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Weekend adventures with the KA+ Part 2

We were set a challenge by Ford to get as much out of a weekend on a very small budget while trying out the new KA+. You may have read our first post about this weekend were we explored Tredegar House, a National Trust Property we had yet to visit and gave us a chance to use our family pass. On the Sunday we had planned to drive up to the Brecon Beacons but after a jaunt into the city and the changeable weather we decided to stay local and go to a nearby country park which was not only fun but also very budget friendly.

family car

Family car

So we packed the car up with the boys two scooters, a few snacks and headed off to have some outdoor fun. I was really pleasantly surprised at how much the boot of the car can fit in, we had no issues getting in both scooters, our wellies, backpack and bag of snacks and still have plenty of room left. Two days before this I tried out getting my youngest pram into the boot as my mother use to have an old KA and I could never get it in but good news is that the new Ford KA+ is far more spacious and I had no problem fitting it in. We also packed some bird seeds to feed the resident swans and geese and a hot flash of coffee to keep John and I warm.

country park


I initially thought we may go over our budget of £25 but we managed to fit two great days out for just under that. The thing is that enjoying your surroundings really doesn't need to cost loads and kids often want for nothing more than some sticks, muddy puddles and trees to climb when outdoors, as long as you keep things simple it's pretty easy. Most of the budget went on food and the two picnics we put together but had we ate out both of those days it would of be far more expensive. Luckily the new Ford KA+ is really fuel efficient and you get a lot of millage for your pound, as well as some great extra features such as seat warmers and rear car sensors.

outdoor adventures

You can see everything we got up too and what we spent our budget on in our little action packed vlog of a budget friendly weekend with the Ford KA+ and we would like to thank them for having us involved and asking us to take part in this campaign. 


Mothers Day gifts that give back

Gentle parenting

As you may already know I am trying to massively minimalism my life and belongings and what I bring into the home, so when I do purchase something I try to find products that give a little bit back to this beautiful worlds of ours. Giving presents can be so incredibly satisfying and at times far more so than receiving so I thought I would share a few ethically inspired gifts that would make great presents for that all important mother figure in your life this Mothers Day.

loving tote

I thought first I would start off with one my favourite Interior Stores - The White Company and their White Heart Foundation collection. This foundation and collection is committed to helping vulnerable women and children build a brighter future but donating 10% of sales to three fantastic charities - Prince's Trust, Refuge and Place2Be. Out of the collection I love this Shopper Tote bag above which is currently on sale at £11.20 as well as this beautiful Porto Stoneware Heart Plate below - both would make perfect presents.

White Company

Next on the list is for the slogan loving fashion moms looking for something fun, positive and gives a little back, then these cute sweaters from Mother Like No Other could be the perfect option with part of every sale goes to Pandas Foundation who provide post natal depression support. The sweaters are also locally screen printed which is another reason why they are a great buy.

mama tee

If the Mother in your life loves to indulge in beauty products then the Deluxe Beauty Selection Box by The Body Shop may be just what they want. The Body Shop never tests on animals and is part of a community fair trade programme which benefits around 25 000 workers worldwide. So it's pretty feel good beauty.

Fairtrade beauty

Here are a few more fantastic feel good gifts, especially the Superwoman Smartbox from Buyagift, it gets two thumbs up as not only does it pamper the mum in your life with a variety of spa days, meals out or afternoon tea options but also £12.50 from the sale of this box will be donated to Breast Cancer Care.

The pretty necklace and star earrings below are both from my favourite ethical fashion retailer People Tree and they are both handmade in brass and are part of a fair trade social business in Kenya. If your going the tradition route with chocolate than why not opt for Green and Blacks organic or a Divine Chocolate tasting set which is made of fair trade chocolate.

Mothers Day ethical gifts

Mothers Day ethical gifts by laurasidestreet featuring a shopping bag

If like me you don't want for anything and rather give a gift back than one of the charity Mothers Day cards from Oxfam which is £16 and provides Day care for a mother and baby in a developing country. It's a wonderful way to support this charity. These Beautiful You from SevenSeventeen candles not only smell divine but also donate £1 of the sales back to PANDAS Foundation, supporting women suffering from pre and postnatal illness. The last in this gift guide is perfect Forde-stressing or the creative minded and comes from the small homegrown mama business that is Mere Soeur - The Art of Motherhood colouring book is £10 and all profits go to Home Start, a leading UK family support charity helping vulnerable families provide a better life for their children.


Where Should You Go For Your Next Family Trip?

Choosing the perfect vacation spot is a task that should not be taken lightly. It requires careful consideration of all the family’s interests. This includes both the younger generation and the older generation, something that can prove to be tricky. Child-friendly holidays are key but that shouldn't mean compromise when it comes to design, style and adult facilities.

We have been doing a fair amount of research of late and what has really caught our eye is South Sardinia as its such a unique destinations to take the whole family to. Not only is it child-friendly, it is a laid-back and beautiful destination that everyone can appreciate. The South Sardinia landscape provides ample room for exploring with the family, especially if you are a creative one, who likes taking things out of the box.

We have done so many city breaks and countryside breaks over the past few years so the draw of staying in a luxury resort in the South Sardinia region is extremely appealing right now. As we plan all our trips we have never gone for an all-inclusive option but it does benefit families both financially and conveniently and takes a lot of stress out of the planning side of things. While there are various options available, you will surely be able to find the best luxury resort in Sardinia with Pullman Hotels.

The Hotel Pullman Timi Ama Sardegna offers everything a family could need. It has a great restaurant and bar, including the wonderfully relaxing La Veranda, where you can enjoy a drink by the pool while the kids play within eyeshot. The location of the hotel makes for easy access to all of South Sardinia’s attractions without a long commute.

The sights in Southern Sardinia are a once-in-a-lifetime draw. The beaches offer enough entertainment for weeks. From the small and calm Porto Sa Ruxi and Capo Boi to the more vibrant Campus Beach where you can rent canoes and paddle boards, there is plenty to explore. Timi Ama Beach is very close to Notteri, and offers a stunning view of mountain, sea, and sand.

The Stagno Notteri is a beautiful lagoon that is a must if you are in the South of Sardinia. It is located beneath Villasimius, a place where once can stroll along and bird watch. It is notorious for housing a permanent flock of flamingoes. As well as the many beautiful coastline, there are many historical and archeological sights to see in Sardinia. This includes the Fortezza Vecchia, a closed fortress built in the 1300s and abandoned. The Archaeological Museum is also a great place to take your kids for a great lesson in Sardinian archeological history.

The food in Sardinia is a draw to many. Its prime location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea guarantees that it will have fresh seafood and local fruit and veg. Its cuisine features a balanced mix of different cultures to create a unique experience. Since Sardinia being part of Italy, its food reflects that and includes many pasta dishes that will easily please a child’s palate. Sa Fregula is a small round pasta that is served in all different ways. Culurgiones is a potato and mint stuffed ravioli that is sure to satisfy all types of appetites. For everyone in the family, desserts are ultra rich delicacies in Sardinia, which should be enjoyed regularly. Children and parents alike will enjoy sebadas- honey brushed fried pastry that can be found all year round, and of course, gelato can be enjoyed regularly.

Visiting Sardinia is a one of a kind experience. With its sprawling, unique coastlines, delicious food, and exciting attractions, families need not look any further in choosing a place for their next holiday.

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