Bringing Colour Theory into Everyday Life and Interiors

Bringing colour into the home can be a fun and creative process (image)

Have you ever noticed how throwing on a brightly coloured top or a slick of red lipstick can help cheer you up on a gloomy day? Colour can have a direct impact on our mood, which makes it important to choose the right themes for your interiors. Different colours can evoke specific reactions. For example, painting your kitchen red may cause you to eat more, while painting a child’s room bright yellow can leave him feeling agitated. Take a look at the basics of colour theory and how to use it to brighten up your daily life!

Colour can really effect your moods (image)

Putting the Colour Wheel to Work

Interior designers use the colour wheel to pick and choose colours that will work well together. It provides a nice visual of the basic colours, and how they blend. One popular way to use the colour wheel is to choose a complementary colour scheme. This involves using two colours that sit across from one another on the wheel, with one acting as the dominant colour and the opposite acting as the accent. This provides a high contrast in your home design. It’s helpful to brush up on your interior design basics to learn the ins and outs of blending colours in a home design scheme. You can study interior design from the comfort of your home with a number of online courses, if you’re new at it.


colour wheel
Colour Theory (image)

Colour Schemes for Different Rooms

Once you’ve taken a look at the colour wheel and how colours can be used to complement and balance one another, the next step is to look at the psychology behind them. Here are a few popular ways to bring living spaces to life with colour.

Kitchen: Warm tones like red and orange can be used to stimulate the appetite, making them popular colours for restaurants. They can also be used at home, but if you’re on a diet use them sparingly! Accent these warm hues with minimalistic splashes of black, white, and grey, to ground the colours and create a functional, cosy space.

modern kitchen
Bold red in the kitchen (image)

Bedrooms: Cooler colours like blue, green, and purple are popular for bedrooms. Green and blue are known to create a sense of peace and calm, which is conducive to a good night of sleep. For children, subtle pink, lavender, and lilac can be good choices as these are also calming tones. Avoid overusing primary colours, particularly bright yellow and red, because these can be too stimulating in the bedroom.


girls bedroom
Perfect for a girls bedroom (image)

Living Room: Earth tones like brown and rust provide a grounded, comforting atmosphere in the living room. Accent this with soothing botanical shades of green or warm shades of yellow and orange to create a positive, warm feeling.


living space
Earth tones brings calm into a living space (image)

Bathrooms: It’s hard to beat a clean, white palette for the bathroom. This not only makes a room seem larger, but it creates a feeling of calmness and tranquillity when paired with cooling greens and blues. White reflects the light, for a flattering effect that puts the emphasis on the occupant without a cluttered effect.

green bathroom
Love this simple bathroom with pops of green (image)

Putting it all Together

You don’t need to completely revamp your property to harness the power of colour theory in your daily life. A cheerful green set of throw pillows can create a soothing effect in your living room, while a fresh coat of white paint will perk up a tired bathroom. Bringing in new colours to your living space can create a more harmonious, comfortable environment for day to day life!

This is a collaborative post

Street Style Sunday - a Love of Clarks

Christmas fashion style
What I wore to the Clarks Press Day...Clarks brogues of course

I have to admit none of us have been 100% this week, we have managed until this point to ward off most colds but it seems like winter has finally caught up with us this week so we have been hibernating somewhat the past few days but that means I have finally had time to get around to blogging about the lovely Clarks Press Day I attended near the end of last year and showcased the summer styles coming 2015 and I totally feel in love with the silver Clarks Originals for kids (I really want a pair for myself!) Plus all the fun colours and patterns.

Cute baby shoes
Comic shoe

Silver clark shoes

Clarks Orla Kiely

We love Clarks in our household, I think it's because it's such a great British family brand and there is something for everyone. John has always been a keen collector of Clarks Originals and have a few mint pairs of Desert Boots that are more than 15 years old! I personally love their brogues, loafers and summer sandals plus the collaboration they are doing with Orla Kiely. When it came to Mr A it was obvious his first pair of shoes would come from Clarks and ever since then we have had at least one pair in his size going as they are so durable and totally toddler/young child proof.

Clarks family style
Mr A putting his Clarks wellies to good use and John wearing his YMC Clarks collaboration loafers
Shift dress
I love my Clark patent brogues

Would love you to come and join in with myself and the lovely Kerri-Ann and Natalie for Street Style Sunday linkup - anything fashion related goes, including what you and your kids are wearing or just what simply is inspiring you this week.

Free Range fun at Bluestones Resort

free range fun

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to have a 4 night break at Bluestones National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, a welcomed relaxing trip after the mania that was Christmas. Unfortunately John had to work but my mother was more than happy to come along which was lovely as both Mr A and I got to spend some quality time with both her before the baby arrives next month.

It took us just under two hours to reach Bluestone although we were in no rush and enjoyed driving along some pretty country lanes. Once we arrived and checked into our Ramsey Lodge it was already dark but that didn't stop us having a night time walk to explore our surroundings and get our bearings.

bike ride

Bluestones Wales

Bluestones Park

The next morning we were up bright and earlier as it was going to be the driest day of our stay. We walked down to the village where we enjoyed some fresh pastries from the bakery before having some fun in the treetops treehouse which is a little wooden playpark that encourages natural play and has some fun slides, bridges, ropes to climb and a stream running underneath which Mr A loved wading through. We then decided to have a walk around Bluestone Lake and came across the Bug Hotel which was of much interest to Mr A. We wanted to make as much use of the free range outdoor fun while it was dry and as always spend as much time in nature as possible.

family outdoor fun

running outdoors

After we had explored the village we took a lazy walk back up to the lodge for lunch, Bluestone is very hilly but a great place for walking and cycling. We had planned to only use bikes during our stay but as we knew two of the days were going to bring pretty heavy rain we decided to hire a buggy to get around so after lunch on our way to Blue Lagoon we picked one up. I was actually glad we had not pre-booked one as they were running a mid-week special for £40 to hire it from Mon-Friday and it turned out to be a really fun way to get around the Resort and Mr A couldn't get enough of riding around in it.

outdoor fun

Indoor Facilities

We enjoyed two evenings at Blue Lagoon swimming centre, which I have to say is great for kids and adults although do bring your own paddle boards for little ones. There is a lazy river which Mr A loved going round and round through, mainly on my back as well as the wave machine which happens around 2-3 times an hour. There is also a little toddler and baby section with very shallow water and a mini slide and rock pools. The only negative we had was there is not much for the in-between as Mr A was too small to go on the big slides and little to big for the baby one but he still really enjoyed it, as did I and couldn't wait to go back for more.

mini golf
Wild Wood Cafe Bluestones

On the Wednesday which was rather stormy and very wet we decided to see what The Adventure Centre had in store as well as giving us a chance to try out the Wild Wood Cafe for lunch, as we had been taking full advantage of the self-catering facilities up until that point. As soon as we stepped into the centre Mr A was drawn to the mini putt putt, it was the first time he had tried it and found it very exciting, we had a few rounds of it during the day and by the end he had really got the hang of it. He also enjoyed the lego station, ball pit, jumping castle and wooden treehouse and climbing frames. The Adventure centre is free but they also offer 4 more adrenaline options at a cost which included the sky trail, win, drop and wall, all of which Mr A was just a little to small for. but looked like a lot of fun and something I would love to bring him back to do at a later stage.

Wild wood cafe Bluestones

The Wild Wood Cafe had a lovely atmosphere and a large magical tree in the centre which was wonderful for kids. We sat upstairs in a little treehouse hideout while Mr A tried to spot the hidden fairies and birds in the tree. The staff were very friendly and we didn't have to wait too long for food, the only improvements I felt that could be made would be to have more healthy options on the menu especially for kids, although saying that Mr A did enjoy his cheese and tomato pizza which was a real treat. I opted for the Swamp soup and roll and my mother went for the Mushroom Rarebit. Also they only offered filter coffee in takeaway cups which is something that could be improved but we enjoyed our lunch and found it reasonable and Mr A loved the magical surroundings.


Bluestone is set within a beautiful location that is perfect for family walks, bicycle rides and outdoor fun. It's also not to far from the coast as well as some wonderful little Welsh villages, including Narberth which we went to on Thursday and I can't wait to share tat adventure with you in post soon.
There are a lot of extra activities which range from £7-£28 and if you had older kids I can imagine that it's very possible to spend a lot of money, however there was less for Mr A's age range but had it not been raining on the Wednesday we would of tried out the nature hunt which sounded really fun.
There is a variety of places to eat, from the very family friendly to a more upmarket affair in the form of Carreg Las which would be perfect for a kid-free evening out. You can also take advantage of the self catering facilities in the lodges or they even offer a takeaway service. The lodge was perfect, spotlessly clean and again will be doing a separate post about it very soon. Overall we really enjoyed our time, rain or shine and would recommend it for a relaxing break away.

Bring a touch - it's very dark at night
Bring either bikes or hire a buggy as it's a pretty spread out site. We did do a lot of walking and we were located near both the Villae, Blue Lagoon and Adventure centre but you could be placed on the authorised of the site which would be a pretty far trek each day.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

We were guests at Bluestones


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