He is here...1 week old

Baby boy

So last Monday this little man came into the world at 10:07am weighing just over 8 lbs, meaning he is a whole week old today - time really flies. I will write more about my birth story in another post but after 4 days of contractions ranging from 10 minutes apart to an hour apart I was more than ready to see this little face. I had been a bit worried about my heart defect causing issues during the birth but I had the most amazing Anaesthetist which reassured me the whole way even when my heart rhythm was irregular and was under strain. Of course a c-section takes more out of you post-birth and I have been taking things slow this week and trying to get my iron levels back up, but oh how grateful we all are. Our little family unit has never felt stronger and more ready for the little addition. We have had a few up's and downs with the Mr A but we have already seem to have found a rhythm and now we can't even imagine life with out Baby G.

newborn baby

This week has also given John and Mr A some extra bonding time and they have been having lots of outdoor boys adventures. The breastfeeding has also been going amazingly well (fingers crossed it stays that way) and I think that is down to being a lot more relaxed this time around and also I can see how difficult having a toe-tied baby like Mr A was. The thing I am finding the hardest is no being able to do much, I love being active and I know I need to rest to recover, especially until my iron levels go back up but I have managed a few mini adventures already, a short walk to a local cafe for hot chocolate and basically building it up from there. Overall it's been amazing and an experience that has been full of love and we are all feeling really positive and think this is going to be a very fun year for all of us.

newborn baby

Simple Sunday interiors

chic bedroom

Oh how I dream of lie-ins in such a comfy looking bed (image)

I have to say we love Sundays in our household, it usually starts out pretty lazy, well as lazy as one can be with a 4yr old who is ready for action from the get go. We usually start the day with some homemade pancakes, some fresh coffee and hopefully lots of laughing, although with our new arrival, Baby G, this Sunday was anything but relaxing, in fact we were totally sleep deprived.
The little guy had been up pretty much all night and we both looked a little bit worst for wear but our heart filled with love. Sundays are still our best day of the week, when family time really comes together, even though it won't be so lazy as before I am loving these interiors and they capture my idea of a Sunday morning perfectly

Nothing beats a lazy breakfast in bed (image)

simple Sunday interiors
Simple Sundays with flowers in the home is what I dream of (image)

Love this simple Scandi kitchen table (image)

Street Style Sunday - Kids Edition

Kids fashion
Some of the little mans best looks from the past few months

One of the best things about having kids it being able to see this discover their own style as well as having fun dressing them up. We love pops of colour and I am always trying to incorporate it into Mr A's wardrobe although he is pretty fussy when it comes to what he "wants" to wear - in otherworld he has the final say as he won't put anything on he doesn't want to which sometimes means we end up with some strange outfit choices. At the moment though he loves anything to do with the outdoors, Bear Grylls, camo and his new yellow mac. He is not always the easiest to photograph but wanted me to take a picture of him and his barn the other day (ignore the ugly wall in the background) and is wearing a cute little Bulldog jumper we picked up from The Little White Company before Christmas.

Clarks wellies
Mr A wearing a Little White Company jumper, M&S trousers and Clarks Wellies

I am always on the lookout for colour, quirky and creative kids clothes and I am loving the Swedish label - Mini Rodini which was founded in 2006 by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin, who creates some super cute clothing for children ranging from 0-11 years. I need to pick up some of these for the big and little man and the new spring/summer look book is filled with fun seaside inspired prints and offered something really different from the high street

kids fashion

Kids fashion

I really hope you can come and join in with Street Style Sunday this week - remember anything fashion related goes and can be what is inspiring you this week or what you and your family are wearing.


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