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It's felt like all it's done since the start of the new year is rain, well in Wales anyway but luckily during the last week we had a blissful break from that, for two days the clouds cleared and sun shone and the blue sky felt endless. We make a point of going out each day regardless of the weather but as you can imagine we made full use of the beautiful winter sun even though it was bitterly cold.

carefree childhood

As we had planned to pop into my mothers we decided to head up to"The Common" - a lovely greenbelt looking across the welsh valleys with Druid ruins, trees to climb, a small river to splash in and long grass to run through. I normally take Baby G in my Ergo sling but with the dry weather I thought I would put our new Eco friendly Greentom stroller to the test.

Eco stroller

Greentom stroller

I will be sharing a proper review of the stroller with you soon but I cant tell people enough how much we love it and it also happens to be "the greenest stroller" on earth with both the frame and fabric made sustainably and 100% with recycled materials, but best of all the baby is so comfy in it and loves being pushed around, something he has never really enjoyed before.

As you can probably tell Mr A is going through a very distinct Camo and outdoor clothing faze and truly see's nature and the outdoors as his playground for imaginative play as well as learning and is constantly asking me what each flower or tree is called and I am having to carry around guide books with us, which is not a bad thing at all as we get to learn together.


We stayed up on the common until the sun set and we even spotted two mice taking food back and forth to there homes. Even though it was very cold the sunshine truly lifted our spirits and made me think of those hazy summer days to look forward to as well as all the flowers blooming in the springtime and for a moment it didn't seem so far away.


  1. What a beautiful looking day. I absolutely LOVE blue skies and freezing cold - it's my favourite kind of weather.

  2. Erm, how cool does Mr A look in his camo gear?! What gorgeous photos to look back on and I LOVE the sound of an eco pram!

  3. Wow, I had no idea recyclable strollers were a thing, that's amazing! So good that there's finally a choice you can feel less guilty about. I hate buying tons of plastic and always feel terrible that it will end up in landfill, but something being recycled makes a huge different. These photos are gorgeous, by the way, I love the light xx

  4. Like you we loved those two blissful sunny days last week. So refreshing to see a little wall to wall sunshine rather than just an hour here or there between the showers. What a beautiful place to go walking, it really is an amazing view up on the common there. I remember the camo phase well, all mine did it around age 6 to 8, boys will be boys! thank you for sharing a beautiful walk on #CountryKids

  5. It was so nice to have a bit of sun! And an eco pram sounds like such a good idea, I had never heard of them before. It looks great too! x

  6. Look at Baby G's smiling little face - so cute!! It looks like a lovely day, I don't mind the freezing cold if the sun is shining!

  7. What beautiful photos, they really capture the winter sun and I love the idea of this buggy. It looks so light and being eco friendly is a huge plus. I gave up meat last year so this would fit well with the new me.

  8. Gorgeous photographs and I love the idea of this pram. We try to be as green as we can so this I'll have to look in to this, it sounds fab! X

  9. Lovely photos, looks like a great place to go for some winter sun x

  10. Love this, winter sun really feels like a blessing some days doesn't it. That stroller sounds fab by the way and I'm loving baby G's big smile xx


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