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Transforming your conservatory into a stylish space

Home interior

It's official we have started the property search for what will hopefully be our long-term home and a place we can feel settled. What we are looking for in the next property we buy is potential, the potential to add value, space and to be able to make our own.

The last two properties have both needed work so that is not an issue, as long as we can adjust the layout to suit our needs then it's worth all the hard work and sweat to make it something special. There are a few things on our checklist such as outdoor space, two receptions rooms and preferable a family room that can bring the outside in and a conservatory would be perfect for that.

Conservatories can sometimes get a bad wrap, some people may perceive them as outdated or limited in it's use but this could not be more untrue, if done properly they can be really stylish spaces that add value to your property as well as creating a somewhere you want to spend time in all year round.

nature in the home

1. Bring the outdoors in - if there is one room that is perfect for bringing nature into the home a conservatory is it. Plants are a great way to inject a little bit of colour into a space as well as creating a smooth flow from outside in with matching earthy tones being pleasing to the eye. You can also get creative with how you display different plants and flowers such as using some glass hanging baskets also allowing the natural light to pass through them.

2. Dress up your windows - windows really are the main focus of a conservatory and should not be overlooked, as they are what make this room special and different from the rest of the house. You should always invest in good quality blinds such as specialist ones from Thomas Sanderson. The main benefit for going with a company that specialises in conservatory blinds is that they are made to fit as well as having over 1000 options in different colours and being energy efficient they help regulate the temperature in the room. 

Laura Ashley
Laura Ashley designer blinds

3. Use a natural palette - Conservatories are naturally very light and airy and you don't want to detract from that with anything too loud or overbearing so stick to more neutral shades such as Duck Egg or French Grey. These work well with the outdoor tones of your garden creating a a calm and tranquil space. Personally I would recommend looking at the Laura Ashely paint collection which I have used many times in my own home, this can be paired up perfectly with the Laura Ashely conservatory blinds such as the beautiful ones in the image above. 

energy saving blinds

4. Creating an All-season space - as I have mentioned earlier in this post some people may be under the impression that conservatories are only really used for a limited time of the year, such as spring and autumn when it is not too hot or too cold. It's true that some lower quality conservatories can get very cold in winter and unbearably hot in summer which is why it's firstly important to invest in a conservatory that is well made from a reputable company as well as temperature controlling blinds which can make a huge difference. The Duette® energy saving blinds really do make your conservatory an all year round room fit for any purpose with it's double-layered cellular function that not only reduces heart but also has high sound absorbing qualities making your room as place of peace and relaxation.

rattan furniture

5. Style with natural textures and furniture - a Conservatory really is a special place and somewhere you can break the rules a little bit more and style it in a way thats different to the rest of the house. Keeping in with the natural flowing theme of the outside in I would recommend looking at hard-wearing wicker or rattan furniture that is not only stylish but also perfect for a family home as it's robust and the platted feature also works well with pleated blinds. When it comes to carpet and flooring the same can apply with options such as coir or sisal which will also match the earthy tones of the outdoors. 

As with any room in the house a conservatory should be given as much time and effort into it styling and furnishing as any other space. This will create a natural flow from the rest of the house and not only add value to your property but a room that you can really enjoy any time of the year.

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The Happy Now

life lately

So every month or so I like to go back through my instagram and pick out a few of our favourite memories, the days or moments that made us smile. As they say one picture can mean a thousand words and I think that is so true.

1. We discovered a secret picnic spot and garden near Cardiff which the boys love, it's full of amazing flowers and is lovely and quiet.
2. Reflecting on one of our favourite pieces in the house - this wooden peace sign was the first thing John and I bought together before having kids, for a house that would become a home.
3. We spent a beautiful sunny day strolling around the streets of the Welsh market town -Brecon. We also enjoyed a gentle paddle boat trip down the river Usk.
4. We have been trying to make small green and ethical changes to our lifestyle so I picked up this Keep Cup which is a barista quality glass coffee cup to use on the go, instead of using non-recyclable cups from high-street coffee shops.
5. We finally found time to check out the new Lido in Pontypridd park, the boys loved swimming outdoors and the retro feel of the place is great.
6. John and I went on a very rare date lunch at Wahaca which is just what we needed and this espresso and Mexican hot chocolate combo was a great way to end a wonderful meal.
7. I feel in love with these black and gold wall paper at Locke and Remedy in Cardiff (which also happens to serve amazing pizza) Baby G was less keen.
8. We enjoyed a lovely fathers day in Cardiff, John took my eldest to the cinema while I managed a little bit of shopping before we enjoyed a nice meal together as a family.
9. Earlier this month we ventured over the bridge into England and a fantastic day spent exploring the SS Great Britain and Bristol harbour, which I will share in a bigger post soon.


Eye of the beholder

Wow it's been a bit of a manic week after an exciting Fathers Day last weekend and getting ready for a little adventure in London this weekend, time has just flown by but I did manage to pop into town and visited on go my favourite shops - Tiger Store and came across these fun sunglasses and couldn't resist picking them up. If anyone is wondering what they say - beauty is in the eye of the beholder - which I think is so true and reminds me that you need to be yourself, love yourself and have fun when it comes to personal style.

Also following on from trying to inject some more ethical style into my wardrobe I picked up this green organic vest from H&M conscious collection and paired it up with my M&S jacket and Karen Millen trousers and Superga shoes which are my go to trainers when running around the city or with my kids. I'm also really looking forward to seeing some friends, old and new at Britmums this weekend so do come and say hi if your there.

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