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Summer, Cider and the Swedish Way

Rekorderlig cider

Summer to me is all about enjoying the best of life, long days, good conversations, warm evenings, coastal walks, picnics, eating al fresco, festivals and finding lots of down time to spend in the garden with the boys, taking it slow and savouring a summery afternoon drink.

Growing up in South Africa meant very long hazey summers, people seemed more laid back there, life in the UK certainly feels very fast paced and hectic in comparison which is probably why I feel drawn to the Swedish concept of Lagom and for those who don't know what that is it's all about the concept of "not too much, not too little just finding the balance" and creating a happy life.

summer days

As you may know I am only a minimalist challenge and attempting to declutter my life and lagom fits into that perfectly with the theory that just enough is perfect with lack of fussiness being key. So I'm excited to pair up with Rekorderlig Cider which I love (cider is my go-to summery drink) who are encouraging people to #StartTheSwedish way this summer and embrace a little Scandinavian culture, drink and lifestyle. 

For me this summer is all about being more mindful and simplifying my life, so I thought I would share 10 small things, a bucket list of sorts of what I plan to do this summer that encapsulates what Lagom means to me and my family. 

1. Pack simple lunches for summer adventures each day
2. Buy local, enjoy slow cooking and embrace each taste
3. Spend as much time outdoors, away from parks, just simple hikes.
4. Lots of picnics and eating together
5. Go wild swimming whether it be in a lake or the sea
6. Find time to read a book or two this summer.
7. Sit, breath and enjoy time in the garden wit a refreshing drink and some nibbles.
8. Reduce my wardrobe to only clothes I love and make me feel good.
9. Enjoy some electronic-free adult time with John to talk through the day
10. Embrace sleep, work and chores can wait, when tired hit the pillow.


Rekorderling, the fourth generation Swedish Cider are champing the Lagom lifestyle and are launching a 28 day sampling tour and visiting over 20 locations including Cardiff! Made with the purest Swedish spring water they have some mouthwatering flavours with my favourite being the Wild Berries or Mango-Raspberry, just add to a big glass of ice with wedge of lemon or lime and there you go you have summer in a glass.

summery drink

The Rekorderlig Cider Sampling Van will be on Cardiff Queen Street on the 6th of July so why not head down and get a little bit of Lagom into your life and try out all the different summery cider flavours. I know I will be there and it's sure to be a fun way to get into the summer mood. The sampling van will also be visiting other cities across the UK and here are a few of the dates

High Street, Birmingham – 24th June, 12 – 6pm
Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth - 30th June, 12 – 8pm
Jubilee Square, Brighton – 1st July, 12 – 8pm
Rose Lane, Canterbury – 2nd July, 12 – 8pm
Queen Street 3, Cardiff – 6th July, 12 – 8pm
Crown Square, Spinningfields, Manchester – 21st July, 12 – 8pm

Cider van

In collaboration with Rekorderlig 


Breakfast at Jamie's, Cardiff

orange juice

While our youngest is still small date nights have become extremely rare and somewhat on hold, which means that we have to get a little bit more creative with finding time for John and I to have some quality adult time to chat and catch up, away from the home and in stylish surroundings.With breakfast being my favourite meal of the day and finding it much easier to arrange childcare in the morning than the evening it was really nice to be invited by Jamies in Cardiff to come and try out their new breakfast menu and have a a quiet start to the day before John has to head over to work.

flat white


I started off with a Flat white and a fresh orange juice and John went for a cappuccino while we perused the breakfast menu, which is simple and straight to the point but has fantastic choices for both meat eaters and vegetarians.

John went for a classic full monty which is Jamie's version of a full English fry up except with free range sausages and eggs, black pudding, brown capped mushrooms and all the toppings brought to the table in a wrought iron dish and got the thumbs up from him. John has a pretty big appetite which is good because this is a really filling breakfast but they do offer a smaller half monty as well as a vegetarian version.

fry up

Jamie's Cardiff

I decided to go from one of my favourite brunch dishes of smashed avocado and chilli on sourdough, you can also get a poached egg added on top which I would do next time to make it a little bit more filling but this was a really nice lighter option and very well seasoned.

Jamie's of course also offers a kids monty breakfast and this is certainly somewhere I would bring the whole family for a treat as the atmosphere is welcoming and friendly.

Thanks to Jamie's for inviting us to try out the new breakfast menu.


Classic swimwear that never goes out of fashion

summer hat

We all love summer, the heat, the outdoor barbecues, the 9pm sunsets. But one thing that’s a little trickier is trying to find the perfect swimsuit. With so many styles, cuts, colours and prices and to choose from, it can be completely overwhelming – especially if you want to be on-trend.

Luckily, there are some classic swimwear options out there that are truly timeless and will look great on all body shapes. So let’s get back to the basics and this year find ourselves a classic bathing suit that we can feel confident wearing year after year.

The one piece

Yes I said it, the one piece is in. It’s timeless and classic and is sure to look good on a variety of body shapes. If you’re worried about all those extra calories you consumed during the winter months you can rest easy, as wearing a well-made, well-fitting one piece can accentuate your curves, down-play your trouble areas and make you look fantastic. If it’s good enough for Marilyn it’s good enough for me. After all, she was the queen of the one piece suit and wore it with confidence and class.

Dark colours

We tend to think of bright and bold hues for summer, but when it comes to swimwear there is something to be said about going dark. There are some colours that are just more classic than others, while the black swimsuit is a trend that has never left us. It’s flattering and timeless and will compliment every skin tone. This black swimsuit from Tu hits all the targets, is dark in colour and even comes with a tummy controlling midsection.


High waisted bikinis

A trend that has recently come back into fashion in a big way is the high-waisted bikini. You’ll have seen numerous high fashion fliers sporting this look and it’s for a good reason, as high waisted bikinis are extremely flattering. Most women are worried about wearing a bikini because of their midsection, yet this look allows you to wear a two piece in confidence, knowing your stomach isn’t on display. It may be coming back into style now, but this type of swimwear is a very classic look going back to 1940’s.

summer days

Bold patterns

Just like the classic monochrome palette, there are some patterned bathing suits that never go out of fashion. Diagonal stripes and polka dots will always be in for instance and look great in either high waisted bikinis or on a one piece thanks to their retro vibes. Diagonal stripes and polka dots can also be very slimming, but watch out for horizontal stripes – I don’t need to remind you that those are a no-no when it comes to elongating the body.

One of the most important things to remember when looking for that perfect swimsuit is to think classic over trending. Today’s trends will be gone tomorrow, but these timeless swimsuit styles will serve you year after year.

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