Wellies, Puddles and a Castle

Clarks Pirate wellies

We love spending time outdoors - fact! But when winter draws in it means the all weathers and waterproof jackets come out along with the wellies. The little man loves jumping in puddles (as do I) so when the lovely people over at Clarks asked us to put some to the test as part of the #StyledByClarks campaign and of course we couldn't wait to get started. I recently attended the Clarks Press day in London and just have to say they have some of the best shoes for kids ever, so fun and innovative.

outdoor shoes

climbing stairs

Our local store in St Davids, Cardiff had a great selection and Mr A was instantly drawn to these pirate wellies which are super fun and cute and have a nice grippy sole which is perfect for climbing castle stairs, rocks and ruins, which Mr A is very much into at the moment. This week we picked up a great little book about Castles and Knights at our local charity shop and thought we would pop to Caerphilly Castle for some first hand learning. The little man is filled with questions at the moment and outings like this are so much fun.

freerange fun

No matter what the time of the year or the weather we always make a point of getting some outdoor time during the week (as much as possible), we even have the fisherman style waterproof trousers waiting in the wings for Mr A but for now his jacket and wellies are the perfect combination for some free range fun and I am pretty sure they are going to last the whole season as they are both so robust.

Thanks to Clarks for having us involved in the #StyleByClarks campaign 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Growing up - Our Home

Bringing colour into our living room and home

So as many of you many know we are well into our second property project as we gear up for some final changes and works to be done before putting it back on the market next year and moving onto our third longer term home (well thats the plan anyway). We have found this house to be a real learning curve, perhaps because we have such an active son this time round as well as being pregnant again and has made us mature in ways we never could of realised. Every time we do something like this we gain a further insight into each others likes and dislikes and we are always learning what is import to each of us. While I find the interior decor important John is always on the more practical side of things but together we have the same goal - to make a warm, comfortable and cosy home
wether we are staying here for a year or ten.

dining area
Our entertainment area is starting to take shape

We are very excited to be apart of the Hiscox - The House we grew up in Series which showcases some amazing interior bloggers and the journeys they have taken when creating their home. You can read more about our story on there here.

How the boys roll at breakfast time in the kitchen 

Our life on instagram

Instagram collage

Once a month or so I like to put a little collection of our fave instagram pics and what we have been up to over the past few weeks...and one thing is for sure it's been very busy lately but it's that time of the year when everyone is gearing up for Christmas

From top, left to right

1. Enjoyed an amazing in Cardiff all about Coffee thanks for Currys
2. Some yummy fresh orange juice at the Clarks Press Day
3. Mr A and I cooking up a storm in the kitchen
4. Having a salad made for you is the best thing ever
5. Feeling festive at the Christmas Ideal Homes in London
6. Found this lovely feather at Roath park on a little outdoor adventure
7. Lots of fresh ingredients for coffee cocktails
8. Some peppermint tea at the Celtic Manor
9. Looking for fossils in the Vale of Glamorgan


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