3 Tips on Improving Your Smile

laughing in the street
Smiling really does make you feel better

If you ever wanted to do something positive for someone else, there is an easy solution. Smile. Very few things have the same impact as that of a bright beautiful smile. Your smile conveys warmth, happiness, and confidence, all of which are things that are worthy of spreading around.

Your smile says a lot about you and your personality, even to virtual strangers. After all, first impressions really do matter. Besides the way you dress and your overall appearance, people often judge you by your facial expressions. You've probably seen people smiling awkwardly or nervously betraying their lack of confidence. You don't want to be one of those people, do you?

Unless you've been blessed with naturally straight and white teeth which I am not, chances are you probably have something you want to change about your teeth. Are your teeth crooked? Do you have gaps in between them? Are they a little more yellow than you would like? Fortunately, these cosmetic dental problems can be fixed quite easily with at-home kits or a few in-office visits. Want to know more? Teeth whitening, veneers and braces are all effective and popular methods of enhancing your smile.

teeth and smile

My teeth to be honest are one of my biggest confidence knock backs, I have always had a few issues - the most recent is a crown that broke off and still needs to be repaired - I feel like everyone is staring at it even though I know that it's near the back and I am probably over thinking it, but in the next year I would like to make some improvements such as the following....

Teeth whitening

Your teeth naturally darken as you age, and they will darken even quicker if you have poor dental habits like drinking red wine, tea, coffee, and smoking. If you wish to have pearly whites but otherwise feel confident about your smile, teeth whitening is all you need. Teeth whitening is the most economical way to improve your smile in the shortest amount of time. You can either opt for an in-surgery treatment or simply use take-home kits to administer the whitening treatment yourself. Your dentist will discuss which is the best treatment option for you.


Veneers solve much deeper problems than simply darkened teeth. If your teeth are chipped, worn down, broken, uneven, strangely shaped, or have gaps in them, you can use veneers to correct them and make them look more attractive. Made from either porcelain or resin composite materials, dental veneers cover the front surface of your teeth. They are custom made and mimic the natural colour of your teeth.

Depending on the type of veneers, you will be required to visit your dentist two or three times for the initial consultation and the treatment process. Whether you have just one tooth that needs correcting or multiple teeth that need fixing, your dentist that specialises in veneers in Liverpool can help create the kind of makeover you desire for a more beautiful smile.


Your teeth can have structural issues that prevent you from feeling confident about your smile. Braces are often the preferred method that is used to straighten crooked teeth and the entire process, from start to finish, can take anything between 18 to 24 months. This might seem inconvenient, but it's a minor time investment considering the decades of confidence you'll incur.

London life

Besides going to a dentist or an orthodontist for professional treatments, you can do several things on your own to improve your smile. If you're a woman, wearing the right shade of lipstick can minimise the yellowness of your teeth. Needless to say, keeping your teeth clean with proper dental hygiene, daily brushing, and flossing always helps. Having a smile that you’re proud and eager to show off will undoubtedly make you feel more confident and happy in yourself and the importance of dental hygiene is also something I really want to pass onto my son.

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A little bit of instalife

Wow we have had tons of adventures lately all of which I have shared on instagram and thought it would be nice to do a little round up

From top, let to right

1. Hotel breakfast is always a treat - enjoying some Granola at Mercure Oxford
2. We had tons of fun at Forest School with the Wild Foresters in Bristol
3. Our very colourful hotel room in Oxford
4. A mini Eton mess at BlogCamp in Birmingham
5. I love this Grayson Perry Art Manifesto
6. The little man looking stylish in his new winter coat
7. Enjoying a day out at the fire station
8. Rocking some gold shoes
9. Indulging in some homemade milkshakes

Colourful and culture inspired kitchen trends

stylish kitchen
I love the bold lettering in this kitchen (image)

This season’s must have kitchens are all about individuality. Rather than following the same two or three trends, they’re taking inspiration from all around the world, drawing on diverse cultural ideas in order to create environments that are both traditional and - in context - distinctly unusual. These are some of the most popular options, but you should make them your own.

terracotta walls
I love all the pattern and terracotta in this Moroccan kitchen (image)

North African 

Looking at the Mediterranean from the other side, this is about terracotta floor tiles, white or cool coffee-coloured walls and lots of natural wood. Traditional wall hangings can be a bit unsafe in kitchens but you can find vivid African art prints in colours that will really brighten up the room. Add some tall kitchen stools dressed with bold Moroccan patterns or animal prints, and use woven baskets for your fruit and vegetables. Rich earth tones combine beautifully with the copperware many people bought for their kitchens earlier this year.

Chinese tea set
Love this vintage Chinese teapot and mugs (image)


A stylish Chinese kitchen contains elements of old and new. Red is the colour traditionally associated with good luck in China and many kitchens combine white walls with a red feature wall or glossy red units and bright steel worktops. Consider a traditionally printed screen (make sure it’s fire safe) to separate cooking and dining areas, and use Chinese character motifs associated with food on the walls. If you want to cook in a way that suits the room, don’t just get a wok, get a rice cooker.

Latin American

Vivid shades of blue, yellow and orange on the walls, Peruvian mosaic patterns in the tiling, and big, bold archways mean a Latin American style kitchen can really make a statement. Choose brightly coloured mix and match crockery for your shelves and brighten the place up with some flowers. Plain wooden worktops contrast with bright murals and plain tables are decorated with lace cloths and bowls full of colourful fruit.

traditional furnace
Traditional, wooden and cosy Russian kitchen with furnace (image)


A traditional Russian country kitchen combines raw wood, often with the bark still on it, with white walls, exposed beams and black iron cookware. This is brightened up by hand-painted wooden plates and bowls with classic patterns using red, black and gold. Distinctive chairs have heart-shaped backs with painted patterns on them, while simple checked cloths decorate the table. It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner with caviar; so don’t forget the champagne flutes.

beautiful thai food
I love all the colours naturally presenting Thai food and kitchens (image)


Thai kitchens make subtle but effective use of colour, with light blue, jade green and pale yellow the most popular options. An elegantly carved wooden table or chairs can make the most modest room look exotic, and small carved figurines add an unusual touch to your shelves, while lantern-style lampshades can transform the room into an intimate dining space in the evenings. Complete the look with a vase of delicate flowers—orchids are a favourite.

This type of kitchen design is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your own ethnic heritage, your family connections or places you have fallen in love with on your travels. It will add something special to your home.

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