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Street Style - My Kanken

Mama style

Since my youngest has started running around like really keeping me on my toes I have dropped the changing backs and wanted to opt for something more practical but also very stylish to carry our day to day essentials. Of course the first thing that came to mind was a Kanken by the Swedish outdoor brand Fjall Raven, a backpack that was designed in 1978 and has continued its popularity through it's simple and modern design.

Mama style
Wearing Kanken backpack, Toyshop chambray, Jojo Mama Bebe dress

Of course when I got out I opt for a smarter handbag but these are perfect for a busy mum on the run after two very active kids, plus the choice of colour waves is amazing. I decided to opt for this fun blue one which adds a pop of colour to any casual outfit. Today I paired it up with a Chambray from Toyshop and a dress from Jojo Mama Bebe and necklace from Anchor and Crew.

As daily backpacks go these are these are slightly more pricey than normal high street brands (but far more durable) retailing at around £67 but if you shop around like I did and try out Love the Sales you can pick them up for £45 which is 33% less. For those who have never heard of Love the Sales I highly recommend checking it out as it's basically a site that curates all the current sales of all the brands you love including designers such as Ralph Lauren sale and Alexander McQueen


John has also picked up a few things for himself lately, as with the change from summer into Autumn also now means that all those short sleeved shirts are being put aside and swapped for long sleeved ones as well as light jackets and knitted jumpers. Here he is wearing one of his recent purchases, a Ralph Lauren shirt, while our youngest rocks a fun little tee from Mothercare.

I would call John something of a jacket and jumper collector, he literally has triple the amount I do. He tends to go for classical American, British and Japanese brands such as Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, Edwin and Carhartt to name a few but has also been impressed with the current Vivienne Westwood mens jumpers and jackets at The Garment Store, a high end boutique shop in Bristol but if you are looking to update your mans wardrobe with easy to find pieces here are a few of Johns favourites that are found in most House of Frasers.

mens autumn style

1. Vivienne Westwood Double Collar Jumper £145
2. Tommy Hilfiger Baseball Jacket £47.50
3. Ralph Lauren Driver Windbreaker £345
4. Howick Fleetwood Hooded jacket £50
5. Tog 24 Momentum 2 Milted jacket £99.95
6. Army and Navy Barberry Crew neck jumper £13.20

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  1. Great post - I'm a sucker for a good backpack as it's just most convenient for me! I don't often find one that's both practical and stylish, so it's good you've found one :)

  2. love a good kanken, and that particular shade of blue is lovely!

  3. I love that jumper in the bottom right - it look super cosy.

  4. oooh I'd love a Kanken! They look great x

  5. That is one cute backpack! I'm currently loving my TOMS backpack that I bought for holiday but haven't been able to give up. I don't know how I'd have survived without backpacks and backpack change bags second time around!

  6. Love your style and how cute is that backpack!!

  7. I'm finally convinced about getting a backpack. Stylish and useful for modern fashionable mommies like us! haha!


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