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When it comes to bedrooms making the most of your space is key, especially as this is the one room you will be spending a fair amount of time in as well as where most of your personal belongs will be. Bedrooms can very easily become cluttered if you don't have enough storage space and clutter is really not conducive for a restful nights sleep. In our currently home our bedrooms are pretty small compared to our larger living spaces which has meant we have needed to be more creative with our bedrooms in terms of design to maximise the space we do have.

We opted for a king sized bed in bedroom once the baby arrived as we co-sleep but of course we had to find ways to compensate the lost of square footage by using under bed storage for our linen and books. We also have an alcove that was not be used when we moved in and luckily one of our chest of draws fits perfectly into it, freeing up some much needed space. With all the bedrooms we have sat down and planned how to get as much out of them as possible, our eldest is in the second largest room and the nursery is in a cute box room in the eves, yet it still manages to fit a full size wardrobe on the one side.

attic bedroom

We are really hoping for less awkwardly shaped bedrooms in our next home but until then we have the make the best of what we've got. We already have a wish list of requirements for the next property, of course some things are more important than others but I would love to have some fitted wardrobes such as the amazing ones Betta Living do as their are some real benefits to having a bedroom fitted with the correct sized cupboards to utilise the area and provide you will abundant storage and an easy way to be clutter-free. Floor to ceiling units are the best option as the make the most of every inch in a bedroom and can also contain selves for books and other personal items not just clothes.

fitted wardrobe

Here are a few more tips to make the most of a small space

1. I've said this many times before and I will say it again - remove the clutter! This will instantly have an impact on any room in the house. Get rid of anything you are simply not using pack those things you want to keep away and out of sight.

2. Use mirrors to bounce the light around the room - it's such a simple, easy and cost efficient thing to do and really makes a difference.

3. Think vertically - don't let vertical wall space go to waste, you can always hang up some art or shelves and it also helps draw the eye up

4. Pick a light colour palette - light will always create a sense of space so don't make the mistake of decorating a small area in dark colours. If your unsure you can always go with the fail-safe white which is always a space enhancer.

5. Decide on a focal point - this can be particularly helpful for a narrow room where a beautiful piece of Artwork above the headboard can create a sense of length and draw the eye away from the rest of the room.

No matter big or small you should always design and decorate a space to it's full potential and this doesn't have to be something that is costly and can be done overtime. Write all your ideas and what you want to achieve in a notepad and try to tick them off one by one slowly giving yourself a goal and a way to review your vision for the space.

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  1. Lots of really good ideas here. I am lucky enough to have fully fitted wardrobes in my bedroom. We did them ourselves using Ikea interiors and sliding doors from Homebase.Two of the doors are mirrored and they really brighten up the room. I love them.

  2. I am one for a clutter free home. It's especially important as I live in a flat. We also use mirrors in our lounge to make it look bigger. Fitted wardrobes are brilliant to make the most of the space in a bedroom

  3. This is a really good post and the tips here are great. Thanks for sharing x

  4. These are some great tips. We have a small bedroom and we live in townhouse so it's quite dark. I'll definetley use your idea of putting mirrors in x


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