Family sports when travelling


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Running in Hyde Park

Just because your on holiday in some exotic location or exploring a new city it does't mean you can't stay fit and healthy and indulge in some fun family sports and activities. We have spent the past few days in London and as soon as we arrived the first thing we did was head off to Hyde Park to have a run outside and get our limbs moving after a 2 hour train trip. After a very early start and lots planned it was great to get all the pent up energy out and also recharge ourselves with some snacks and the super nutritious Zico Coconut Water which is perfect for replacing potassium and magnesium and giving you a natural energy boost - something we all really needed.

John and Mr A rehydrating with some Zico

The little man is really into running races at the moment and could do it for hours, literally. He loves nothing more than counting down and saying ready, steady, go and shooting off. John use to do quite a bit of running and I have competed national in Judo and Diving and sport was a large part of my life as a child and something I feel is very important so anything we can do to encourage the little man is great and what better than running through Hyde Park.

running through hyde park
Ready Steady Go

We had a lot of fun doing our stretches and star jumps - much to the amusement of little man and John. With Mr A already doing gymnastics and our weekly family swimming trips, it's great to see his enthusiasm for being active come out so strong, although I do believe that most young children need very little encouragement to be active, they just need to right environment and that doesn't even need to be somewhere expensive, in fact places like city parks are free and loads of fun.

Star jumps
Star Jump fun

family sports
John getting involved in the fun

We were lucky with our trip having mainly dry weather which meant we had quite a few moments of outdoor time, we hopped on a bus just for fun and found ourselves in bloomsbury park which Mr A loved as it was filled of pigeons to chase and sticks to throw. I purchased a large bottle of Zico - something which I have wanted to try for a while as I read a lot of about healthy eating and know that coconut water is good for you and it's a bonus the little man loves coconut so when I was in my local Tesco's I was more than delighted to see the low calorie and low sugar chocolate Zico half price. The bottle lasted us pretty much the whole day and not only tasted really delicious and light but also is packed with some essential vitamins and was a great way to combat any travel fatigue we had.

I'm going back for more

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  1. Great pictures. Too cute! I am all for exercising when on holiday. If I cant get to the gym I walk a lot or pack my jump rope which is super light!


  2. What a fun way to get a bit of exercise....
    That drink sounds fantastic x

  3. love these pictures! one of my favourite things to do as a child is go to nearby fields/parks (ones that were quite big and had a lot of grass) and play with a ball! running around after it, etc. no, i'm not a dog, haha :) hope you had a fun time!

  4. We also buy this water... it is good, but nowhere near as tasty as a real, fresh coconut water

  5. haha love the shot of you doing a star jump! x

  6. oooo that drink sounds good - i'm a massive fan of coconut water so will def try this!

  7. Oh, i love all of those action shot photos!!! x

  8. I love coconut water and haven't heard of this brand before so will have to look out for it. Your Hyde Park mini Olympics look great! :)

  9. As soon as our two get outside, all they want to do is run; it's kind of liberating to just join in, I think!

  10. I LOVE that chocolate coconut water - it's delicious!

  11. good on you for carrying on even when you're on trips away! That's what always gets me, I get into nice little routines with my exercise, then if we go away suddenly I lose my pattern, it's annoying! I've never tried coconut water, but sounds good!

  12. Love the star jump! Wishing I'd packed some running gear this week. Could really use a workout!

  13. I need exercise everyday, whether bike riding, walking or in the gym here at Coombe. I hope that I've encourage our children to keep active outdoors too. Saying that they are often out during the day riding their bikes, trampolining or just climbing trees. It's great that you are inspiring your family to keep fit and healthy and making it fun too. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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