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3D glasses

The little man and I love doing crafts although with the house move and everything else it can sometimes be hard to have quick easy projects at hand so when I was asked to review The Weekend Box which includes 4 toddler appropriate crafts and provides pretty much everything you need I was very excited. As soon as the box hit the floor (it's small size means it fits through the postbox) we could not wait to open it.

The little man was immediately drawn to the colour characters on the box - Wooster, Hattie, Sammy and Oswald and the packaging is creative and eye-catching. Once we opened the box we went through the different crafts and materials picked which one to make first - we opted for the Bird Feeder - you can see the post I did about making our garden more bird friendly - featuring the bird feeder we made

Bird feeder
The weekend box and the bird feeder we made

This was the most substantial craft and our favourite and it's great to come down to the kitchen and look out into our garden and see the bird feeder attracting some birds to the garden. It came with the seeds, glue and lollipop sticks and we even customise ours with some colour. After that we moved on to making the 3D glasses - Mr A love wearing them although the images provided are perhaps not printed large enough to be as effective as they could be but the little man still enjoyed staring at them and tell me "mummy the pictures are moving".

Toddler craft

Another fun craft was the sand painting - with four different colours, glue and some pictures we were ready to make some sand art, a simple and toddler friendly way to be creative and something different from our normal painting activities. We also enjoyed make the potato boats, although this cooking craft meant provided most of the ingredients yourself it was a lovely way to have a baked potato that was dressed up a little bit different and the weekend box herb mix that was provided was very yummy.

Overall - a great little box for people who are short on time and want some simple and fun crafts on hand - also it's something a little bit different and fun. Thumbs up


  1. That cute little bird feeder is such a good idea :) xx

  2. My daughter adored her Weekend Box even though shes on the slightly older age. Bird feeder looks great xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door


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