5 Doable New Years Resolutions


Like most I had my fair amount of treats, chocolates and glasses of wine over the Christmas period and I think again like most I could do with a break from all of that but as I get older I realise that drastic changes to my lifestyle is simply not doable as it not only affects myself but my family so as a rule of thumb we keep to an active lifestyle all year round as well as aim for a well balanced diet as I cook all our meals everyday anyway. I do however feel there is always room for improvement in every home, always space to make positive changes, although smaller more doable changes that we can achieve as a family.

Here are what I plan to work on this year

1. Get more sleep - this is a huge must for me especially as the baby wakes at least twice during the night and personally I find if I am tired that I don't always deal with difficult situations as well as I would normal or my stress levels are affected so my main goal this year is to go to bed atleast 30mins earlier than what I normally do now.

2. Drink more water - water is the best skincare treatment and is the key to longevity and youthful looks and we should all be drinking more. I am trying to up my daily intake by atleast 1-2 glasses a day - this is such a simple goal but will have a real positive impact.

3. Eat Nourishing foods - I am going to concentrate less on if something is gluten free, dairy-free, low fat etc and more about nutrients and the benefits certain foods will have on our diet. I certainly like most want to cut out as much processed foods from our diet as well as cut our sugar intake but I don't want to become too controlling about the situation and rather eat in a more meaningful way.

4. Be kind to myself - sometimes like most parents I find I can be too hard on myself, no one is perfect and you will only set yourself up for failure if you try. I am finding gratitude in daily things and I am going to work on being kind, positive and encouraging in my own abilities.

5. Let things go - I know sometimes I get stressed when things do go as I envisaged, especially if a lot of planning has gone into it, for example when a family hike doesn't go to plan or you get let down at the last minute. This year I want to focus more on letting things go, living in the moment and accepting any situation we may find ourselves in.

Basically this year as a family we have made the commitment to see the world as a glass half full, to laugh and smile a lot and be so ever grateful for everything we have. What are your resolutions this year?


  1. Great resolutions. Right now i'm definitely feeling the need for more sleep but one of my resolutions is to get more active and eat better x

  2. Sounds like you have the right idea when it comes to goals for the year - I'm all about the doable! I love the dedication to positivity - I'm attempting something similar!

  3. Fab ideas. I definetley need more sleep and to drink more water. I want to start scrapbooking this year x

  4. This was really the exact sentiment behind my blog post too! #greatminds. They need to be achievable! I suggested breaking them down into month by month goals but yeah, no one is going to sustain a 5 x a week gym habit if they've never been before. Good stuff! plus i am stealing the go to bed earlier for my next challenge...i am rubbish at it! Xxx

  5. I never make new years resolutions as I could never keep them. It's good you have though. Good luck x

  6. Get more sleep - thats one goal I REALLY need to work on! Hope you have a great start to 2016 :) xx

  7. These are great resolutions; I too want more sleep as the lack of sleep makes me very sick and in pain x I like that your goals are simple but doable.

  8. Drinking more water is on a lot of peoples list. I think I have to add that myself too because I only drink 7up free.


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