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Having lunch at Babylon in Kensington, London

If you are a regular reader of our blog you will know we have a real soft spot for London and it's really hard to not fall in love with this vibrant, exciting and fast paced city. We are lucky enough to have a direct train from Cardiff which reaches the capital within two hours but as London is so vast and with so much to do and see we often opt for over nights or do a week long trip once a year, that way we can enjoy the city rather than rush around it in a day, which is always stressful.

London as you know can be incredibly expensive and even a short trip can rack up a fairly large bill so we always try and find somewhere to stay that is reasonable but still stylish and captures that city feeling without breaking the bank. We love simple and well designed interiors and London as a city really captures that and you don't need to spend a fortune you just need to know where to look.

My main advice would be if your short on time to stay within zones 1-2 as this will really cut down any time wasted travelling across the city also opting for self catering gives you a lot of freedom and is something we do a lot as that way we can pick and choose if we want to save money and eat in or treat ourselves to a meal out. Short-let London is a fantastic choice when looking for something simple, stylish but budget friendly within the city centre and I'm sure we will be using them over the summer as you can book from one night to up to a month from £38 a night for your own  fully furnished studio apartment, all with en-suites and free wifi to boot.

simple accommodation

As you can see the accommodation surpasses most hotels at the same price and gives you the flexibility of self catering as well as being located near main transport links as well as not deposit needed or booking fees.

Short let London

Once you have your accommodation sorted London offers so much to see and do with an array of free attractions such at the Natural History museum and Tate modern for a culture fix, a stroll through one of the many green spaces such as Regents Park or looking for quirky bargains in Camden Market or painting the town in one of the trendy bars of Shoreditch, either ay you will never be short of things to do.

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  1. Great post you are right London doesn't have to be a really expensive affair

  2. Other than popping in for a blog event and coming home on the same day I have never been to London - we live in Birmingham so not too far, but it's definitely on my to do list for this year, especially if you can get cheaper accommodation!

  3. Love the idea of staying in one of these apartments. London can be so expensive so it's good to know you haven't broke the bank before you've even arrived. Also, sometimes I find I want some home comforts and hotels don't always feel like that. Great post x

  4. My brain is like, you live in Cardiff, why would you want to ever go to London?? Lol. These do look awesome places to stay.

  5. That is such an amazing price for accommodation in central London. I love London too like you but I last time I went I couldn't find anything under £130 a night.

  6. That is such a good price, usually you can barely get a hostel for under £40 in London! x

  7. Wow, that is a good price. Whenever I've stayed in London, I've paid a lot more than that! x

  8. Great post, I have only been to London twice but my husband who was born in Westminster always wants to go. With prices like this I may book our anniversary break in London after all! x

  9. I think staying in an apartment is a great idea, especially if it's for a family trip. I will me looking into this for our next trip

  10. These rooms look lovely. I've stayed in short let apartments in other cities and they are such a good option x


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