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There is nothing that I love more about interior design than savvy storage solutions, in fact I am attracted most to small spaces that work very well, have ingenious features that get the maximum out of each space. As like most freelance workers my office is somewhat on the very small size so it needs to be well planned otherwise it easily gets cluttered and messy and when we move I hope to not only have a larger working space but also have the chance to increase the size through ingenious solutions.

In the UK most of us are limited to square footage when it comes to our homes offices as well as business premises and retail properties and therefore getting creative and learning how to make the most of those spaces is key. In the future I may opt to rent a small office space and everyone knows when it comes to retail or commercial properties you pay per square footage and the more you pay the less profit you make.

Whether it's a commercial property or a box room in your own home first thing you need to do is get exact measurements of your space to know what you are working with, then have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and what the space will be used for, once you have these things worked out you need to really sit down and think about how you can utilise it to it's maximum potential.


Never underestimate wall space as this vertical space is just as important as floor space and is key when it comes to things raised storage, shelves and cupboards and display areas. Another fantastic way to double the storage of any room, if heigh allows is creating a mezzanine floor which could provide that much needed room and is a great solution for both residential and commercial properties as it instantly opens up another level.

So for those who don't know what exactly a Mezzanine floor is, it's basically a raised platform, if you have ever watched location Phil often refers to them as bed decks, but in terms of a property used for business this could provide the perfect spot for an office, extra storage or studio space and the great thing is they come in all different sizes from a few meters across to as large as a warehouse. The main pro to getting something like this put in is there are some fantastic local companies such as Warehouse Storage Solutions in Yorkshire which can custom build a mezzanine to your exact specifications and can instantly help transform your business and solve your space issues. Mezzanine floor is one of the most popular storage solutions for businesses, by installing a mezzanine floor you will be able to maximise your available space without incurring any extra cost. There are types of mezzanine floors for example Mezzanine floors for warehouses, retails and for offices.

You should also have no fear that it will become an eye sore either as mezzanines can be very stylish and chic, think warehouses conversions or industrial chic and in terms of increasing the value of any type of property you should look at a mezzanine in the same way you would with a loft conversion as it's basically utilising and maximising the space which is always a plus when it comes to estate listings.


So what other ways can you increase the storage space of a small room or commercial premises?

1. Don't have anything unnecessary and keep clutter to a minimum as both of these things will make it feel smaller than it is. If you do have a mezzanine in place within your business than use one floor for storage and one for display and don't let the two overflow, this way your customers have a clear viewing area, as they say first impressions count so keeping the are clean and professional looking is key. You could also instal a temporary partition to divide areas.

2. Have items that are both practical but also double up as extra storage, such as stools and box chairs where you can lift the lid and store items within the furniture.

3. Use the wall space you have available for shelves, cupboards and also a place to display artwork. Also think about getting customs bespoke pieces made to size if you have an awkward alcove that could be put to good use.

As I have said earlier always think vertically, get creative and there is nothing wrong with trial and error when it comes to designing a room, commercial business, office or creative studio space. As long as you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, think a little bit out the box than most problems have a solution and remember if you can't extended outwards than look upwards and the possibility of a mezzanine. Also gaining expert advice from those in the know such as Warehouse Storage Solutions who have more than 20yrs experience and are there to help you find a solution to any problems you may have.

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  1. Loving your storage tips here. Going to remember them for future.

  2. Storage is so important! Mnay of my clients, just want pretty furniture and not think of storage and it takes a loads of talks before i will make them realise that this pretty cabinet is basically impractical ;)


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