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Cool kids

Wow is it's just me or have the summer holidays just flown by! I cannot believe we are officially into September and soon instead of jumpsuits and dresses we are going to be going for our scarves and gloves and picking up Pumpkin Lattes to warm ourselves up. Another big milestone for most is the start of a new school year and that means picking up all those Back to School essentials. Even if your little ones are not school ready perhaps they attend nursery, play groups or even home school sessions, either way now is the time to get rid of the old and bring in the new when it comes to stationary, creative craft supplies and of course clothes and shoes that are going to stand the up to active kids no matter what stage of learning they are in.

If you read my blog regularly you will know we love style and fashion, especially heritage brands so when Dr Martens got in touch to as if we would head to their Cardiff store to check out their back to school range for kids I may have done a little dance in the kitchen. I mean who doesn't have some kind of emotional connection with this iconic brand? Both John and I do and I probably wear my low cut Docs at least once a week so the prospect of picking up my eldest first pair was very exciting.

Dr Martens

Dr Martens Cardiff

Dr Martens kids

Let's just be honest here, if you put your kids in Dr Martens for their first day of school you can be rest assured they are going to be the coolest kids in their class if not their year, but you need to get in there quickly as when we visit last weekend the manager said they are already running low on stock and they are selling like hot cakes and it's easy to see why. They range from Toddler size 3 right through toe Youth size 5.5 and have a variety of styles, accommodating those who cannot yet do laces with easy straps or zips. Personally I really loved the Chelsea boot but my eldest was determined on having a pair of their classic boots which even though is laced up has a zip on the side which means even younger children can get these on with ease.

Back to school

I was worried that my eldest might find the initial breaking in period uncomfortable but in actual fact we have struggle to get him to stop wearing these, even on the warmer days we had this past week. These are also so well made that they will last as long as his feet can fit in them which is always a major bonus when it comes to kids. 

Back to School


  1. Kids Dr Martins in Cardiff? Great news!Your little boy looks soo cool in them, that last pic is brill :)

  2. He does look super cool! I love this line though... 'they will last as long as his feet can fit in them'... for us at the moment, with Belle going through a growth spurt, that would be about three months! I guess the good thing about shoes like these is that you can hand them down to other kids and know that they'll last for ages.

  3. I sooo rememeber having these when i was a kid and they were paisley and they were soooo cool! Great pics x

  4. I LOVE Dr Martens on kids - something so cute about them!! Especially on Hux, their little boots are just adorable xx

  5. Aww I had a pair of dr martens school shoes when I was younger. I love the cardiff store x

  6. Wow, dream collab! Actually, I really love their collaborations. I managed to get hold of a pair of Dennis the Menace docs for my youngest. He loved them!


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