January through Instagram


As it's coming to the end of January (how did that fly by so fast?) I thought it would be nice to just share a little round up of what we have been up to through the eyes of my instagram. The weather has been so up and down but we have made the most of the dry days as well as enjoying some quality family time and good food...what have you been up to?

1. We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in the park with friends and came across a beautiful wall with a dragon on it in Caerphilly
2. Both the boy and I are going to attempt to learn the Ukulele this year.
3. Finding those moments of calm with a cup of coffee, notepad and an inspiring magazine
4. Exploring Cosmeston country park
5. A little brunch date with this guy in Whitchurch
6. Nothing beats a good cup of coffee, this is a flat white but my new favourite is a Cortado
7. Some homemade gluten-free finger waffles and chopped apple.
8. Poached eggs with spinach and Hollandaise sauce is a great way to start the day
9. Even managed to get back on the skateboard for a little fun this January and filmed a little vlog about it


  1. You have had a wonderful time on Instagram this year, I especially like the photo with street art (of course!).

    1. Thanks so much Ana - cannot believe January has already flown by

      Laura x

  2. Lovely pictures. Your baby is just adorable!

  3. Some great pics here, cant believe January is almost over x


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