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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Are you still running around searching for a few unique and original gifts for your loved ones this Christmas? Well look no further as I have an array of ideas from pocket money budget gifts to larger luxury ones. Don't forget you have until the 21st for first class postage and the 22nd for special delivery.

Gifts for Her

Ladies Gift Guide

1. Parks Winter Wonders Candle £30
2. Oral-B Genius 9000 Electric toothbrush £89.99
3. Pukka Christmas Collecting Tin £9.98
4. Charles Conrad Rose Gold Mesh Watch £199
5. Orla Kiely Swirl Poppy Juco Bag £9.99
6. Abbot Lyon Entwine Bangle starts at £29
7. Instax Mini £64.99
8. TIANA Organics Rose Coconut Anti-Ageing Moisturiser £17.99
9. Hema Weekly Diary £6
10. Puck Wanderlust Moon Mandala £40
11. Gear4 Victoria Geometric for iPhone £35
12. Nivea Shimmering Skin £12
13. BuyAGift Superwoman smart box £49

Next up is the mens gift guide, I find often people struggle with what to get their other halfs, Dads or siblings so here are a few fun ideas. There are also a few organic and ethical choices below so do check them out.

mens gifts

1. The Poppy Shop Christmas Jumper £24.99
2. Thought - Collection of notes notebook £2
3. Soap Daze Black pepper and Ginger soap £8
4. Patagonia backpack £65
5. No7 Men Anti Ageing bundle £55
6. Bo Wireless headphones £249
7. Patagonia Let My People Go Surfing book £16
8. Roxi Electric Jukebox £149 
9. Desktop Arcade Machine £22.99
10. Natural Himalayan Salt Rock £13
11. Mens Jord wooden watch £162
12. Keep Cup from £8

My mini kids guide has a collection of wooden toys mixed with modern technology as well as gifts that offer an educational dimension to them while still being fun and engaging for young children. 

Kids Christmas gift guide

1. Children Medication from the heart from £3
2. Fracture Skateboard from £49.99
3. Wooden Bunny Racer £16
4. Snazaroo Mini Face Paint Kit £2.99
5. Newbie Organic Hat £12
6. RCA Mercury Android Tablet £39.99
7. Drumming Solider pull-along £18.99
8. T-Rex knitted Dinosaur from £14.95
9. Little people Big Dreams Amelia Earhart £9.99
10. Hema Set of Wooden Blocks £12
11. Tumball Bead Stacking Game £17.99
12. Rio Milkshake Quad Skates £69.95
13. Deep Space Planetarium £22.99
14. Grimms Earth Blocks £21.95


Gift Ideas when buying for couples

Drinks for two

When it comes to buying a gift for a couple it can be two times as difficult (if not more!) trying to please two people at the same time with one thing is a big ask but not impossible. If you do manage get the gift right, then you’ll kill 2 birds with one stone which can potentially save you some money and stress.

As you get older purchasing gifts for couples becomes more of a regular thing as friends start to settle down and buying a wonderful gift for a couple that’s close to you can sometimes be tricky, since in most cases you’ll tend to know one person better than the other, so while you know how to make one person happy you will be less sure for the other. Well after a few years of having to navigate this situation myself I've decided to put a few helpful, original and amazing gift ideas together that I perfect for two.

Before we dive head first into these suggestions though it's not only Christmas that you may have to purchase a couples gift but also anniversaries, engagement parties, weddings or a new home so I've tried to find suitable ideas for all of these situations.

date lunch

Food’s up

For a special occasion it is always lovely to be treated to some fine dining, especially when you’re not the one that will be picking up the bill! And that’s why a gift voucher that’ll see them eating at their favourite restaurant or trying out somewhere totally new will be more than welcome. A romantic meal for two will give them the chance to enjoy some quality time together too.

If you would like to get them a foodie gift but want something a little different than a trip to a restaurant, then what about a sumptuous gift hamper, check my recent foodie hamper post for more ideas. Filled to the brim with their favourite treats and tipples, they’ll love this decadent gift that’ll let them feast in the comfort of their own home. We particularly recommend this type of gift for either Christmas or to celebrate moving in to a new home.


Just the two of us

With work, social and family life, it can sometimes be difficult for couples to make space in their schedules to enjoy some quality time together. This is so important for relationship happiness though, so why not encourage it with a gift that’ll see them spending time together without outside distractions. For a truly generous gift that they’re never going to forget, then we recommend a mini break away with a night or two in a beautiful country hotel. They can enjoy gorgeous surroundings, rambling country walks, delicious food and all without those mundane daily tasks.

In the same vein although on a slightly smaller scale (helpful particularly if they’ve got small children), what about a half day together at a local spa? Generously paid for by you, they can enjoy some seriously indulgent pampering together and are sure to leave feeling rested and relaxed. We enjoyed a lovely indulgent afternoon tea and spa treatment day last year as a couples date and really enjoyed it, highly recommended if you have children and just need a mini break. 

Wedding date

Hands on

Perhaps they always stick to the same routine, in which case, it could be time for you to shake it up a little, and what could be more novel than having them take a class together? And with such an endless choice, you’re easily going to find something that they’ll both enjoy. From pottery classes to sushi-making, acting, dancing, rock climbing and a whole lot more, this is a lovely way to have them spend some time together whilst also learning something new.

Snug as a bug

Most serious couples these days move in together whether they’re intending to get married or not, so a failsafe present can be something for their home. Maybe they’ve been talking about how they need this or that, or about how the place is looking a bit bare. And this is where you can step in with a lovely home gift.

Soft furnishings, wall art, furniture, lighting – have a good think about what would look just right in their home and that they’d both love. One of our favourite types of home gifts has to be a printed canvas with a prized family picture. It’ll be light enough for any wall (even in rented accommodation it can be attached with sticky strips) and it is a lovely way to celebrate their relationship.


Buying gifts for couples should be fun and leave you anticipating the great big smiles they’re going to have upon opening it. And even if you don’t have much time for trawling the shops, head online instead where it’s obviously quick and easy. If you were a fan of our tips and suggestions here, then we really recommend that you check out these gift ideas at Groupon too. They’ve got plenty of gift options to suit any couple, and of course all you have to do is click to buy. With exciting gifts like trips away and those fun classes we mentioned, you’re going to seriously impress any couple with your gift giving skills!

Couple love


Winter Comforts - 5 Reasons why a soak in the bath is good for you

Vintage bath

Taking a bath has always been about more than just getting clean, to me is about have 5 minutes to myself, to enjoy a moment of calm and can contribute to your wellbeing. Can you think of anything more relaxing than having a hot bubble bath in the colder months? Warm water has, of course, long been associated with health and wellbeing. In fact, hydrotherapy goes back as far as ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times and the benefits of taking a bath have since been scientifically proven.

I was so glad when we moved home a few years back as we had rented briefly before hand in-between selling and moving and our rental didn't have a bathroom and I really felt like I was missing out on this simple pleasure .If your bathroom doesn’t currently feature a bathtub, you could be missing out big time. I spoke to a luxury bathroom company in Hove, East Sussex to find out why having a long soak in the tub is so beneficial for body, mind and soul. 

Aids restful sleep

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to fall asleep after a hot bath, particularly in the evening? When your body feels cold, your normal sleep pattern may be interrupted. A comfortably warm temperature, on the other hand, will help you fall asleep faster and sleep through the night with fewer disruptions. A good night’s sleep is associated with lots of health benefits, from pain recovery to immune system benefits, improved mood to mental alertness, and even weight management. 

Can Relieves aching joints

If you are suffering from musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis or other aches and pains, taking a hot bath can alleviate the symptoms and bring some much appreciated relief. Under water, your body weight disappears, while the blood circulation increases with the hot water temperature and relaxes muscles, reducing inflammation in the sensitive joints and blocking pain sensors. At the same time, the aching body can experience greater flexibility and a wider range of physical motion. Stretching and moving under water is an effective low-impact form of resistance exercise for joints, muscles and bones that can help with recovery from back, knee or other joint 

bath time

Reduces stress

With our modern 24/7 lifestyles, stress can be a major problem. But it’s when you’re particularly busy that it’s important to schedule in some ‘me time’ to switch off and recharge your batteries. Why not create a home spa, get some bath salts, a good books, close the door and just enjoy a mindful moment, this simple action of self care can really help your levels of stress and anxiety and improve your mood. Also by creating a space you feel relaxed and comfortable in is also key, so do check out my post about how to create a unique bathroom.

Improves the condition of your skin 

The human body consists nearly of 70% water, which is why proper hydration is essential. According to official sources, we should be drinking 1-2 litres of water every day, but soaking in it is also very beneficial. Taking a hot bath is a great way to keep the body properly hydrated and your skin optimally moisturised as the hot water opens the pores, causing you to sweat out toxins. You can enhance the skin benefits of your bath by adding bath oils or bath salts into the water and here are a few ideas on making your own . 

Alleviates cold and flu symptoms

A hot, steamy bath may be just the thing to bring relief to cold and flu symptoms. There is some scientific evidence to suggest that a raised body temperature will help your body fight cold and flu viruses, which is what a hot bath will achieve. What’s more, if you have a blocked nose, sitting in a hot bath and breathing in the steam will work wonders to clear the congestion, particularly if you add menthol or eucalyptus oils into the bathwater. Sufferers of sinus and cluster headaches, please also take note.

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