It's the little things in life...

bicycle print
Having short hair was way more niggle free than my longer style - tempted to go back to the pixie style 

There's a fine art to looking like you're in control and sometimes it is the most insignificant things that can really start to bug you, especially if you're a busy mum.

When you've managed to leave the house, avoiding any full length mirrors on the way, there's the usual dash to the bus stop. However, it's generally around this time that those little things start to wield their power. How exactly do you get onto a bus in a dignified manner when it pulls up with half a mile's gap between it and the curb?

At this point, the exact moment when you are least able to do anything about it you'll realise that the those brand new trainer socks have decided to wriggle down under your ankles so they're now competing with your toes for space. Ah, life's little niggles! What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, apparently...

We all have our own pet hates that can turn a relaxed smile into a grimace. As this video bears testament to, women from all walks of life experience niggles on a daily basis.

Thankfully there's one niggle that we can now wave goodbye to - the uncomfortable bra. It doesn't matter how much you've paid for it at some point you will discover that for the next 8 hours you're going to be stuck in a loop of readjusting, tightening, loosening and rib digging.

With their new Magic Wire Bra, Triumph have resolved this universal niggle and have also launched a whole niggle fix campaign to banish our other irks. Offering all the support that you would expect from an underwired bra, the Magic Wire Bra from Triumph also comes with added comfort. It’s designed to enhance the shape of every woman and has swapped the classic wire for silicone. The result is a bra that's not only comfortable to wear but looks great too!

feet in water
By not letting those little niggles get in the way means lots of fun time for Mr A and I

Knowing that caring is sharing, Triumph are encouraging the UK's women to list their own niggles and find solutions. Try tweeting yours with #nigglefix on Twitter or their Facebook page and see what happens.

They've partnered with The Huffington Post to provide some entertaining contributions from comedians and other celebs too so you might just find an easy solution to something that's been bugging you for years from someone very interesting!

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Forest School Adventures

campfire fun

So last friday we had a mini road trip to Bristol, which to be fair is only 45 minutes away and we love popping over to that side of the bridge especially for something as fun as a morning spent in the forest with some other lovely bloggers and Wild Foresters the organisers of the Halloween themed Forest school morning.

outdoor classroom

The venue - Wraxell Piece Woodland can be quite tricky to find and it did take a few people a while to get there but once we had all arrived it was only a short work to the little outdoor classroom which already had a small campfire going. The children were then handed some sheets with various objects to find such as sticks, pumpkin colour leafs, twigs etc and Mr A really enjoyed this mini challenge before having some biscuits and marshmallows around the fire.

forest school


marshmallows over fire

For those who don't know much about Forest School basically it's very popular in places like Denmark which have shown that going out into the forest at a young age on a regular basis is a very healthy and positive thing to do as well as the perfect place to learn about nature and your surroundings as well as literacy, maths and various skills.

freerange toddler

childhood outdoors

The session only lasted around an hour and a half but it gave a lot of opportunities of the children to run around and play under some stick dens, take part in a mini treasure hunt, collect sticks and basically enjoy nature. After our lovely morning in the woods we decided to head over to Ashton Court were the kids played for hours, it was one of those blissful days full of simple pleasures and it was lovely to catch up with Adele, Carolin and Liska.

forest school

mother and daughter

Wild Foresters are running some lovely Halloween theme days during half term for children from 2-8yrs old and from just the short time we spent with them I recommend this as it's a wonderful way to spend a day outdoors having fun, they also do Kids birthdays which I am going to keep in mind for next year.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Street Style Sunday - Boys Club

Pumpkin patch jacket
Mr A wears Pumpkin Patch jacket and t-shirt, Name it trousers and Vans mid-tops

So this week I thought it was a bit long overdue since we had a Boys Club post and with the season changing so are what they are wearing. Mr A has been enjoying a few new pieces from House of Fraser who set me a challenge to put an outfit together for under £50 which we managed to do as they have an amazing kids selection and feel this outfit is perfect for an active day outside or a playdate with friends. I thought we would go with a autumn shade and we both love these Name It slim leg trousers. Also Mr A has recently discovered Camo and Army print and sometimes that can be little bit over the top but this very light camo Pumpkin Patch t-shirt is not in anyway overbearing but still very fun, as is the light but warm Pumpkin Patch jacket

Menswear style
John wears Patagonia top, Ralph Lauren Jeans and Vera shoes

John is also really enjoying the slightly colder climate as he is very much a long sleeve, layered or jacket kind of guy. He has been going on about picking something up from the outdoor brand Patagonia which we both love and came across this Rugby style striped jumper which he picked up from Pavilion, a local menswear store in Cardiff as he is a great support of small local businesses. He is also wearing the British shoe Brand Vera, the founder actually use to have a clothing store in Cardiff before focusing on shoes.

patagonia top

As always I am joining up with the lovely Natalie at Style Me Sunday to bring you Street Style Sunday linky where you can join in with any fashion related posts.


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