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Light beauty essentials to pack when travelling

When you are going on a holiday, city break or a road trip one of my main concerns is keeping the luggage to a minimum, especially when travelling with children. We only take what we need and try and pack as light as possible. However saying that when you are going from one place to another your skin can sometimes suffer so it is important to pack a few beauty essentials. I keep makeup to a minimum and tend to only take a good moisturiser, foundation and mascara as well as a softening lip balm as lips can start to crack pretty easily when your travelling in a different climate. 

We recently went to Brussels and London for a few nights and this is what I packed

1. Heal Gel eye cream
2. Balance Me Organic Lip Salve 
3. Natio Natural Primer with Aloe Vera (compact size)
4. Face and Hand wipes
5. Purity 3 in 1 Cleaners - sample sachets
6. Compact Mirror 

Eye cream

Heal Gel Eye Cream - saves the day for me, especially when travelling with a toddler which usually means long days and let than perfect sleep which equals dark eyes. When Iw as asked to do a review of Heal Gel at first I was sceptical but this product really does help to diminish the appearance of dark circles and I can't live without it now.

Travel Tuesday

I was given a bottle of HealGel to do an honest review, all other products are mine, words and thoughts 100% my own


  1. I agree with Lou, how can you travel so light? I end up taking tons away with me...great post nonetheless :)

  2. I think I need to get me some of the heal gel eye cream!

  3. I always take a big bag full of all my makeup and a separate bag for skincare

  4. I swear by HealGel Eye - it's fabulous :)

  5. I don't think I could travel without my mascara, it keeps me looking human x

  6. I'm such a terrible terrible over packer! My worst problem is shoes! That eye cream sounds like a wonder product, I want some!

  7. I've never even heard of it but now I feel i NEED it! also you are such a natural in front of the camera! xx

  8. I think I need some of that! And like Fritha says, I'd never even heard of it! x

  9. My cosmetics usually make one kg of luggage :D But seriously you travel really really really light. I'm going to have to try that too ;)

  10. haha, agree with fritha ..on both counts! i've never travelled abroad and can rarely even afford to travel in the uk so i've never really needed to pack haha. if i'm going somewhere overnight i just pack what i need though, no point weighing yourself down is there :)

  11. All of my cosmetics usually take up so much room, I have a hard time deciding what takes priority! It really weights you down!

  12. I wish I could travel so lightly, I literally take everything just in case haha! Most of it doesn't even get unpacked. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  13. We end up taking literally everything with us so well done for being able to travel so light! Also I need that eye cream!! x

  14. It sounds amazing, I have such bad dark circles under my eyes! x


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