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It's National Breakfast week and as some of you may know breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, it always has been and always will be but getting our son who is a very fussy eater to have something substantial to start his day can be tricky. We have never subscribed to those overly sugary cereals and because of this he has never asked for them with our regular choices being porridge, home-made naturally sweetened granola, french toast, multi-grain pancakes or scrambled egg. Recently however he has been getting a bit bored and we have been searching for something that is quick to prepare but full of natural goodness so when Bear Alpha Bites got in touch to ask if we would like to review their healthier kids cereal I was excited to see what Mr A would think.

healthier cereal

So what makes Alpha Bites different to the other cereals aimed at children on the market? Well first of all there is no refined sugar, instead it's sweetened with Coconut blossom nectar and even though per 100g it's sweeter than a popular plain rice cereal it's not calorie-empty refined white sugar playing havoc with blood sugar levels, instead the nectar is far more beneficial nutritionally as it contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and is high in calcium, meaning just one bow provides almost half a child's daily calcium.

Alpha Bites is also free from salt, artificial colours or flavours and is made up from just 6 ingredients of which 5 are tasty multigrains making it high in fibre. Saying all of this would Mr A actually like it as children can be fickle and it's almost like they can detect when something is good for you but I can honestly say he finished a whole bowl alongside some Almond milk to wash it down with.

We have always approached life and food with a view of everything in moderation but we have never been keen on the idea of lots of white sugar first thing in the morning, equally we don't want our son to eat nothing and start the day on an empty stomach which has happened before simply due to his picky habits, so I am very happy that Alpha Bites provides parents with a fantastic solution especially if you are short on time and need something quick, simple and full of vitamins and minerals.
Another little extra is they come in the shapes of the alphabet and as we are teaching Mr A to read he enjoyed pointing out all the letters which lead to an impromptu phonics session.

happy breakfast

We often have Bear Yoyo's or fruit paws on hand when out and about on adventures as a healthier treat instead of things like chocolate and we enjoy collecting the cards that come with the packs, which are always informative and educational. I was also pleased to find out that Bear is an eco conscious company and does not air freight any of its fruit or foods and none of their products contain sulphites which is why it's easy to see how it's won so many awards of late.

Have you been making anything special this Breakfast week? Come and share what you have been enjoying in your household with @Follow_The_Bear #BreakfastWeek

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  1. My daughter is fussy too and I have gone through mornings where she just won't eat anything. Fruit always tends to work though. I actually like the sound of these personally though!

  2. I'm not a big breakfast fan, I never seem to have enough time in the morning to eat anything substantial but this cereal sounds great - thanks for sharing x

  3. This looks great. I'm not a breakfast sort of person, but when i do have it a bowl of cereal does me fine x

  4. I might give that a try as we tend to stick with porridge or weetabix but it would be nice to mix it up with something new for a change. I love the little milk bottle too x

  5. I might start to try these as breakfast seems to go and pass by so quickly in our house once all is ready and everyone else is ready!
    Great post!
    Yorkshire Pud x


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