Boys Club and Barbour Jackets

Bearded hipster
John in his Patagonia Jacket

So a Boys Club post has been long overdue especially since Johns wardrobe has grown again but this time with winter staples including warm winter socks from Japan as well as a few bigger purchases such as this Patagonia jacket which he has had his eye on for a few months and thought he would treat himself to an early Christmas present. I have to say having picked it up and tried it on myself (drowns me) its so light, warm and breathable I really want one too. While I tend to mainly wear monochrome John brings in quite a lot of colour and is good with mixing and matching his clothes and even though this is very much a practical jacket and perfect for our outdoor adventures it's also fun and on-trend.

Hipster style

When we shop we try to keep things as local as possible and love to support independent stores and one of the best places in Cardiff to find high quality and harder to find labels such as Red Wings and YMC is the small and unassuming Pavilion Clothing.  John was actually the one who introduced me to this store and when we first met he had only recently purchased a Barbour jacket from Pavillion and 8yrs one that jacket is still going strong, which has made me think that perhaps I should invest in one too as not only are they stylish but really practical and perfect for any outdoor winter adventures and thought I would put together a little wish list of my favourite ones that have in stock at the moment.

Barbour Wax jacket

1.  Barbour International Polarquilt Jacket in Red £179
2.  Barbour International Waxed Jacket £249
3.  Barbour Hatton Parka Quilted Jacket £229
4. Barbour Black Poet Jacket On Sale - £175

One of my favourite shirts happens to be a Barbour one which is part of there Heritage collection and has a vintage style bird print design which I love and I have to say I always impressed with the quality and how well made they are, although they are not cheap for the longevity in my experience it's been worth it.

Bird print shirt

This is a collaborated post but words and opinions are 100% our own and we love to support local stores

Christmas at Celtic Manor

festive decor

So earlier this month I was kindly invited to an afternoon of wonderful conversation, beautiful table decor and of course some delicious tea and cake at the Celtic Manor - a stunning 5 star hotel on the outskirts of Newport as part of #MyCelticXmas. It was lovely to be given the chance to preview their Christmas Cream Tea and I can honestly say I was not disappointment at all, from beginning to end the whole experience was seamless and was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Christmas pie truffle

Christmas tea party

handmade cakes

When I arrived I was greeted by the friendly staff and offered a drink before be shown to my seat alongside some other lovely local bloggers. We had a quick briefing about the what the hotel offers and what to expect from the day and an insight into the new Celtic Manor blog which is really worth a read. I am already planning to return to take the little man to the Winter Wonderland which sounds amazing.

cute teapot

Celtic manor cream tea

After the briefing we were introduced to the head pastry chef who walked us through some of the amazing creations that would be on offer with the Christmas cream tea. After which they served some Mulled Wine in cute little teapots, it smelled divine but due to the pregnancy I had to pass it up but oh how I do love mulled wine but the loose leaf peppermint tea more than made up for it. Once they brought out the food I couldn't wait to try all the dainty cakes and sandwiches, especially the christmas pudding truffle. The photo above is the meat option but they catered for myself and Alice who was sitting next to me with vegetarian three tiere which included some yummy mini cheese tarts, scones, mince pies and marzipan cups plus lots of other tasty treats.

handmade treat

homemade scones

To finish the day off we were handed custom tote bags with some Elemis Goodies and a handmade Christmas pudding biscuit which John wolfed down before I could get a photo of it.

Overall if your looking for somewhere special to take someone you love, family, friends or just feel like having a pampering day out than I highly recommend the Christmas Cream Tea at the Celtic Manor and you can check out the menu here. The beautiful interior added to the festive feeling plus the friendly and knowledgable staff were amazing.

pregnancy style
Looking a little fuller from all the cake (and being pregnant :)

Interiors and flowers: tips on how to do it well

nature in the home
I love this vase and simple floral arrangement (image)

Gone are the days where floral prints feature only in your granny’s home, nowadays floral patterns are bang on trend. Vogue headed to the Chelsea Flower Show earlier this year to check out the best floral interiors along with what flowers are taking centre stage on the catwalk this season. 
Flowers, fashion and interiors have begun to go hand in hand – here is how to get it right:

Don’t go overboard

Flowers may be fashionable but this doesn’t mean you should overdo it. If you add a floral pattern to every piece of furniture and have every type of flower out on display, your home will look ancient, out of date and like a florist. Rather than smother a room in floral - inject floral. 

chic kitchen
It's important to keep a balance and not go overboard, this room is floral perfection (image)

Use real flowers

It sounds obvious but many floral print lovers don’t actually bother putting flowers around their homes, Serenata flowers do a wide variety of flowers in all different shades, for this time of year ‘bonfire’ and ‘fall flora’ make wonderful additions to any living room. Or, if you’re looking for flowers for the festive season; ‘cinnamon spice’ and ‘red robin’ make great Christmas table decorations and they’re the perfect way to fill a home with a rich and warm aroma. 

stunning bouquet
We love having fresh flowers in our home

Don’t always go ‘girlie’

It’s assumed that floral prints are girly but believe it or not there is such a thing as masculine floral prints. For example: big, floral prints in primary colours can give off a modern art vibe as opposed to a feminine one.

Match up

Just because two patterns are floral, it doesn’t mean they automatically match. Floral can work in any place, in any room but make sure you match the other colours in the room to the floral print. Common palates can make anything work together.

chic bedroom
I love this light floral bedding (image)


If you aren’t bold enough to go for floral wallpaper or a floral piece of furniture then invest in some small floral accessories. For example, cushion covers are a great way to use floral and if you get bored of them you can just take them off. Or, if you fancy doing some out of the ordinary decorating - get collecting floral plates and then mix and match them by hanging them in a cluster on a wall for a vintage yet eclectic look or you could even be brave and add a splash of colour and floral print to your stairs like the image below

floral interior inspiration
How amazing are these stairs (image)

This is a collaborated post but thoughts are 100% our own


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