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Exploring Pontypridd Park

green grass

Even though the weather has been a bit hit and miss lately we have been making the most of those dry days (as well as puddle jumping on the wet ones) and during the week we thought we would venture to a Pontypridd museum, a place that is not that far away but we rarely visit and has a wonderful Hornby train display that Mr A likes. Once we came back outside the clouds had cleared and the sun was out so we headed to Pontypridd park and enjoyed lots of tree climbing, running around and pretending to be army men.


It's been one of those weeks that started out well but as the days passed I started to feel a little bit stressed for one reason or another but I find that spending time outdoors is the perfect remedy for that and puts things back in perspective. I always genuinely feel so much more refreshed and empowered after getting some fresh air.

Once we got home we threw caution to the wind and had our first BBQ of the year as eating al fresco is literally one of our most favourite things to do, so out popped the pink lemonade and salad, hummus, pitta and some veggie skewers and we enjoy a few hours warm afternoon hours before the clouds decided to reappear and pour down (luckily just as we finished eating)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Lovely photos! I love the second one. Your son's expression and the movement in it is just amazing. #countrykids

  2. Lovely photos! You've got some serious skill! #CountryKids

  3. Getting outside always helps your mood. So does having a BBQ! Enjoy the sunshine.

  4. Ah what a lovely family and congrats on your new addition! Your post has inspired me to get the BBQ out of the garage and give it a fettle in whats hoping to be a nice weekend coming up in not so sunny Sheffield!
    Great post!

    Yorkshire Pud xxx

  5. I think being outside is definitely good therapy, well done on making the most of the little gaps in the rain for your BBQ! Last year we really neglected our garden when we moved in but this year we want to make more of it x

  6. Great pics! I can't believe how crappy the weather still is, I wish summer would hurry up and arrive! x

  7. Sounds like a lovely day that the weather tried and failed to spoil for you! Your little dude in his camo gear makes me smile and I love the boys together photo at the end, happy days! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  8. Time outside always makes me feel better too and well done on the BBQ front! x

  9. You did well to fit a barbie in in between all this changeable weather!

  10. Oooh, I have been toying with a BBQ today! I know it's not quite warm enough but like you I do love eating outside. (Eating full stop to be honest.)

  11. Ah we need to get a barbecue some time soon! At least the garden furniture is out again.

  12. mm your bbq food sounds delicious! lovely photos :)


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