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I know it's not spring yet but after all the excess and mania of Christmas I feel the urge to simplify and reorganise our home and life. As I get older I have become more and more minimalistic although it can be hard when children come along and have felt the past few years we have built up too many things that we simply don't need. I was brought up in an un-materialistic household where less was always more and if you did need to buy something going with quality over quantity was key.

I personally find having a more simplified household, which is in turn is easier to organise, much better for the mind and soul as clutter in your home can also clutter your thoughts. Of course it's much easier said than done and I too am all about sentimentality but if it's not useful, practical or atheistically pleasing then one should rethink about wether they really need it. The thing is I am not alone in feeling this way - experts actually say that disorganised people and those with lots of clutter in their lives often feel frustrated, unhappy, anxious or out of control all of which could be eased if they brought some order into the home.

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Decluttering can be a very purposeful and therapeutic activity and a great way of creating some clarity as well as making room for positive thoughts and creativity into your life. I know on a personal level I struggle to be or feel organised and it's something I am working on. I know being prepared would free up a lot of time that can be used for doing things we enjoy, even by simply organising packed lunches for our adventures the night before means I don't have the stress of running around the next day doing it.

The Scandinavian countries have minimal but stylish living down to a tee so let's all bring some Scandi inspiration into our lives and homes. Here are some top tips for decluttering your home

1. Evaluate everything - what are you simply not using? Ask yourself if you really need it, is it useful, does it hold sentimental value or is it athletically pleasing? If it's none of these things then let it go.

2. Focus on one small area of the house first otherwise it's very easy to get overwhelmed. Start with one drawer at a time and you will be surprised how quickly it adds up.

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3. Spend a few minutes visualising your room - have a clear image if what you want to achieve and how you would ideally like your space to look - once you have a goal is easier to work towards making it a reality.

4. Teach your kids where things go - children can create so much mess but they can also help you tidy and sort things away - put them in charge of packing away some of their own toys - perhaps setup a reward chart to encourage them to help out.

5. Start some simple filling - papers and post can easily pile up, so buy some folders and start organising your filing. Make sure everything is clearly labelled for Bills, Tax etc and put them all in one spot so you know where everything is.

There really isn't a better time than January and the new year to start a fresh, get organised and declutter your mind, soul and home. You will feel a lot lighter but clearing out that unnecessary excess from your life.


  1. I have taken on a 52 Week decluttering challenge actually which I am blogging about but this morning I decided I was having a day in bed because I was feeling poorly, however as I was making breakfast I got this surge of energy and did some of the kitchen counters and it definately felt good for the soul!

  2. You really can't beat a good declutter, good luck with the tidying! x

  3. This is perfect for me as I am just about to start on my wardrobe/office room - I am determined to de-clutter - and properly this time!!

  4. I love decluttering. I took five big bags of stuff to charity just yesterday. Unfortunately, I'm the only person in the house who likes it - I live with two hoarders - so all that happens is I clear out my stuff, feel ace for a bit, and then they fill the space with their things! Not so cool...

  5. I cleared out my filing cabinet yesterday - its a start! lol

  6. I am on a BIG decluttering mission right now - no drawer or cupboard is going to get overlooked! I'm a big hoarder so I do find it difficult but the mess is causing me stress!

  7. It does make me feel so much better. I've put together some charity shop bags and a few things to eBay recently and it felt good! xx

  8. Love this :-) I wrote a post in a similar vein last week, and started decluttering in earnest- starting with the oh so exciting kitchen drawer. You won't believe how good it felt to get rid of so much crap, and I'm looking forward to blitzing more of the house this weekend!

  9. There is something about Christmas ending that really makes want to declutter, I have taken so many clothes to the hostel this past weeks and am now starting on every room. I love these tips xx


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