6 stylish hotels for Interior lovers


At the Chapel
Rooms At The Chapel

When we travel we are pretty happy go lucky although it's always a treat to stay somewhere a little bit special, that sends those senses tingling with inspiration and creates a space that is unique, stylish and comfortable. I thought I would share some hotels I have come across while researching family trips and put a little wish list together of places that combine travel and my love of interiors together.

1. At the Chapel, Bruton Somerset - as soon as you step into this multi-use Grade 2 listed former chapel with it's in-house bakery, wine store, restaurant and luxury rooms you will be bowled over by the stunning church windows and natural light flowing in. The rooms are modern and contemporary yet still make full use of the original features. The marble-wrapped bathrooms are a visual treat as well as having breakfast brought to your room each morning. This would be a fantastic spot for treating the lady in your life this Valentines or Mothers Day.

Exposed brick
The Loft at Hotel V

2. Hotel V Frederiksplein, Amsterdam - this eco-friendly boutique hotel oozes style from head to toe with it's modern urban design, it makes it's the perfect choice for the young hip crowd with exposed brickwork in the loft suite, large windows, spiral staircase, designer light fittings and a spacious lounge with street-view. The bonus is it's really reasonable in price and even though it's only a 3-star hotel it's extras and chic interior make this a great choice for those who don't want to compromise on quality.

Brussels Hotel

3. The Dominican Hotel, Brussels - we stayed at this luxury boutique hotel in Brussels in the summer of 2014  with our then 3yr old son and it has to be in our top 5 hotels we have stayed in. The hotel is housed in a 17th century building and it's imposing exterior matches it's grand interior with high archways, floor to ceiling windows in the dinning area and an eclectic decor, plush rooms and a mix of modern and classic paintings make this a bight and bold place to stay, coupled with a very hip bar and champagne breakfast.

Edinburgh view

4. G&V Royal Mile Hotel, Edinburgh - the only 5-star hotel on the Royal Mile, the G&V is located in the heart of the old town. They make the most of each room which are individual styled and decorated, colourful and on-trend with an element of Scottish heritage to it. This is a fantastic spot with amazing views across the city and coupled with an award winning restaurant, vibrant bar and relaxing spa you won't want to leave.

Geodesic dome

5. Whitepod hotel in Valais Switzerland is a stylish eco-luxury concept and Alpine experience made up of Geodesic domes that merge into the landscape no matter what the season. It has a very strong ethos of being sustainable and supporting local as well as keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum, all of this without compromising on the luxury side of things. The domes are furnished in a scandi style each with amazing views and a large terrace and the have special family pods.

Factory hotel

6. Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, New York - you cannot get a more on-trend boutique hotel than that of the former factory building - The Wythe, located in hipster central that is Willamsburgh. This place is all about minimal interiors with an industrial feel, floor to ceiling windows, amazing views across to Manhattan, custom made beds from the buildings reclaimed ceiling pine and specially commission art work by Duke Rilet, ESPO and Tom Fruin. There is of course a rooftop bar where you try drink some cocktails while taking it all in.

What is the most stylish or inspiring hotel you have stayed in?


  1. You are so lucky to have stayed at such beautiful locations and hotels. They are all so stylish

    1. Thanks so much - I have only actually stayed at The Dominican which was amazing - but hoping to stay at all of these at some point

      Laura x

  2. Omg the size of the bed in the new York hotel is amazing and the view from the Switzerland one makes me want to hop on a plane now

  3. I would LOVE to visit any of these hotels. They are gorgeous!

  4. Wow those hotels are gorgeous! Normally I don't care too much about the hotels I stay at and price and location are the main factors of deciding where to stay. Although, when I go on trips that are longer than a couple of nights it always makes the difference staying in accommodation that has gorgeous interiors! I love using Airbnb for this - the apartments I've stayed in are normally so equipped, cosy and stylish. I'll have to keep some of these hotels in mind though because as much as I enjoy staying in self service apartments, it's nice to sometimes treat yourself to the service provided with hotels (someone to make the bed every morning etc!)

  5. Beautiful locations and Such stylish Hotels 👌 ! wish I get to go to one of these fancy places. I guess you are a lucky one.

  6. These are amazing! Even ermine needs to go lol

  7. These hotels look great, i like the one in Switzerland best x

  8. These hotels look so amazing. My budget normally doesn't stretch beyond a Travel Lodge, sadly.

  9. Gosh these hotels look fantastic. Total luxury. I think my favourite would have to be the at the chapel. The Edinburgh ones looks gorgeous too. Glad those 2 are in the UK x

  10. Wow, these are all so gorgeous but all so different. I love the Chapel one too. It makes me look at my own house and sigh because it is in such need of redecorating x

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