5 bedroom ideas to make you and your child happy


Designing your child’s bedroom should be an exciting time for both you and your little one, but of course there are obstacles you have to go through when deciding colours, furniture and all the added extras you both like. Your child wants bright colours and their favourite cartoon characters all over the walls, where as you want something a little more in sync with the rest of your d├ęcor. Would you believe it if someone said there IS a solution?

Here are 5 stylish bedroom ideas to make you and your child happy.

Sleepover Savvy

Sleepovers may be a fun idea for your little one, but as a parent they can be quite intimidating! Not only do you have to keep both your child and their friend entertained, there’s things like providing food and snacks everyone can agree on and most importantly – where are they going to sleep? A trundle bed is the answer! These type of beds have a large drawer with a mattress underneath creating the perfect space for sleepovers, all you have to do is pull it out and throw on a duvet. Problem solved!

Pillow Aplenty

If you’ve been the boss (and rightly so!) for the majority of the design process, why not let your little one make a few design decisions, letting them choose things such as the pillows for their bed can get them involved in the decorating and put a smile on their face! Clutter pillows come in all shapes and sizes and there are hundreds of designs to make you both happy.

Sorted with Storage

Before designing a new bedroom for your child, you may have attempted to have a clear out, but we all know children like to keep hold of EVERYTHING. If you’re struggling to find any extra floor space for storage furniture, then a midsleeper or cabin bed is your space saving solution. Designed to keep clutter at bay, midsleeper and cabin beds can include freestanding storage drawers, bookcases and even desks!

Beautiful Bookcases

Bookcases are a great way to store your child’s favourite and most treasured books, but have you thought of using them to store other bits and pieces? Take advantage of all the shelves and store something different on each shelf, this could include: photo albums, trinkets and soft toys.

Pretty and Personalised

If you’ve chosen a practical bed finished with a beautiful colour, why not add a personal touch by putting your child’s name on the footboard? Not only will this enhance the design of the bed, it will no doubt excite your child by giving them a sense of ownership. Bespoke children’s furniture company Ollie & Leila have a personalisation service to make the process a little easier for you.

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  1. Some great ideas here - and I totally resonate that kids keep everything so storage that actually functions is a major major necessity! We end up having to get rid of unused things at night time (he never notices) or having big family clear outs where we all do it together.

  2. A cabin bed is a great storgage and space solution indeed! My friend has one for her baby! x

  3. The problem I find with children's bedrooms is not so much the storage, but getting them to actually put their stuff away. The only way I can get round that is by regular clear outs to keep the level of stuff at a minimum, plus nobody gets any pocket money until their room is cleaned. Other than that I shut the door and leave them to it.

  4. Under bed storage is really useful as it's less likely to get lost (never to be seen again) under there! x

  5. great tips! storage is key for us - as well as making sure the kids learn to pick up at the end of the day, and have a monthly sort out x

  6. Planning with sleepovers in mind is genius!

  7. We're actually looking at bunkbeds at the moment as we're doing over Wilf's room and makes sense to upgrade for when Mabli moves in! x


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