goes

Etsy Wishlist by TigerLilly Quinn

beautiful dress
The lovely Fritha from TigerLillyQuinn

Hello! I'm Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn sharing a little guest post for the lovely Laura whilst she is on her holibobs! 

I've done an Etsy wish list. I think mainly because I've had little time to spend over there, but on a rare evening of freedom this week I found myself trawling though yet more beautiful items to add to my 'one day' shopping basket. Rock and roll ey?

I though I'd do a travel themed 'wish list' because y'know, holiday! So let's start with:

New Adventure’ journal I love that this can be used as a note book for your travels or just as a chapter of a new stage of your life!

new adventure

floral print

I love anything with a vintage floral print and this is just perfect! Look at those colours! 

Wall art

One of the places that is top of my wish list to go day one day

and lastly this locket, isn’t it just perfect? To remind you of all the places in the world that you can visit!

map locket

Thanks for having me Laura!


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