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We are edging closer and closer to putting our house on the market and we cannot wait, our time in our little welsh hobbit house as we refer to it as the ceilings are so low are coming to an end. We are all in need of more space, more light and in Johns case a doorway he doesn't bang his head on everyday. As much as the rustic appeal is to us and it really does, our home is a bit neither here or there in terms of location, only 20mins from the city on the edge of a small town so it doesn't have the slower pace feel as you would find in a more rural location and equally does not have the colour and culture of living within walking distance of the city.

We have also found over time our real passion and dream would be to find a small bay fronted Victorian property as we absolutely love the combination of a period property with a fresh and modern look that embraces the original features of that time rather than covers them up. I think the Scandinavian inspiration that has boomed in the UK interior market has helped with encouraging the combination of the new and old in a seamless and stylish way.

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There are a few companies that spring to mind that I feel hit the nail on the head when it comes to beautifully designed modern sofas, beds and larger furniture that are almost timeless in that they can easily be placed in a variety of different styled homes effortlessly. One of those brands is the Danish BoConcept and I've been told their Glasgow shop's designer sofa showroom is amazing, we are heading up to Scotland next year so I will get to see it first hand rather than drooling over them online.

The budget for our next home is not going to be massive but we are hopefully we can find something to suit our style and settled down in for longer than our previous homes which have always been purchased as projects with the view of living in them for shorter periods of time. I thought I would put together a little wish list of products that perfectly capture the fun, colourful and modern vintage approach we will take with our next home.

Modern living wishlist

1. Retro Alphabet print £45
2. Adelaide dining room chair £339
3. Modern Ball Clock Nelson £310
4. Osaka 3 seater sofa £2219
5. Bornholm Coffee Table £169 

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  1. Exciting times about putting your house up for sale. Love the items you've put up here. We want a sofa that's raised off the floor. Great for giving the illusion of more space x

  2. Beautiful pieces. I also like light and practical furniture.

  3. Loving these shots. And that teal sofa is gorgeous. Can't wait to own my first home! Renting is just not the same!


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