Solving an interior challenge with a bedroom makeover

After doing a social media shout out to my followers and having a great response, I was really excited to be working with young couple Rhian and Gareth, who have only recently moved into their first home and need some help in turning their uninspiring bedroom into a place that showcases their personalities and brings a little bit more style and colour into their home.

They are planning their wedding later this year and have no budget to do anything with their bedroom which made the makeover that little bit more special. I discussed with them what they wanted to achieve and we put together and inspiration board of ideas. We also discussed simple storage ideas as there was a little bit of an issue with clutter.

“By simply organising books and beauty products into stylish storage cases it really makes the room feel more streamline and spacious.”

bedroom makeover
Bedroom before the makeover

We were really excited to see what we would find at HomeSense and went in with an open mind and ended up being really spoilt for choice. The main focus of the room was of course the bed so we went with stylish designer bedding that had a lovely Moroccan style print which is a huge trend this season. Some new pillows and cases were also purchased, as well as a chic new lamp, storage boxes, a vase, candles, picture frames and books to add those personal touches.

bedroom makeover
Stylish bedroom after the makeover 

Overall the bedroom look really fresh and inviting and all the pieces worked really well together. It brought in some colour without clashing and created a sense of order and calm in the room. Rhian and Gareth loved the experience and found HomeSense to be a real treasure trove of unique and inspiring pieces.

Next week, I'll be spending an afternoon at my local HomeSense store in Cardiff, so pop on over to my HomeSense Inspiration Day on Tuesday 29th April between 1-3pm! You can also see the article on Huffington Post 

Rhian was really happy with the results

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How to stay within budget when travelling with kids

train adventure
Train trips are always fun with the little man

In Mr A's three years we have already been lucky enough to do a few adventures, some short city breaks and others a week away in a rural cottage or camping at a festival and travelling with a toddler is an adventure in itself and we have learnt a lot along the way. Being savvy travellers anyway, especially when I managed to stretch £1500 into pretty much 2 years on the road I thought I would put some key tips to the test when it came to travelling with Children.

Mr A and I having some high speed train fun

Of course now it's slightly different not only because we have a child but because we are no longer travelling as individuals but as a family and couple. I am pretty happy to stay in backpackers or couch surfing (personally have had AMAZING experiences doing this) while John prefers more comforts and luxury but we have to be realistic and come to a middle ground that works for both of us and our son.

Welsh adventure
Us outside Raglan Castle during a trip to Mid-Wales

So here are out top tips

1. Research Accommodation - We have stayed in some amazing hotels in cities but we never spend more than £100 a night for all of us, this does not mean however we go for low end budget, oh no, for example when we stayed in Z Hotels right in the heart of London Soho, we had a small but stylish room in an equally chic boutique hotel for around £90 and by researching reviews on places like trip advisor I was pretty confident of what to expect and it was perfect for a quick night away. The basis of this is ALWAYS research hotels and check out various reviews, look for customers photos, this way you have a clear idea of what your getting yourself into and making sure your not spending money on a dive, this works equally well for backpackers too.

hanging chair
Me chilling in the courtyard at Hotel Z

2. Find Free Sights - every city has an array of free sights and activities and it's always worth making a list of these before you leave. We always try and make a trip to an outdoor space, like a park to run off some steam and enjoy the outdoors and most destinations have lovely open spaces, especially in Europe, that are very inspiring and free.

3. Know the Cost - If you are planning to go to vista sights and attractions that have an admission charge it's a good idea to know exactly what it's going to cost you before going so your not heading for any nasty surprises. London does 2 for 1 on may popular attractions for those who travel to the city on the train and in Europe there are often free days at museums once a month.

creative festival
Mr A enjoying some free creative fun at Wychwood Festival

4. Always Carry Water - buying drinks out and about can become very expensive and unnecessary especially when carrying a bottle of water on you at all times mean's you can stay hydrated on the go. In hotels where the water is safe to drink or at designated water fountains work as perfect places for filling up your bottle, otherwise picking up a few from a local supermarket still always works out cheaper and when children get thirsty they get thirsty.

5. Always Carry a quick bite - This really will save you money! If your staying in a hotel with breakfast make sure you eat enough to feel full (don't stuff yourself but be comfortable) than carry around quick snakes which will get you too lunchtime without having to stop and pick something up. We usually always have no-perishables on us such as dried fruit, nuts, naked bars and fruit pots, most of which are child friendly and it's great to be able to sit down in a park and pull out a cereal bar and some fruit, re-energise and enjoy the moment.

rural wales
Enjoying a lovely winter walk on our week break in rural Wales

Putting the fun into kids bedroom interiors

stylish kids room

A child's bedroom should be a place of wonder and whimsy, a place where imagination can flourish and fun is the name of the game. It needs to be approached in a different way to other rooms in the house and you need to realise that it's a place to play and things don't need to be perfect. In the past two years we have gone through three house moves, renovating and redecorating and our first port of call has always been Mr A's room as it was important he felt comfortable in his space.

I always get really excited when I see quirky and cool items that just screams fun but is also chic and stylish and perfect for an inspiring children's bedroom and interior. So when I came across these playful and colourful wall pieces from Urbanara I just knew this would go straight on my list of things to get for Mr A's room. They are handmade with wool felt and made using an appliqué design, there are six different animals heads to choose from, my favourite being the woodland inspiration that is Mr Fox as well as the African Giraffe and Elephant.

chic kids interior

Don't be scared to mix bold colours and unusual patterns together, just don't go over the top in terms of over stimulation and clutter as less is always more and start with a white base and layer on top of that to create a magical interior for your child.

quirky pillows

It's the small touches and finishes that make up a room and I really love these beautiful hand woven pillow cases with cute little appliqués on them, from African designs to Anchors, they would fit perfectly with the animal wall decorations and if your looking for some unique lighting check out the Whale print lampshade or ethically produced and handwoven pendant which is made from recycled straw and plastic and would light up a kids room beautifully.

ethical lamp shade

kids lamp shade

The main thing to remember when styling and decorating a child's bedroom is it's not like an adults bedroom, there needs to be a fun factor to it and it's a great opportunity to take risks and bring some colour into the home.

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