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Fathers Day Kisses with #TeamTickly #AD

We are really excited to be collaborating with Braun and that when it comes to fathers day gifts it's really the thought that counts and the simple things such as hugs and kisses that mean the most.

John has had a beard since before our eldest, who is now 5yrs old, was born. He once shaved it off when Mr A was two and he was so distraught and upset and refused to get close to Joh, since then he has never been without a beard. It's all that both of the boys have known and at times Johns beard has been very big, in fact looking back at our holiday in Brussels a few years back it was huge and Mr A loved running his fingers through it.

I am really grateful for the amazing relationship John has with both of our sons and the absolutely adore him, he never leaves the house without giving them both a big hug and kiss and we measure our love through experiences, quality family time and the simply things such as being affectionate or finding time to read a book together, make a craft or enjoy our super as a family of four.

John and Mr A sharing a secret in Brussels 

John has gone back and forth with the idea of shaving it all off but if you asked Mr A what he thinks well it's simply not an option, to him his Dad is a man with a beard and he wouldn't have it any other way, especially as it's so nice and tickly. A recent survey revealed that children are in one of two camps when it comes to facial hair with either a soft clean shaven Dad or a tickly bearded one and with no surprise that stubble was the least popular. Braun luckily have a solution for both camps with the Series 3 Shaver giving a very close clean shave or the Beard trimmer for a perfectly groomed beard.

With John being a barber it's important to him look after his appearance, including his beard, so he was looking forward to putting the Braun Beard trimmer to the test. He felt that the ergonomically-designed dial gave the user easy control over length meaning you could achieve the exact trim length you wanted. It also comes with lifetime lasting sharp blades, is washable and easy to clean plus charges up very quickly.

The great thing is even though John went down a little shorter than normal with his beard, both the boys loved it and I wanted to create a little video that captured those little moments between father and son were words are not needed, just love.

We have been working with Britmums and Braun on the #TeamSoft vs #TeamTickly campaign about hoe Braun ensures that nothing gets in the way of enjoying Daddy kisses this Fathers Day . See the products that work for you wether your #TeamSoft or #TeamTickly 


Sunday Style - Black pattern dress

leather jacket

I am slowly switching up my wardrobe with a few practical pieces as I am still breast-feeding baby G although he is going for longer periods during the day time and recently John and I managed a quick little lunch date so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to wear this little patterned black dress from H&M. I have never been a huge dress wearer, perhaps because I have always found them restrictive in some way but this dress is perfect for me as it's loose fitting, very soft and I love the side pockets and I could easily wear this all day.

street style

Black and monochrome have always been natural choices for myself but I am always looking at ways to add some colour or extra dimension to an outfit such as this pattern and have paired it up with a geometric necklace from Top Shop, Jacket from M&S, Gold slip-ons from Zara and a Ralph Lauren Bag, for an easy casual springtime look.

Sunday street style

Some of you may have also noticed an added accessory - my glasses. I have been experiencing headaches for a few months and have been struggling to focus on the screen while working so I made an appointment with an Optometrist and it turns out I am long sighted as well as having a Stigmatism. I thought picking a pair of glasses would be a doddle but when you have never really worn them before it's actually quite hard, in the end I opted for these rounder more vintage style as well as a moe square pair. I did a little vlog about my new hair and glasses, check it out below.


Little Adventures and Life Lately

family adventure

So it has been a bit quieter than usual on this blog of late and there are three main reasons for that
One - We all came down with a horrible virus which we are still not completely over yet but feeling far better than we were. Two - my laptop has been out of action for a week - that may not seem a lot but when your living depends on being online then a week a very long, especially when you have loads of work to do, thankfully it's now fixed. Three - we have been on a mini adventure across the English channel to France.

So I thought to touch base I would share a these four little snaps of our mini break away to Northern France. We have been to France before with our eldest on the Eurostar but this time drove from Cardiff down to Dover and took the P&O ferry across and there is something really wonderful about travelling by sea. We stayed a Hotel Du Park which was an easy 45mins drive from Calais and next to the coast near a small village of Hardelot where we come across a vintage carousel. The hotel was really fantastic and I will share much more about it in a post very soon, as well as exploring Nausicaa Aquarium while we were there.

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