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I have to be honest and say we are still adjusting to the new year and coming off the back of the wonderful but manic festive period. The baby is not sleeping at all lately, which has meant very long exhausting days but we have still made sure to focus on family time and creating some kind of equilibrium even when sleep deprived (such is parenthood). We treasure the two days John has off each week and always try and do something nice wether it be a walk to the park, hike up the woods or a spot of brunch (for those who know me you will know that breakfast and brunch is my favourite meal of the day). So last week we decided to jump in the car and take the short drive into the city which also gave me a chance to rock my new Selfish Mother jumper John picked up for Christmas for me. 

Selfish Mother
Wearing M&S Jacket, Selfish Mother Jumper, Necklace from Tiger Lilly Quinn, Wallis Jeans

We have been meaning to visit 29 Park place properly since going to their opening party last year, especially as they have a Canadian pancake stack with blueberries as well as bananas on toasted bloomer (which was divine). What is fantastic about this spot is how family friendly it is, they have a free pool table as well as a variety of TV games - my eldest and I enjoyed a spot of Sonic the Hedgehog before food arrived, which was a real blast from the past, but most important there is a good vibe about the place and they make a great cup of coffee. 

Cardiff coffee

Flat white


It's always great seeing new places like this pop up in and around Cardiff, a city which has seen a real food revolution in the past few years. Before Baby G was being weaned we didn't go out as much as we usually do but since he is eating and very much enjoying food it's been so much fun bringing him a long and seeing him try out al new different taste and flavours and as long as he has something to eat he is a pretty happy and easy going baby. 



Simple adventures and outfits like this always make me reflect on how much has changed for both John and I in the past few years. Before having children I was fiercely independent and spent a lot of time traveling solo or with friends but being a mother has certainly made me less selfish, wanting for the company of my kids and seeing the world through a different perspective. Like I said the baby is not sleeping at all at the moment but I wouldn't change a thing, yes it's hard at times but so deeply purposeful and I have to say I'm really happy with where I am in my life, even with all the chaos.


  1. Sounds like a great family place, with a nice atmosphere. Lovely that you're spending time making sure you do things as a family

  2. Great post. I haven't heard of 29 park place, but I work in the city centre so may pop in. Hope the baby starts to sleep for you too. Sleep deprivation is hard! xx

  3. Sounds like an awesome weekend for you and family, I am doing a lot of solo travel currently before I settle down.

  4. I'm sold on the free pool table!, the food looks and sounds delicious too, *wonders off to find breakfast...I'm really hungry now :)

  5. It sounds like you had a great time. It's nice to find little places like this that aren't chock full of people lke Starbucks! X

  6. Ah, I've been hearing good things about 29 Park Place. Looks fab. Hope you get some more sleep soon. It's not easy being tired x

  7. Oohh that looks like a lovely place (I'm also a brunch-lover). It's always great to find somewhere so family friendly. I'm jealous of your mother sweatshirt too ... I was hoping for one for Christmas and bought one for my sister-in-law, but think I'll just buy it myself! x


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