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family love

There is literally nothing I love more than chilling out with my little man. The above photo captures a wonderful moment in what was actually a bit of a rubbish day but it's these moments that make everything else not that important because at the end of the day your health, family and happiness is really what is important. I cannot believe how time has flown by and now he is four years old! Everyday he is funnier than and smarter than the day before and our conversations become more interesting every week, luckily I have the luxury of spending a lot of time with him as we have held off with starting school for now and have opted for homeschooling which has been very fun in itself as I watch this little man grow in front of our eyes. Even though I am not having to do the school run and the long wait at the gates I too feel the pain of time and how fast it flies by us as parents and how we all really need to embrace every day and every second we have with our children because all too soon they will be flying the nest.

family love
Chilling under an apple tree with my favourite little man

Fairy Non Bio have put together a beautiful little video that captures that feeling of time flying by and  seeing your babies grow through childhood in a blink of an eye and it reminds me how much we need to treasure each and every moment and to enjoy those special cuddles with your little ones, in fact in a survey they did the most missed thing about the early school days were the super soft kisses and cuddles.

John and Mr A enjoying a newborn cuddle 

I cannot help but feel a little bit moved by this video, I think being a parent we finally realise how precious time is. What do you love to do with your kids in your free time and if you have a positive message to share about the transitions we take as parents through the minefield of baby to toddler to child t teenager please share in the comments.

Creating a Living Room that Doesn’t Centre on the TV

living room bunting
Love this happy and colourful living space (image)

Whether you’re fed up of the TV taking centre stage, or you simply want to focus more on your family and less on what’s going on in the latest re-run of Friends, creating a living room that doesn’t centre on the TV is a vital yet challenging step that many homeowners are now taking.

Of course, simply saying that you’re going to make an anti-TV living room is trivial compared with actually doing it, but don’t worry – we’ve put together this straightforward guide to help you turn your living room from one where everybody sits and faces in the same direction to one where you’re all looking at each other. It doesn’t even really take much effort, once you know a few of the essential tricks.

Outside Looking in

The most important thing that you need to implement is the rearrangement of your existing furniture so that instead of all facing in the same direction, it’s all facing inward. Although this sounds like it would be straightforward, two hurdles stand in your way. The first is your own psychology, in that we’re so used to having our sofas and armchairs all facing in the same direction so it’ll be hard to break the habit. The other issue is that furniture usually comes in threes (a three piece suite, for example), and your living room most likely has four walls.

wall prints
Such a fun and stylish family space (image)

Fun for the Whole Family

Once you’ve turned your furniture so that it’s all facing inward, you need to now choose whatever forms of entertainment are going to replace your TV. The important thing here is that you find something for everyone. This could mean that on your coffee table, you always keep the latest issue of the graphic novel your son is reading, and if you have little ones, you keep plenty of toys and around the room.

We have a lot of fun with our record nook listening to music

Camouflage Your Entertainment Centre

On a final aside, if you enjoy sitting round the TV and watching something as a family, this style of inward-facing living room doesn’t necessitate throwing out your TV altogether. You could always hide or camouflage it, just so that it doesn’t take centre stage. The trick to this is finding an entertainment centre that blends well aesthetically with its surroundings, so if you have a mostly wooden theme, a wooden entertainment center like the ones available from Trade Furniture Company would be perfect.

camouflaging the TV
Stylish and chic way to hide your TV (image)

Ultimately, if you’re stuck for ideas of how to get your inward-facing living room looking amazing, there are plenty of places across the web that you can look to get some inspiration. Follow our advice, and you’ll be well on your way to a TV-less living space.

Street Style Sunday - The Holiday Edition

street style
Wearing Boden Tunic, Holster jelly sandals, New Look Bag and Necklace

So as some of you know we recently went on an amazing holiday down to the South of France and that meant only one thing - warmer weather and getting in a little bit of summer style before the end of the year. Being 18 weeks pregnant at the time of this photo, taken in Cannes, meant that I was in a bit of an in-between phase, not quite big enough for maternity clothes but yet all my normal clothes are somewhat on the tight side of things so this Boden tunic was perfect for me, very loose but with a belt it brought it in and gave enough space for the bump and paired up with my super comfy Holster jelly sandals as well as my Bag and Necklace which are both from New Look

Holiday fashion

As always I have paired up with the lovely Natalie from Style Me Sunday blog to bring you Street Style Sunday linkup which is open to any fashion related posts - mood and inspiration boards, outfits of you,your kids or partner - in fact anything goes.


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