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Organic slippers

We are actively trying to reduce our carbon foot print as well as be more eco conscious in our household in a variety of ways. Immediately one thinks of energy saving ideas such as turning off all the appliances from standby as well as making sure we recycle as much as possible and being less wasteful, all of which we do but you can also look beyond that to what one wears or purchases. 

When it comes to food we try and eat as much organic or local produce as we can afford and we are aiming to do the same with the clothing we buy. I often pick up things from Charity shops as they are the perfect place to find something a bit different, at a very good price as well as upcycling an item but you cannot always find what you need, especially when it comes to children who are constantly growing. 

So I was very excited when NatureShop got in touch as they have such a fantastic array of eco friendly clothes and accessories for the whole family. A lot of the brands they stock are also very ethically conscious companies such as Patagonia, an outdoor brand that put a lot of money back into preserving the environment, so not only are you going to look fantastic in their amazing outdoor gear but your also contributing to a great cause. 

Each year I alway treat myself to a new pair of slippers so these Unisex Snugs which are made in Portugal and are tanned using natural organic tannis instead of harmful chemicals and the natural fibres offer insulation, breathability and odour-resistance, plus they are the most lightweight, bouncy and comfy slippers I have ever owned. 

NatureStore also have some super cute baby and kids clothing and can't get enough of this Little Green Radicals Wind farm playsuit. It's made with 100% fair-trade organic cotton and is so soft and well made and my little man has certainly enjoyed putting to the test.

Their logo of "love nature, live nature" certainly sums The nature store up and they have some pretty cool yoga wear, winter jackets and everything you need to get outdoors and be active and I have my eye on a few things. Do you try and buy organic?


  1. I love that the range is eco friendly and made from sustainable materials. The slippers are gorgeous.

  2. Love those slippers, will take a look at their yoga wear too.Your little man is adorable!!.x

  3. I've never heard of this brand before, but the stuff looks really good x

  4. They look so warm and snug, and I love the fact they are eco friendly too.

  5. I've not heard of them before, but I love their ethos and the clothing looks good x


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