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There are so many fascinating cultures and traditions around the world that are so different to the way we live in the UK from food to daily life to the clothes we wear. Some are more colourful than others and I really want to celebrate that diversity more on the blog. I have always wanted to visit india and hope to do it sooner rather than later as I find so much of their way of life appealing and interesting, I imagine walking through the streets as a real feast for the sense with the smell of spices in the air, the bustling streets and ladies wearing beautiful sprees.


The saree is a favoured choice of many Indian women especially at special events and is a truly beautiful garment that can be enjoyed by anyone around the world. One is spoilt for choice when it’s time to buy sarees online due to the variety of materials, designs, and styles available. One great advantage of the saree is that draping it in a different manner gives it a whole new look. So, every new drape is equivalent to wearing a new saree! There are numerous ways of draping the saree and your choice will likely depend on the occasion at hand. Learning how to drape a saree in different ways will always stand you in good stead. 

Do It the Bengali Way

This is a great look for festive or religious occasions. The distinctive feature is that this style does not require any pleats on the lower half. This drape is well-suited for handloom or cotton sarees as also silk sarees, especially ones with wide borders. One of the easiest ways to wearing a saree, this style has two wide pleats and a double-wrapped ‘pallu’. Knot a key ring to the edge of the pallu for that authentic touch.

Be a Mermaid

Ideal for semi-formal events, the mermaid drape has a slimming effect on the wearer. A great way to wear sarees with embellished borders or heavy pallus, this drape fits close at the hip and flares at the bottom. This makes it an apt choice for designer sarees online purchases or otherwise.

beautiful Saree

Butterfly a.k.a Bollywood

A variation of the Nivi style, the main difference is that the pallu is pleated in such a way as to make it appear very thin showing off a flat midriff. A great look for lightweight sarees that are available on, this can make you look and feel like a diva.

Try the Coorgi Style

Simply put, this is the traditional saree worn backwards. The pleats are tucked in at the back and the pallu goes across the front before being pulled under the left arm and over the back of the right shoulder to be pinned with a brooch.

Go with one of these variations for a new look and you are sure to be the cynosure of all eyes. Visualise these looks as you prepare to buy bridal sarees online at

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  1. Fantastic post! It's refreshing to see a caucasian take an interest in my culture. You should totally visit India, I guarantee you will find it fascinating. Life is so different to how it is in Britain.




  2. I hope you will get to visit India one day soon. It's a wonderful country.

  3. indian tradition is always more words left...

  4. I would really thank you for sharing this excellent post!! India is always unique in it's tradition and culture that everyone loves it.

  5. Really nice Ethnic tradition you showed like indian saris as well as salwar kameez... as festive season taking off ... you see more such things

  6. Nice post. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I always love to wear latest sarees in parties and functions.


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